Miles Standish 

2200 East 40th Street - closed, demolished
Minneapolis 6, Minnesota

Miss Selma Louise Saam, Principal
June 11, 1956, last day of school

DOB: 8/31/1890   DOD: 10/15/1966

Standish Elementary was located at East 40th Street between 22nd and Standish Avenues South. 
It was built in 1915 and opened in 1920.  Students used portables from 1915 to 1920 when the main building opened.  The portables were wooden structures along the west side of the school. 
An addition was added in 1923 and a stair tower was added on the north side in 1960.  Standish closed in 1981 and was demolished in 1983.  Perhaps the front of the school was the last part completed, because I remember the cornerstone was dated 1925.  Also, I remember calling the district office and they told me that Standish School closed June, 1980.

~ school front, south side ~

The Standish neighborhood is bound on the north by 36th Street East, on the east by Hiawatha Avenue, on the south by 42nd and 43rd Streets East and on the west by Cedar Avenue. 
Miles Standish Elementary School was named after a work by the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  The area was considered the outskirts of the city until immigrants, mostly Swedish and Norwegian, began building
their homes here early in the 1900s.  Now it is mainly residential neighborhood.  The new light-rail train line along the Hiawatha Avenue corridor connects the neighborhood with downtown, the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and Mall of America.  New homes are being built along this corridor.

~ Sixth Grade Graduation ~
Miss Lilly A. Anderson
Room 212, 1956
DOB: 3/18/05  DOD: 7/13/82

Row 4:  Glen Peterson, Kay Paddock, Barbara M. Carlson, Bob Winkler, Harold Bergquist, Susan Wood, Kay Moir, Dick Swenson.  Row 3:  Denis Villella, Jimmy Fritz, Diane Bryant, Lois Carlson, Karin Wakefield, Tom Lundquist, Aldis Inde, Patty Prentiss, Sandy Larson.  Row 2:  Sharon Sutton, Lester Filipa, George Theilmann, M. Lynn Davis, Nancy Nessel, Judy Kingsberg, Ron Moey, Colin Quinn, John Ekberg.  Front:   Dick Lembecker, Janis Jagers, Gail Sonntag, Susan Ackland, Beth Cote, Dorsey Kleckner, Kathy Steiner, Janet Christiansen, Miss Lillian Anderson - Teacher

Source:  Colin Quinn

Mrs. Evelyn Beatrice (Flynn) Foster
Room 213, 1956
DOB: 7/21/08  DOD: 11/13/81

Row 4:  Enid Burlingame, Janet Egeberg, Janice Anderson, Raymond Christianson, Judy Stroberger, Irene Doubrava, Sylvia Peterson, G. Mona Houser, Sandra Guest.  Row 3:  Karen Liljemark, Sharon Potter, Harold Streeter, Tim Hastings, Bobby Kerswell, Mike Strauss, Eunice Hallin, Lani Greenfield.  Row 2:  Gretchen Ohlsson, Darrell Larson, Jane Gwiazdon, Tommy Haiker, Gary Henderson, George Antoine, Paul Lamberger, Glenn Troness.  Front:   Ritchie Willits, Susan Kovar, Beverly Hill, Tommy Case, Darlene Debe, Dick Runman, Gail Armstrong, Melvin Larson, Mrs. Evelyn Foster - Teacher (not pictured)

Source:  Lani (Greenfield) Covey

Mrs. Gertrude Viola (Ziller) Johnson
Room 214, 1956
DOB: 10/21/07  DOD: 10/16/01

Row 4:  Lynn Newton, Roger Gates, Wayne Pfuhl, Michael Kupka, Carole Oas, Catherine Raymond, Joyce Holm, Roger Toreson, E. Jane Bennett.  Row 3:  Larry Hartman, Terry Hayes, Donald Ellenwood, Diane Franzen,
Terryl "Kathleen" Haaland, Shirley Clark, Charles Payne, Allan Ness.  Row 2:  Frances Brown, Cleon Larson, Kenneth Ring, Pamela Warner, Julie Granoien, Colleen Skovbroten, Douglas Larson, Bruce Brown.   Front:  John Miller, Jon Faulkner, Cheryl Larson, Cynthia Fritzke, Winifred Moberg, Claudia Kerswell, Donald Greven, Mrs. Gertrude Johnson - Teacher (pictured in the choir photo below)

Source:  Cynthia (Fritzke) Fath

Sixth Grade Choir

Row 4:  Donald Ellenwood, Kathy Steiner, Beth Cote, Lynn Newton, Sandra Guest, Diane Bryant, Tom Lundquist, Mike Kupka, Roger Toreson, Mike Strauss, M. Lynn Davis, Gretchen Ohlsson, Gail Sonntag.  Row 3:  Paul Lamberger, G. Mona Houser, Kay Moir, Sylvia Peterson, Carole Oas, Susan Wood, Bob Winkler, Karin Wakefield, Kay Paddock, Janice Anderson, Janet Egeberg, Enid Burlingame, Janet Christiansen.  Row 2:  Donald Greven, Larry Hartman, Patty Prentiss, Diane Franzen, Pamela Warner, Fran Brown, Nancy Nessel, Judy Kingsberg, Harold Streeter, Bruce Brown, Sandy Larson, Dick Runman.  Front:   Colleen Skovbroten, Sharon Sutton, Tommy Case, Cheryl Larson, Winnie Moberg, Darlene Debe, Shirley Clark, John Miller, Gail Armstrong, Susan Ackland, Jane Gwiazdon, Julie Granoien, Teri Haaland, Mrs. Gertrude Johnson - Choir Director

Source:  Sandy (Larson) Conboy

Interesting sidelight:

"Mrs. Johnson had Bob Winkler, Tommy Case and me sing, 'We Three Kings' as a trio for the Christmas program that year."
~ John Miller ~

Do you remember Sturdy and Sparkle?

Pictured below, is Miss Margaret Kranz, dental hygienist who visited the Minneapolis and St. Paul public schools to educate primary school students in the proper method of maintaining good dental health.  At Miles Standish, we had a dental parade where we walked around the school blocks dressed in costume.  Sturdy and Sparkle are the puppets pictured below.  I happened to meet Margaret a few years ago, and she told me that she donated the puppets to the museum in Minneapolis.

Spring, 1950

6/1/1920 - 4/20/2007

Margaret (Midge) graduated from Minneapolis Central High School in 1938 and from the U of M School for Dental Hygienists in 1942.  She practiced as a civilian dental hygienist during WWII for the Army air base in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and also in Van Nuys, California at Birmingham General Hospital, neither facility is in existence today.  Midge worked in private practice in Minneapolis, San Francisco and also Alaska, where she was the first registered dental hygienist in Alaska.  She completed her career as school hygienist for the Minneapolis Public Schools, retiring in 1980.

Where Are You in These Photos?

Can you find yourself among these kindergarten students from 1949-50?  These are Miss Muriel Segolson's students from Room 106
Students who had birthdays from  January 1-June 30 attended kindergarten in the morning.  Those who had birthdays from July 1-December 31 attended in the afternoon. 
These were half-day classes.  In first grade through sixth grade, we walked to and from school and had a 75 minute lunch at home; unless the winter weather was severe and we lived
far enough away to have our mom pack a lunch to eat at school.  (I can still remember asking Janitor Howe to help me open my thermos during the winter of second grade.)

From what I can tell, the first two photos below are the morning kindergarten students and the last two photos are the afternoon students.

~ Students I think I recognize from . . . ~

Row 5:  Cathy Raymond, Mona Houser?, Glen Peterson, Unknown boy (hidden), Miss Segolson. 
Row 4
  Mike Kupka?, Unknown boy, Unknown boy, Unknown boy?, Unknown girl.   Row 3:  Colin Quinn?, Unknown boy, Pam Warner, Glenn Troness.   
Row 2:  Unknown boy, Lani Greenfield (hidden), Claudia Kerswell?, Girl w/braids, Unknown boy, Janice Anderson?
Row 1:  Donna Johnson, Cynthia Fritzke, Warren ___, Barbara Erickson, Linda Casagrande?, John Ekberg?
Row 4:  Cathy Raymond, Unknown boy (head turned to right), Unknown girl, Mike Kupka, Unknown boy, John Ekberg?, Tom Lyons, Doug Larson, Barbara Erickson. 
Row 3
  Unknown boy.  Row 2:  Deny Villella?, Unknown girl, Janice Anderson, Warren ___, Lani Greenfield, Glen Peterson.  
Row 1
:  Roger Gates?, Unknown girl, Pamela Warner?, Colin Quinn? or Barry Fox?, Linda Casagrande, Dick Lembecker, Glenn Troness, Donna Johnson.  

Row 5:  Diane Franzen, Dick Swenson, Mike Strauss?, Unknown short boy, Unknown boy, Barbara M. Carlson.  Row 4:  Unknown boy, Jane Bennett?, Unknown girl, Unknown boy, Unknown boy.  
Row 3
  Sue Ackland, Roger Toreson, Jimmy Glander, Unknown boy, Unknown girl (above), Unknown boy, Unknown girl, Unknown boy (all three lower).  
  Row 2:  Karen Liljemark, Unknown boy.  Row 1:  Janet Christiansen?, Susan Wood?, George Antoine? or Bruce Brown?, Darlene Debe?  

Row 5:  Diane Franzen, Dick Swenson, Unknown boy (partially hidden), Unknown boy, Barbara M. Carlson.
Row 4:  Unknown boy, Jane Bennett?, Unknown curly-haired boy, Unknown girl, Student hidden from view.   Row 3:  Unknown girl, Deny Villella, Unknown girl, Jimmie Glander, Unknown girl.  
Row 2:  Sue Ackland, Roger Toreson?, Karen Liljemark, Paul Lamberger?, Unknown girl, Unknown boy.  Row 1:  Janet Christiansen?, Susan Wood?, George Antoine? or Bruce Brown?, Unknown short boy, Darlene Debe?  

not identified that I recall from Miss Segolson's kindergarten classes
:  Georgia Carlson [RHS first principal's granddaughter], George Theilmann, Melvin Larson?, Terry Hayes, Sandy Larson, Mary Alice Mueller?.

* To better view these students, try the zoom method (x-from 100% to 130%) by holding down the "control" key & scrolling on your mouse.  (This is a great tool for any page on this site.) 
The lower right corner displays the percentage.  Pictures 1 and 2 seem to be the same students (morning kgn.).  Pictures 3 and 4 seem to be the same students (afternoon kgn.).

I've tried to put these students in some kind of semblance of order!  Your help is always appreciated.

Where Are You in These Photos?
Can you find yourself among these first grade students from 1950-51?  These are Mrs. Marvelle Murphy's students from Room 104
I'll attempt to identify these students, but will need help from you too.  So, let me know!

Row 5:  Linda Casagrande?, Bobby Kerswell?, Unknown boy, Unknown boy, Unknown boy, Patty Prentiss?, Irene Doubrava?, Unknown girl, Unknown boy, Sandy Larson? .
Row 4:  John Miller (standing), Doug Larson?, Unknown girl, Sylvia Peterson?, Unknown boy (hand up), Karin Wakefield? or Mary Alice Mueller?, Lani Greenfield, Donna Johnson (with toy)?.  
Row 3
  (short row) Unknown girl, Unknown boy, Colin Quinn?.  
Row 2:  Unknown girl, Susan Wood?, Unknown boy, Warren ____?, Winnie Moberg, Jane Bennett, Barry Fox?, Jane Gwiazdon?.  
Row 1
  Unknown boy, Cynthia Fritzke, Mona Houser, Darlene Debe (peeking through), Unknown girl 

Known to be in the class:  Janice Anderson, Barry Fox, Emily Ische, Andrea Lofsness, Mary Alice Mueller?, Colin Quinn

 PHOTO:  Winnie (Moberg) Dehne

Click thumbnail photo
(might be of help)

Standish Faculty After 1950 (ca. 1958)

row:  Mr. Silverstein, Vernice West, Alice Hanscom, Edna Johnson, Mary Johnson, Evelyn Foster.
MIDDLE row:  Gertrude Johnson, Marvelle Murphy, Iranese Berg, E. Gillam?, Eleanor Dahlquist, _____, ______.
FRONT row:  Virginia Lewedag, Helen (Tressel) Smith, principal, Muriel (Segolson) Johnson, Adelaide Aasen, Mary Voight.

Faculty I Remember . . . September, 1949 - June, 1956





                          Miss Selma Louise Saam Office Principal 31-Aug-1890 15-Oct-1966

Teacher in 1920-22.  Principal about 1923 or 1924:  Principal at Peabody and Hawthorne Schools in 1924 and 1930 respectively.

                          Miss Bessie C. LaPres 101 Kindergarten 27-Nov-1889 18-Nov-1976

Salary in 1939 was $2,040 @ 45 hours/week

                          Miss Grace Ethel Guptill 102 Grade 1 6-Jan-1891 11-Sep-1978

Dates and middle name not verified.

                          Boys' Toilet 103 - - -  
                          Mrs. Marvelle M. Murphy 104 Grade 1 6-Dec-1901 10-Apr-1965

Middle initial may be E or T.  George A. Murphy, husband.

                          Miss Briesmeister 105 Grade ?      
                          Miss Muriel Inez (Segolson) Johnson 106 Kindergarten 16-May-1920 19-Sep-2011

Room 106 had the most cabinet space of all rooms.

                          Mrs. Iranase Berg   Grade 2 2-Feb-1903 9-Aug-1998  
                          Work Room 107 - - -  
                          Visual Aid & Storage Room 108 - - -  
                          Supply & Work Room 109 - - -  
                          Office Lobby 110 - - -  
                          Hygiene Room 111 - - -

Nurse's office - adjacent to the Office

                          Library - Miss Luverne E. Eckstrom 112


3-May-1914 29-Dec-2011

Age 97.  Funeral, January 5, 2012, RHS graduate, January, 1934

                          Mrs. Fredrickson 113 Grade 2      
                          Mrs. Judith N. Smith 114 Grade 1-2    

Combination classroom.  Does anyone have more information about Mrs. Smith?

                          Miss Neoma D. Hoogner 115 Grade 2 14-Sep-1891 22-Sep-1987

Special Ed. classroom.  Not sure Miss Hoogner taught Spec. Ed.

                          Kitchen 116 - - -  
                          Gymnasium & Auditorium 117 - - -  
                          Fan Room 118 - - -  
                          Class Room 119        
                          Store Room 120 - - -  
                          Play Room - jungle gym and nap room 121 - - -  
                          Miss Lois E. (Dickinson) Magnuson Cann 201 Grade 3 Living  

Married 21-Aug-1965 to Douglas W. Cann, Bemidji, MN

                          Class Room 202 Grade 3?      
                          Toilet 203 - - -  
                          Miss Adelaide S. Aasen 204 Grade 4 3-Jan-1902 25-Jan-1999  
                          Mrs. Holy   Grade 4      
                          Mr. Peterson, Mr. Silverstein 205 Grade 5      
                          Store Room 206 - - -  
                          Class Room 207 Grade 5?      
                          Mrs. Johnston 207 Grade 4    

Maternity leave at Christmas.  Mrs. Lockwood replaced her.

                          Mrs. Mary Ann (Wynonne) Lockwood 207 Grade 4 28-Nov-1936 5-Aug-2011  
                          Miss Patricia Ann (Fawcett) Spring 208 Grade 5 16-Sep-1931 16-Sep-2010

Married 12-Aug-1959 to Charles E. Spring.

                          Miss Dornquast 209 Grade 5    

Her title and room number not verified.

                          Book Room 210 - - -

Adjacent to Teachers' Lounge. 

                          Teachers' Lounge 211 - - -

May also have been Mr. Peterson's classroom.

                          Miss Lilly A. Anderson 212 Grade 6 18-Mar-1905 13-Jul-1982

May have been former Mpls. Lincoln School principal in the '60s-'70s

                          Mrs. Evelyn Beatrice (Flynn) Foster 213 Grades 5, 6 21-Jul-1908 13-Nov-1981  
                          Mrs. Gertrude Viola (Ziller) Johnson 214 Grade 6 21-Oct-1907 16-Oct-2001  
                          Classroom - used for Audio-Visual movie room 215 - - -  
                          Class Room 217        
                          Class Room 220        
                          Mrs. Virginia Lewedag          
                          Miss Eleanor V. (Dahlquist) _____     7-Jul-1928  

Taught third grade at Corcoran in 1951-2 & got married this same year.  George K. Battles. second husband?

                          Mrs. Whalen        


                          Mrs. Doris Banks. Office former principal     Succeeded Miss Saam.  Principal a short time, then went on maternity leave.
                          Mrs. Helen (Tressel) Smith Office former principal     Succeeded Mrs. Banks as principal. Living in Edina.

                            SEE LINK:  Planning for the Future for the blue print of the school in 1962, Plate 81, P. 417.
                            Entries in RED are tentative.  Corrections are always appreciated.

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You may also hover your cursor over each photo for name identification.

Dental Parade Photos
Spring, 1950

Rosann, RHS '57
Lani, Glenn & Irene Miss Segolson, Kgn.
Warren & Bruce
Karen, Jimmy? or
 in Swedish attire
Spring, 1950

    Lani, Barbara RHS '61
Douglas, John? & Jimmy?



            School Colors:  Maroon and White           


Miss Muriel Inez Segolson
 Johnson, 6/56
Kgn, Rm. 106
5/16/20 - 9/19/11
Mrs. Marvelle E. Murphy
1st grade, Rm. 104
12/6/01 - 4/10/65
Miss Lois E. Dickinson
3rd grade, Rm. 201
Miss Adelaide S. Aasen
4th grade, Rm. 204
1/3/02 - 1/25/99
Miss Patricia Ann Fawcett
Spring & Lani, 1955
5th grade, Rm. 208
9/16/31 - 9/16/10
Mrs. Evelyn Beatrice Foster, 6/56
6th grade, Rm. 213
7/21/08 - 11/13/81
Miss Lilly A. Anderson, 6/56
6th grade, Rm. 212
3/18/05 - 7/13/82
Mrs. Gertrude Z. Johnson, 6/56
6th grade/choir, Rm. 214
10/21/07 - 10/16/01
Lani and Karen
September, 1949
Mrs. Johnson's 6th grade,
last day of school, 1956

2nd grade class, 1952 (Cindy Fritzke)
1st grade class 1951 (Winnie Moberg)
2nd graders?, 1952 "Waltz of the Flowers", 1952
Mrs. Judith N. Smith's 1st &
2nd grade class, Rm. 114
"Waltz of the Flowers", 1952
Mrs. Fredrickson's
2nd grade class, Rm. 113
Miss Neoma D. Hoogner, 1950-51
2nd grade, Rm. 115
    Susan Wood, 1954
Pamela Warner, 1954
Barbara Erickson, 1954

Mary Alice Mueller, 1954

Dorsey Kleckner, 1955
Donna Johnson, 1955 Gail Armstrong, 1956 Lani Greenfield, 1956
Standish Green Condos
site was school's
main entrance
Closer look at south entry
May 5, 2008
North entrance,
now the main entry.
Photographed from
parking lot
View of north side.
Parking lot is out of view, 
to the north in the
Standish Green Condominiums 
Your Photos
      Barry D. Fox Hopkins 1962  

"Daniel B. Tetzlaff, age 88, well-known trumpeter/musician/author/teacher died peacefully on July 11, 2008.  Accomplishments:  US Navy Band 1942-1945, Minneapolis Symphony 1948-1955, Musicians Union Local 30-73, Evergreen Club, and still playing until recently in The Classics Big Band, Como Park Summer Pops Orchestra, Zuhrah Shrine Band, Minnesota State Band, and Health Science Orchestra.  Tetzlaff grew up in Minneapolis, graduating from West High School in 1937.  He served in Navy bands during and just after World War II, playing at ports of call around the world.  Before the war, he played gigs around the Twin Cities.  Tetzlaff attended the University of Minnesota, graduating after the war.  He got a master's degree in music from the university in 1962.  He taught at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Hamline University and Macalester College in St. Paul and the University of Minnesota from 1952 to 1966.  Tetzlaff also taught music for the Minneapolis schools full time from 1955 to 1985.  Until he took a fall 18 months ago, he was still playing with the Classic Big Band and other groups."  Star Tribune

Daniel B. Tetzlaff
Orchestra teacher

~ Bluebirds ~
 Selling Camp Fire Girl Doughnuts

Here we are, a flock of Bluebirds selling Camp Fire Girl doughnuts to an interested buyer at the StarTribune office.  We must have been in about second grade, which would date the photo as 1951-2. 
Bluebirds pictured from left to right in the front row are:  Winnie Moberg, Sandy Larson, Unknown, Kathy Meyer, Unknown, Lani Greenfield, and Eunice Hallin.
The doughnuts sold for 50 cents/dozen in the late 1950s.

PHOTO SOURCE:  Sandy Larson

~ Girl Scouts ~
 Troop ___ Group Photo

We were probably in the fifth grade, which would date the photo as 1954-5, because Dorsey started Standish School in the fifth grade.
Standing:  Fran Brown, Janet Egeberg, Lynn Newton, Barbara M. Carlson?, Dorsey Kleckner, Janice Anderson, Sylvia Peterson, Patty Prentiss, Karen Liljemark.
Seated:  ______, Cathy Raymond, Gail Armstrong, Kathy Steiner.

PHOTO SOURCE:  Sylvia Peterson

~ Interesting Links ~

Planning for the Future

Fire Protection Engineering Report


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