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                                                                    Theodore Roosevelt  1858-1919 

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Welcome to the Roosevelt High School Class of 1962 website, a work in progress.  At this time, our site contains 76 pages.  The numbers that follow some of the maroon links on the left, indicate the number of pages devoted to that topic.  We hope you enjoy this website.  Please feel free to revisit often; and if you have any comments or questions, you may complete the Feedback form or email the webmaster via the link at the bottom of each page.  We invite you to please sign or view our Guest Book and to drop us a line.

Photos from the 70thth Birthday Party will be published on this website.  If you took pictures and would enjoy seeing them on the site, please send or email them to me:

We have a class database and currently it is up-to-date.  Classmates continue to move, however, so it remains a dynamic record.  You may Update your information via this link, or by emailing the Webmaster below.  Please make certain that we have your current address, phone, cell, email address, etc.  The information is used for reunion purposes only.

Remembering our Commencement Program, on June 13, 1962, 657 graduates proceeded to the athletic field stage to receive their diplomas, as the RHS Band directed by Mr. Oren Henning, played, “Coronation March”.  Student Council President, Kurt Jensen led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Lani Greenfield gave the Dedication.  Donna Knight and Richard Erickson spoke on our Class Motto, “Today We Follow; Tomorrow We Lead”.  There were presentations by Class President, Richard Wilson and Principal, John C. Wells.  The familiar, “Pomp and Circumstance No. 1” was played for the Recessional.  The RHS Choir, directed by Mr. Clayton Hutchins provided the vocal music for Commencement.  Be sure to view the "album" page where you will find a '62 graduation photo that includes several students.

Wasn't it just yesterday that we climbed up those "down" staircases at Roosevelt High?  School spirit was in full swing!  As an interesting sidelight, I find it newsworthy but a little disappointing that the RHS room numbers have been re-numbered since we attended RHS!

We were fortunate to participate in or to be an enthusiastic spectator at the many athletic games.  Sports developed discipline and sportsmanship, and those sports offered at RHS were: football, cross country, swimming, basketball, hockey, gymnastics, wrestling, skiing, track, tennis, golf, baseball, badminton, and volleyball.  Remember cheering at the games and those casual days on Fridays?

After the games, having worked up an appetite, we frequented some of our favorite hang outs.  There was Charlie’s A & W, the Airloha Drive-In, Beek’s Pizza, Porky’s, Joe & Eddie’s, Totino’s, the Flat Top Drive-Inn, Canteen Cafe, Paul Pearson’s, and, of course, Bridgeman’s that featured the La La Palooza!.

In the '60s, there were 11 Minneapolis public high schools:  Central, Edison, Henry, Marshall, North, Roosevelt, South, Southwest, Vocational, Washburn, and West, but today, only seven remain.  Central and West were closed in 1982 and have been demolished.  Vocational was closed in 1976, but is currently used for other purposes/businesses.  Marshall closed in 1982 then reopened for other purposes/businesses.  It was demolished the second week of April, 2013, and it is reported that it will be replaced by a high rise.  South was demolished and rebuilt nearby, opening in 1970.  North was torn down and rebuilt the winter of 1973-74.

In the academic arena, Roosevelt was the only school of the 11 that offered eight languages.  Among them were English, French, German, Latin, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.  Languages offered today are Arabic, French, and Spanish.  Languages spoken at home are about 35.  Japanese and Ojibwe languages have been discontinued, as has the Home Economics program to the best of my knowledge.

Roosevelt continues the proud tradition of being a productive high school.  Two additional programs were added to the existing curriculum for the 2008-9 school year:  (1) the Wellstone Academy program and (2) the TAPP program.  The Wellstone program is a school for immigrant youth 14-21, "newcomers" to this country, primarily Somali and Latino students,  and offers English language learner (ELL) classes as well as core classes taught in English.  The Teen-age Pregnancy and Parenting Program (TAPP) is a teen parenting program, basically a day care center for infants and toddlers.  I am not certain that the TAPP program still exists.  Roosevelt has earned the status of being an International Baccalaureate World School.

The administration now assigned to RHS, to the best of my knowledge, is Michael Bradley, principal and Michael Walker, assistant principal. 

RHS enrollment was approximately 2400 for grades 10-12 when we attended.  Attendance peaked in September, 1962 with 2399 students:  670, 785, and 914 for the classes of '62, '63, and '64 respectively, plus 30 students in special classes.  The current RHS enrollment is just over 1,000 students for grades 9-12.  More than 300 incoming freshmen will make up the Class of 2015.  There were approximately 200 graduating seniors in the Class of 2009.  (I don't have figures for graduating classes since then).  Class enrollment contrasts sharply with that of the graduating class sizes of the 1960s.  Prior to 1950, students graduated in the months of January and June in a given year.  Many of our parents can attest to that.  Commencement no longer takes place at the Roosevelt athletic field and hasn't for some time.  The commencement ceremony for the Roosevelt class of 2013 will take place on Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 1:30 p.m. at the Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 Second Avenue South in downtown Minneapolis.  The Wellstone International High School, also located at Roosevelt High will hold its commencement at Minneapolis Community and Technical College (?) on Monday, June 3, 2013.

The '50s and early '60s were great years, and I am glad to have grown up during that time.  I hope you feel the same.

Enjoy the website and please revisit often, as additional photos and pages are frequently added!  You'll want to "bookmark" it for future reference.  Do you have questions on navigating this site?  If so, please contact the webmaster via the many links, or refer to the "Hint" in the paragraph below. 

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Lani (Greenfield)

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Floyd Barnard

Hail to thee, dear Roosevelt High,
We would sing thy praise;
Thy course has onward upward been
Through all these happy days.

  Proudly waves beneath the sky
Our maroon and gold;
Thy emblem ever dearer grows
To hearts of young and old.

Alma Mater, hail to thee,
Thy spirit cannot die;
We pledge our loyalty for aye
To Roosevelt High.


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Roosevelt Hall of Fame

The 2014 Hall of Fame members from the Class of 1962 can be viewed in the "News" page on this website.

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Do you know someone connected to RHS who, because of a distinguished career and/or service to the community, should be considered for the Roosevelt hall of Fame?
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The deadline for nominations is December 1, 2015.
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