Maria Louisa Sanford Jr. High

Dr. Maria L. Sanford 1836 - 1920
Maria is pronounced, "Mariah"

3524 42nd Avenue South
Minneapolis 6. Minnesota

Sanford Junior High School, today known as Sanford Middle School is located
between 35th and 36th Streets East and 41st and 42nd Avenues South.

~ Ninth Grade ~
Graduation, 1959

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allows us to more easily identify the students.

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Student Names L to R:
Row 7:   Bruce Adams, Jon Felker, Paul Huttner, ______, ______, ______, ______, Richard Recker, Charles Wedan, John Walkup, Gordon Howe, William Flikeid, Earl Johnson, Douglas Ganski, Thomas Arndt, David Warn, Jerome Samuelson, Jo Campe, Thomas Kersten, ______, ______, Royal Lundgren, James Wedell, Gary Hermann, Michael Monahan, James Cichy, Herman Opstad, Walter Johnson, Dennis Remeta, ______, Gordon Twito, Tom Radke, Douglas deMalignon, ______, Ray Gordner, H. Richard Johansen, Darrel Tadsen, John E. Peterson, ______, ______, ______, ______, ______. (43).  It is difficult to put students in a particular row here.
Row 6:   Andrew Elasky, Wayne Johnson, John Nikoloff, Ken Elfstrom, Rick Wennberg, Jerry Houk, ______, ______, Reed Edstrom, Bob Olsen(-on), Terry Lundberg, Donald Larsen, H. Dean Meyer, ______, E. Gordon Keller, Chuck Hillock, Jon Bishop, Larry Lundberg(-gren), Daniel Briles, David W. Johnson, ______, Chuck Bonner, Richard J. Johansen, Lowell Anderson, ______, (25)
[2-person gap:] ______, Richard Tuttle, James Shegstad, Ronald Sundt, _____, William Koch, Bob Perry, Hidden Boy, Ralph last name?, ______, ______, ______, Frank Ojile, John F. Petersen, ______ (15) =(40).  It is difficult to put students in a particular row here, too.
Row 5:   ______, Steven Fredell, ______, Joseph Finn, John Leppa, Stephen Larson, ______, ______, Orvilla Nilson, ______, ______, Mary Moriarty, ______, Paulette Schultz, ______, Phyllis Wendt, Nancy Sandeen, Faye Woessner, Linda Guth, Jerilyn Johnson, Judith Hegrenes, Karen Belland, ______, ______, Kristen Anderson, ______, ______, Douglas Forsythe, Donald King, Gary Boos, Marlys Lundeen, Grace Huff, Marlean Young, Shirley Bostrom, Sandra Engberg, Vurlyn Smith, ______, Barbara Christensen (38).
Row 4:   Richard Hedlund, ______, ______, Walter Snyder, Tom Smith, Peter Solie, Carol Hooton, ______, Marilyn Bottko, ______, P. Sharon Neuman, T. Sharol Neuman, ______, ______, ______, Karen Nelson, ______, ______, ______, ______, ______, Waltraut Mitschke, Sharon Miller, ______, Karen Landmark, Susan Singer, Marinda Hurtig, ______, ______, Marilyn Foss, ______, Diane Forkins, ______, ______, ______, ______, Marilyn Kunkel, ______, ______, Mary Marshall ______(41).
Row 3:   Jeffery Grates, [Gap, but row continues] Carol L. Anderson, ______, Karen Pottsmith, Elizabeth Faanes, ______, ______, ______, Judith Smith, ______, Sandra Hanson, Susan Gmitro, Karin Johnson, ______, ______, Judith Edmunds or Gretchen Vandenberg, ______, Pamela Haasl, ______, ______, Marion Olson, Jean Ringstrom, ______, ______, ______, ______, Terry Robson, ______, Kathryn Shaw, Vickie Faegre, ______, Judy Pheiffer, ______, Joan JohnsonJudith Albertson, ______, ______, Joanne Whaley (partially hidden) (38).
Row 2b:  ______, ______, ______, ______, ______ (5).  
[Gap:] Gerald Williams, Stuart Popkin, Harold Wilkes, Patricia Menten, Carol Ostby, Arlene Kriesel, Harriet Barsness,
Karen Precht, Patricia Johnson, Mary Kumpf, Beverly Markle, Ellen Meinke, Shirley Skanse, Sharon Fosnow, Janice Johnson, Janet C. Anderson, ______, Marlys Olson (18). 
[Gap:] ______, ______, ______, Jane Gwiazdon, Sharilyn Anderson, Patricia Reyst (6).
Row 2a:  [Standing left:]  Dennis Okkelberg, ______, ______, Roger Grothe, Tom Breslin, ______, John Stende (7).
Row 1:   [Seated middle:]  ______, Ronald Anderson, David Shelstad, John Dow, Alan Gierke, Thomas Ressler, ______, Tom Hoecheral, Gary Pederson, Curtis Ostvolden, Wayne Moberg, ______ (12).  
Row 1:   [Kneeling right:]  ______, ______, Terry Odegaard (3).
Photo sources:  John Leppa and Karen (Precht) Fortman 
Name Identification:  John Leppa, Karen (Precht) Fortman, Tom Ressler, Reed Edstrom-SHS, Barb (Christensen) Zander, and Pat (Reyst) Loverink.

If you can identify any of the students' names indicated by the underscoring, confirm any names in red text, or if there are errors, please contact the webmaster.
~  If anyone has a Sanford 1959 Commencement Bulletin to loan me, it would really help us in identifying more of these students.  Thank you. ~


Maria Louisa Sanford
(December 19, 1836 April 21, 1920) was an American educator.

Maria Sanford was born in Saybrook, Connecticut, on December 19, 1836.  Her love for education began early; at the age of 16 she was already teaching in county day schools.  She graduated from Connecticut Normal School, using her dowry funds for tuition.  She rose in the ranks of local and national educators, becoming principal and superintendent of schools in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and serving as professor of history at Swarthmore College from 1871 to 1880.  She was one of the first women named to a college professorship.  When the University of Minnesota asked her to join its faculty, she did so enthusiastically.

During her tenure at the university (1880-1909) Sanford was a professor of rhetoric and elocution, and she lectured on literature and art history.  She was a champion of women's rights, supported the education of blacks, pioneered the concept of adult education, and became a founder of parent-teacher organizations.  Sanford was also a leader in the conservation and beautification program of her new state.  She traveled throughout the United States delivering more than 1000 patriotic speeches, the most famous being the powerful address "An Apostrophe to the Flag," that she delivered at a national Daughters of the American Revolution convention.

She died on April 21, 1920, at the age of 83.  In June of that year the University of Minnesota held a memorial convocation in her honor.  She was called "the best loved woman of the North Star State."

Sanford was the namesake of a World War II Liberty ship, the SS Maria Sanford, launched in 1943.  In 1958, the state of Minnesota donated a bronze statue of Sanford to the U.S.  Capitol's National Statuary Hall Collection.

Source:  link below

 by Evelyn Raymond.
Given in
Senate connecting corridor, 2nd floor


  • Maria Sanford, the first woman professor at the University of Minnesota

  • Sanford Hall, the Universitys first residence hall, built on University Ave. opened in 1910 and was named for Professor Sanford on
    April 19, 1920.

  • Died quietly in her sleep in 1920 the night after giving a speech at the national convention of the DAR in Washington D.C.

  • Dr. Sanford was a respected "champion of women's rights", but didn't live to become a voter.  (Note:  Women gained the right to vote in 1920.)

Professor Sanford is the only woman acknowledged on the Northrop friezes, located at the University of Minnesota's Northrop Auditorium .

 Close-up view



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Sanford Bronze Statue at U. S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

Maria Sanford and other icons of the U of M

Maria L. Sanford: Facts, Discussion Forum, and Encyclopedia Article

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