Boys' Sports



Row 4:  L. Olson, S. Pardino, J. Hall, J. Bjeldanes, G. Westby, G. Fenstad, R. Kragness, B. Given, D. Schlismann, D. Solomonson, D. Nelson, J. Wicklund,
J. Boyer, J. Hegna.

Row 3:  A. Fields, mgr., L. Camp, J. Larsen, D. Olson, R. Quick, P. Fitzgerald, D. Andersen, D. Warn, W. Hester, J. Felt, R. Steenson, D. Lee, R. Holmes.
Row 2:  Mr. W. Benson, coach, R. Slavik, D. Cords, J. Peterson, R. Winkler, J. Dyjak, P. Keenan, R. Noble, J. Bechthold, R. Swenson, Mr. J. Sullivan, head coach. Mr. A. Gowans, coach.
Front Row:  G. Nielson, mgr., M. Chadwick, E. Skoog, J. Finn. T. Hastings, P. Lamberger, R. Hoberg, E. Johnson, B. Travis, J. Wedell. 


                                                    *Bechthold, J.
   Camp, L.
   Chadwick, M.
  *Dyjak, J.
   Felt, J.
   Fenstad, G.
   Fields, A. mgr.
   Finn, J.
   Fitzgerald, P.
   Hall, J.
   Hastings, T.
   Hester, W.
   Hoberg, R.
   Johnson, E.
**Keenan, P.
   Lamberger, P.
   Lee, D.
   McCollough, D.
   Nelson, D
   Neilson, G. mgr,
  *Noble, R.
   Olean, D.
   Peterson, J.
   Skoog, E.
   Slavik, R.
   Solomonson, D.
   Steenson, R.
  *Swenson, R.
   Travis, R.
   Warn, D.
   Wedell, J.
   Westby, G.
   Winkler, R.
                                                      * Denotes second award.  **Denotes third award.                          
              Gridders Compete in Strong City Conference
The city conference was unusually strong this year with six teams vying for the championship.  As predicted, but not hoped, Roosevelt's football team gained one lone victory while suffering five defeats and tying one game.  The Roughriders were hampered by inexperience with only six lettermen returning to form a nucleus for this year's team.

A few bright spots of the season were the great pass receiving of ends, Tim Hastings and Dick Swenson, snappy pass play conversions by, Captain Ron Noble, and the colorful running of halfback, Bob Slavik.  The Roosevelt line was anchored by fierce 240 pound Pat Keenan, who proved to be a menace to opposing ball carriers of the city.
          Teddy Offense Was Out Shown by Strong Defense Led by Pat Keenan, All-City Second Team Center    

Roosevelt 10, North 2
In their opening game, the Teds matched defenses with the Polars.  Bob Slavik made the first score on a nineteen yard end sweep.  The end the Teddy scoring, two safeties were added in the second and third quarters.  North's only score was a safety.

Roosevelt 12, Central 27
A powerful Pioneer offense and speedy backs downed the Teddies.  Roosevelt scores came on a pass from Slavik to Dick Swenson and a 69-yard run on an option play by Slavik.  Both tallies were in the last
minutes of the fourth quarter.

Roosevelt 0, Marshall 20
The Cards clicking offense and effective defense and the lack of both on the part of the Teds chilled the Homecoming spirit.  Roosevelt had one scoring bid late in the fourth quarter as they moved to Marshall
three yard line as time ran out.

Roosevelt 6, Southwest 7
Both teams showed tough defenses in a low scoring contest.  The Indians tallied on a blocked punt, which was recovered and carried half the field.  Roosevelt drove 40 yards after a punt, with Ron Noble going over from the ten.

Roosevelt 7, Washburn 34

The Millers, scoring at least once in each quarter, outclassed the Roughriders.  Roosevelt's only score came on a 65-yard drive, climaxed by Danny Nelson's plunge over from the one foot line.  Noble passed to Swenson for the extra point.

Roosevelt 0, South 16
The Tiger's ground game proved too tough for the Teds.  South scored a safety and a touchdown in the first and fourth quarters.  Roosevelt's only scoring threats came on pass plays.  Slavik passed to Hastings for several good gains.

Roosevelt 0, Henry 0
Teddy fans sat through freezing cold weather while the gridders held the highly-rated Henry eleven to a 0 - 0 tie. It was mainly a defensive battle as both teams deeply penetrated their opponent's territory and failed to score.

              CROSS COUNTRY
              Cross Country Team Places Second in City Meet
The 1961 harriers, coached by Oscar Yngve, enjoyed a good season with eight wins, two losses, and one tie in dual meet competition.  Roosevelt tied with South in the first meet.  St. Louis Park and Southwest, first and second in the state respectively, beat the Teddies in the next two meets.  With this much-needed experience, Roosevelt was able to put together eight straight victories to finish up the season.

All Meets were held at the Nokomis course and were one and eight-tenths miles in length, except for the Swain Invitational Meet in Duluth which was one and six-tenths miles long.

               ~ SCORES ~


Dirk Putnam, Bob Lindberg, and George Antoine
hurry from the locker room to City Meet at Lake Nokomis.

Roosevelt 28    
Roosevelt 45   
Roosevelt 36

Roosevelt 23
Roosevelt 20
Roosevelt 18
Roosevelt 25
Roosevelt 15
Roosevelt 15
Roosevelt 23
Roosevelt 20

South 28
Southwest 15
St. Louis Park 21
Mounds View 38
North 43
Edison 43
Central 32
Vocational 50
Waseca 50
Washburn 34
Marshall 43

Richard Recker and John Moon pace each other
during Hiawatha workout in preparation for their next meet.


                                                                                                                                                ~ LETTERMEN ~


    Antoine, G.
    Lindberg, R.
  * Moon, D.
  * Moon, J.
    Murphy, P.
    Ostrander, B., Mgr.
  * Putnam, D.
 ** Recker, R.
    Schleicker, G
    Trolander, J.
    Wandberg, R.
    Wilson, R.

                                                                                                                                     * Denotes second award.  **Denotes third award.
            Swimming Team Places Second in City Conference          

Back Row
:  M. Lande, J. Anderson, D. Revor, B. Peterson, R. Johnson, J. Strand, S. Ramstad, T. Walker, G. Berry, D. Julien.
Front Row:  T. Anderson, R. Neuendorf, R. Shumway, R. Travis, J. Larsen, J. Campe, N. Jambeck, D. Olds, S. Henneman, J. Hanson, J. Nicholas, R. Thorn.

                                                                                        ~ SCORES ~                                                                        ~ LETTERMEN ~

                                          Roosevelt 65   North 31
Roosevelt 59   West 33
Roosevelt 64   Henry 31
Roosevelt 66   Edison 30
Roosevelt 27   Southwest 69
Roosevelt 63   Central 33
Roosevelt 48   Washburn 48
Roosevelt 59   Vocational 46
Roosevelt 65   South 30
Anderson, T. **
Berry, G.
Campe, J. *
Henneman, S. *
Jambeck, N. **
Larson, J. *
Luken, D.
Nicholas, J.
Neuendorf, R.
D. Olds, D.
Ramstad, S. *
Shumway, S. **
Strand, J.
Thorn. R.
Travis, R. *
Walker, T. *

                                                                                                     * Denotes second award        ** Denotes third award

              The Teddy tanksters swam their way to a second place finish in the city conference.  The team was co-captained by Nick Jambeck and Jo Campe.  The only mars on their record were a loss to Southwest and a tie with Washburn.  Roosevelt's standouts were Jambeck in the butterfly, Shumway and Larsen in the freestyle, Nicholas in diving, and Campe, who broke the city record in the backstroke.  The relay team of Campe, Travis, Jambeck, and Larsen broke the city record also.

In the state meet the best the team could do was seventeenth.  The only team member who placed was Campe who took a fourth in the backstroke.

With ten returning lettermen, the hopes look bright for next year's team.
      Hoopsters Post Record of Six Wins, Four Losses                    
 Roosevelt's 1961-2 basketball team, co-captioned by Warren Scamp and John Totushek, started the season off strongly by defeating a powerful and favored South team, and then went on to win
 five of the remaining nine games and finish with a tie for fifth place in the city standings.

 Possibilities for a strong team looked dim after losing the first ten men through graduation, and promising undergraduates through ineligibilities.  To the surprise of everyone, however, head coach
 C. Wayne Courtney, with the help of assistant coach Ralph Blake, was able to turn out another well-rounded and hard-playing Roosevelt team.

 John Totushek was named to the second all-city team, and Tom Ressler was given honorable mention.  Totushek also earned the "player-of -the-week" award for outstanding performance in the   Roosevelt-South game.

The season was high-lighted by defeating South, who won the City, Twin City, and District 17 championships and by the close games with Washburn and West which were both won in overtime by two points.

After defeating Vocational in the first game of District play, the Rough-riders fell to North and gave up their chances of Regional play.

Outside shooter and ball-handler, Dean Tjosvold helped spark the team throughout the season, and both coaches are looking forward to a good performance from him and other underclassmen for next year.
       Co-Captain John Totushek Leads Teds in Scoring

Row Three:  Mr. R. Blake, coach, M. Novak, mgr, M. Anderson, D. Bryant, M. Veeder, D. Lundquist, D. Carlson, J. Darrah, mgr, Mr. C. W. Courtney, coach.
Row Two:  B. Swanson, T. Huber, R. Broman, D. Johnson, B. Golmen, K. Christensen, J. Hunter, D. Oslund.
"A" SQUAD  Front Row:  R. Weikle, J. Totushek, W. Scamp, T. Ressler, D. Warn, P. Swanson, D. Tjosvold.


                                                                    ~ CITY CONFERENCE SCORES ~                                                                                  ~ LETTERMEN ~

                                        Roosevelt 47
Roosevelt 53
Roosevelt 65
Roosevelt 60
Roosevelt 39
Roosevelt 48
Roosevelt 49
Roosevelt 71
Roosevelt 48
Roosevelt 57
South 45
Central 47
Vocational 37
Edison 76
Marshall 59
North 59
Southwest 65
Henry 51
Washburn 46
West 55
  Christensen, K
  Johnson, D.
  Novak, M., mgr.
  Ressler, T.
* Scamp, W
* Swanson, P.
* Totushek, J.
  Tjosvold, D.
* Warn, D.
  Weikle, R.


 * Denotes second award

                                        Roosevelt 65
Roosevelt 54
Vocational 33
North 59

             Good Season Finds Ted Gymnasts Third in State

"A" CLASS:  R. Moey, R. Sundt,
M. Norton, J. Stende, J. Nicholas
The gymnastics team wound up another good season with third place in the state meet.  Fourteen Roosevelt gymnasts were able to  compete in the meet by qualifying in the region.  This year the meet was held at Alexander Ramsey High School.  North and Robbinsdale were first and second in the state respectively.

Top competitors in Roosevelt's "A" Class were co-captains, Mickey Norton and John Stende, both on the parallel bars and high bar; and John Nicholas, all-around.  In "B" Class the
top gymnasts were Dave Ocel, all-around; Wayne Miller, horse; and Dave Lindquist, parallel bars.  "C" Class competition was led by Bob Hoecherl, parallel bars and horse; Walter Teske, mats; Ron Schwanz, parallel bars; and Don Okkelberg, horse.

The musclemen also took a second in the city behind North, a first place in the Northwest Invitational Meet, and a second in the Region Five Meet, again behind North.


    Adams, B.
    Hewitt, R.
    Hoecherl, R.
   Jurkovski, S.
Lindquist, D.
Madsen, D.
  * Miller, W.
  * Moe, R.
    Moey, R
    Neuman, R.
  * Nicholas, J.
 ** Norton, M.
    Norton, T.
  * Ocel, D.

    Okkelberg, D.
** Peterson, D.
 Rodin, J.
 Sartell, J.
* Schwanz, D.
  Schwanz, R.
    Selstad, J
  * Shingler, J.
    Slater, K.
 ** Stende, J.
  * Teske, W.
  * Wangstad, J.
    Weaver, G.
    Wold, R.
                                                                                         * Denotes second award           ** Denotes third award                                                                        
               Matmen Battle to Third in City and District; Four Qualify for Region                                        
                  The Teddy grapplers finished third with eight wins and two losses in city competition.  Their losses were to Vocational and Washburn who were first and second in the city respectively.  This year's team was co-captained by Kurt Jensen and John Bransford.  Bransford returned from Indonesia late in the season but could not wrestle because of illness.

In the District 17 meet Roosevelt placed third, and four wrestlers qualified for the Region Five meet at St. Cloud.  Richard Willets, city champ, topped the 120 pound division; Scott Engstrom was first at 112 pounds; Kurt Jensen, city champ, won the 165 pound division; and Paul Lamberger qualified with a third in the 133 pound class.

At St. Cloud, the Teds could manage only one point with Willets getting the lone victory.                     
  "A" SQUAD:  G. Couch, S. Engstrom, R. Willets, J. Miller, P. Lamberger, C. Knudson, R. Holmes, R. Hoberg,
D. Solomonson, K. Jensen, W. Weyrauch, P. Keenan, Mr. P. Hansen, ass't. coach; Mr. J. Sullivan, coach.

                                                ~ LETTERMEN ~

                                                          Bruestle, T.
        Chelberg, D.
        Couch, G.
      * Engstrom, S.
        Erikson, J.
      * Fitzgerald, P.
        Hagstrom, J.
        Hoberg, R.
        Holmes, R.

* Denotes second award
* Jensen, K.
* Knudson, C.
* Lamberger, P.
* Miller, J.
* O'Heron, R.
  Solomonson, D.
  Weyrauch, W.
  Willets, R.

**Denotes third award
             Hockey Team Contributes Four to All-City                    
              The Roosevelt hockey team, led by Co-captains, Dick Swenson and Tim Hastings, compiled a record of 13 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie.  In conference games, they won 7, lost 2, and tied 1.  This record was good enough for second place in the city.  The team advanced to the District Tournament where they defeated Marshall 7 to 0, but in the semi-finals they lost to Washburn 3 to 2 by a disputed goal in a sudden death overtime.  Washburn later went on to the State Tournament.

The highlight of the season for the team was the annual road trip to northern Minnesota during Christmas vacation.  While competing up there, Roosevelt played against the top teams in the state.  They placed second in a tournament at International Falls by losing to International Falls and beating Minneapolis Southwest.  Their overall record while up north was 2 wins and 2 losses.

This year's team contributed four members, Dick Swenson, Jon Hall, Ron Noble, and Tim Hastings, to the All-City team.  Next year's team looks as if it will be another good one with all but five of the present team coming back.  The captains are Jon Hall and Bob Lindberg.
Pucksters Finish Second in Toss-up City Conference and Lose in Overtime in District 17 Playoffs
Back Row:  Mr. R. Johnson, coach; R. Cooney, W. Johnson, D. Johnson, K. Sersland, T. Hastings, J. Nordstrom, r. Kragness, M. Hollnagel, D. Benolkin, Mr. T. Turk, ass't. coach.
Front Row:  A. Fields, R. Grothe, G. Howe, T. Widing, J. Olson, J. Bjeldanes, G. Date, D. Swenson, J. Hall, R. Noble, B. Lindberg.

                                                                    ~ CITY CONFERENCE SCORES ~                                                  ~ LETTERMEN ~

                                          Roosevelt   4     Henry   0
Roosevelt   8     Central   0
Roosevelt   5     Edison   2
Roosevelt   8     North   3
Roosevelt   0     South   2
Roosevelt   1     Washburn   1
Roosevelt 12     Vocational   0
Roosevelt   4     West   3
Roosevelt   8     Marshall   2
Roosevelt   2     Southwest   5

Roosevelt   7     Marshall   0
Roosevelt   2     Washburn   3

   Benolkin, D.
   Bjeldanes, J.
   Cooney, R.
   Date, G.
   Fields, A.
 * Grothe, R.
 * Hall, J.
 * Hastings, T.
   Hollnagel, M.
 * Howe, G.
   Kragness, J.
   Johnson, D.
   Johnson, W.
   Lindberg, R.
 * Noble, R.
   Nordstrom, J.
   Olson, J.
   Sersland, K.
** Swenson, R.
   Widing, T.

 *Denotes second award
**Denotes third award

              Senior Wing Swenson Makes WCCO All-State Team
               Dick Swenson, who made the All-City hockey team two years in a row, was named by WCCO to its All-State hockey team.  This honor climaxes three years of superb hockey playing by Swenson for the  
 Roosevelt team.  Along with being hockey co-captain, an outstanding end in football, and to add to his honors, he was chosen the most athletic boy in his class.

              Heavy Snow Help Skiers Gain a Second in City                    
  (Not pictured:  B. Sullivan, R. Tyrell, Capt. T. Shannon, T. Rude, R. Butterwick.) 
:  Coach D. Johnson, R. Anderson, M. Kupka, Capt. D. Mattison, J. Jonson. 
:  J. Strom, W. Wallin, D. Jacobson, J. Nye.
         Butterwick, R.
       * Jacobson, D.
       * Kupka, M.
       * Mattison, D.
      ** Shannon, T.
         Strom, J.
         Sullivan, B.

 *Denotes second award
**Denotes third award
The ski team finished with eight wins and one loss in City competition, losing only to first place North.  They placed second in the City, and ninth in the State meet at Duluth.  With a long-awaited abundance of snow, co-captains Don Mattison and Terry Shannon led the team by fine performances in the cross country and jumping events, respectively.  Mike Kupka, Don Mattison, and Terry Shannon will be lost through graduation, but with a good returning nucleus, Coach Dale Johnson looks forward to another good year in 1963.


              Track Team Highlighted by Individual Stars as Three Set School Records; Team Places Fourth


              ~ 1961 LETTERMEN ~

                           "A" SQUAD:  Row Three:  Mr. C. Hansen, coach; J. Knutson, W. Scamp, J. Dyjak, J. Peterson, G. Peterson, G. Mitshulis, L. Camp, B. Ostrander, mgr.
                           Row Two:  Mr. O. Yngve, coach: D. McCullough, T. Kintop, J. Moon, R. Lindberg, S. Pardino, M. Jensen, A. Kanderovskes, B. Bystedt, Mr. J. Sullivan, coach.
                           Front Row:  D. Ness, mgr.; J. Trolander, P. Murphy, J. Schleicker, D. Moon, R. Hirche, D. Okkelberg, J. Chambs, mgr.
      Bachler R.
      Baron, G.
      Chadwick, M.
      Daugherty, J. mgr.
    * Dyjak, J.
    * Greendahl, D.
      Hester, W.
    * Hoff, D.
      Holmes, R.
      Lilla, J.
 Lindberg, R.
 Moon, J.
 Nelson, D.
 Ostrander, B. mgr.
* Recker, R.
 Roberg, K.
* Scamp, W.
* Talle, K.
* Warn, F.
  * Denotes second award            
             Tennis Team Cops Second in City Behind Millers                    
The 1961 tennis team had a record of 6 wins and 1 loss.  They were led by Captain Frank Kleckner, who was the state singles champion two years in a row.  The only loss of the year was 
 to a very strong Washburn that won the City title.  This match was also the first time in three years that Kleckner lost a conference match in the singles.

 This Year's team, led by Captain Jim Ehlen and four lettermen, should enjoy a winning season.

 Row Three:  J. Goodman, D. Anderson, J. Bransford, M. Foster, J. Kirchner, J. Olafson, Dr. M. Skaurud, coach.
 Row Two:  J. Carlson, R. Broman, P. Nelson, J. Lunberg, J. Rebain, G. Paul, R. Smizek, L. Carlson .
 Front Row:  S. Engstrom, W. Schning, C. Pederson, R. Hegberg, R. Fedderly, D. Schulstad, J. Ehlen.

                                                                                       ~ LETTERMEN ~                                                                                                      ~ 1961 SCORES ~
                             * Berry, C.
       Bjeldanes, L.
       Cramer, R.
     * Ehlen, J.
       Engstrom, S.
       Jambeck, N.
   ** Kleckner, F.
   ** Nygaard, T.
       Schulstad, D.
       Wilson, S.

*Denotes second award
**Denotes third award
Roosevelt   5     Marshall   0
Roosevelt   5     West   0
Roosevelt   2     Washburn   3
Roosevelt   5     South   0
Roosevelt   5     Central   0
Roosevelt   5     Edison   0
Roosevelt   5     Henry   0
Roosevelt   4     Southwest   1
Roosevelt   5     Vocational   0
Roosevelt   5     North   0


             Golf Team is Undefeated in City and District                    
Row Two:  W. Kambeitz, D. Dahlman, J. Rodin, D. Solomonson, J. Hunter, J. Nordstrom, J. Ugstad, R. Brinkmen, D. Armstrong.       
Front Row:  M. Lanigan, M. Swanson, T. Huber, R. D'Estrada, Mr. W. Courtney, coach.
               The golf team of 1961 was led by Minneapolis, Star and Tribune Amateur Golf Contest winner, Captain, Dick Johnson.  With one senior on the first five, the team swept through City conference matches without a 
 defeat; however, the match that decided the city champion was the defeat of Southwest by a score of 11 to 10.  The team also won the district meet, but failed to qualify for the State meet in the Region.

 This Year's team will have five returning lettermen going into City conference play.  They are R. D'Estrada, T. Huber, J. Blesener, M. Lanigan, and M. Swanson.  The team is coached by Mr. Courtney.
                                                                       ~ 1961 SCORES ~                                                                                                                           ~ LETTERMEN ~ 
                      Roosevelt  15..5      Henry  5.5
Roosevelt  24.5       Marshall  2.5
Roosevelt  24.5       Vocational  6
Roosevelt  13          Edison  11.5
Roosevelt  12          Washburn  10
Roosevelt  11          Southwest  10
Roosevelt  22          South  4.5
Roosevelt  27.5       Central  2
Roosevelt  21.5       West  4.5
Roosevelt  15          North  10
          Blesener, J
          D'Estrada, R.
          Huber, T.
      ** Johnson, D.
          Lanigan, M.
          Swanson, M.
       * Thone, G.

* Denotes second letter
** Denotes third letter

            Diamondmen Tie for Southern Division Title                     
              Coach Bob Johnson, in his first year as head coach, carried the 1961 baseball team through a good season.  They won seven of their ten conference games and tied South and Washburn for the Southern Division championship.  In the play-offs, they were defeated by South 3 - 2.

The team consisted of many underclassmen, and Johnson used them to build for the 1962 season.  Four juniors and one sophomore broke into the starting lineup.  The outstanding pitcher was sophomore Bob Slavik, who won six games during the season and was chosen for the All-City team.

Infielder, Dick Swenson will captain the 1962 team, which will include nine returning lettermen.
                                           ~ SOUTHERN DIVISION SCORES ~                                                                                                                                                             ~ 1961 LETTERMEN ~
                              Roosevelt  11    West   0
Roosevelt   4     Central   2
Roosevelt   1     South   2
Roosevelt   3     Southwest   2
Roosevelt   1     Washburn   2
Roosevelt   7     West   2
Roosevelt 14     Central   4
Roosevelt   4     South   3
Roosevelt   5     Southwest   4
Roosevelt   3     Washburn   6
                                  Bakken, W
* Bundy, R.
* Cronin, P.
* Engfer, G.
  Fields, A., mgr.
  Hastings, T.
  Hedlund, D.
  Helzer, J.
  Johnson, T.
  Lamberger, P.
  Keenan, P.

* Denotes second award
Mahn, W.
Mona, D.
Noble, R.
Putnam, D.
Quinn, C.
Reese, T.
Richards, R.
Ryman, M.
Slavik, R.
Swenson, R.

                                 ~ SOUTHERN DIVISION PLAYOFFS ~                                                                      
                              Roosevelt   7     Marshall   0
Roosevelt   2     Washburn   3

Back Row
:  R. Wandberg, J. Carlson, ass't. coach; R. Sather, mgr.; D. Olean, P. Carlson, D. Olson, R. Bowers, R. Steenson, J. Olive, D. Hendrickson, R. Swanson, B. Hanson, F. Raivo, R. Swenson, R. Kragness.
Front Row:   A. Fields, mgr; R. Slavik, D. Putnam, T. Widing, M.  Berg, T. Reis, T. Maday, T. Nelson, R. Noble, J. Hall, D. Benolkin, R. Richards, T. Johnson, Mr. R. Johnson, coach.

~  ~  ~

Girls' Sports

             Girls' Golf Team Represent RHS                                                         

M. Keohane, S. Ness, K. Liljemark, J. Chappie, L. Newton. 

              This year's girls' golf team, comprised of Judy Chappie, Mary Keohane, Karen Liljemark, Lynn Newton, and Sue Ness, will not find it easy to live up to the superb record of last year's team which succeeded in winning all their interschool matches to capture the City title, the first for Roosevelt in girls' golf.  The team will hold frequent practice sessions at Hiawatha Golf Course to gain added assurance and technique.      

              Girls' Swimming Team Represent RHS                    
Row Three:  N. Ness, K. Anderson, S. Johnson, K. Kvalness, P. Gerhard, L. Johnson, L. Bergin, K. Schjolberg, S. Boot, B. Olson, F. Malmsten.
Row Two:  M. Marshall, B. Sheldon, K. Feste, K. Bergen, A. Sharp, L. Marvelas, L. Berg, P. Recker, S. Boyer, A. Ackerblade, L. Maher.
Front Row:  K. Reynolds, J. Rampi, L. Lowe, L. Leibrock, P. Clauson, B. Wilson, D. Heltzer, D. Scheppelgrell, D. Holmes, N. Nessel.
In early October, a group of sophomores, juniors, and seniors combined to form the girls' swimming team, the first to be organized in several years at RHS.  Following tryouts and practices at Bryant Junior High School, the girls competed in events with other swimmers from Marshall and Edison.  The thirty-four members of the Roosevelt team experienced an enjoyable season under the direction of their advisor, Miss R. Lovold.

              Badminton Proves Popular with RHS Girls                    
                  Back Row:  J. Kingsberg, C. Anderson, D. Franzen, L. Maxson, K. Sandau, S. Ness.
                  Front Row:  G. Sonntag, D. Slotrem, F. Brown, J. Olson, P. Sananikone. 
Roosevelt's girls' badminton team is made up of members chosen from the winners of a school tournament which is open to all girls.  Most of the girls on this year's team were seniors; only three regulars are returning next year.  The badminton team practiced on Fridays and played games on Thursdays and Tuesdays.

Victories over Central, Vocational, and West enabled the team to play Southwest for District.  Roosevelt, however, lost and ended the season second in the District.  Southwest later went on to beat Washburn for the City Championship

             Tennis is a Favorite Individual Sport with RHS Girls                    
Back Row:  S. Paris, K. Sandau, J. Olson.
Front Row:  C. Anderson, D. Kleckner, F. Brown.
The Roosevelt tennis team is chosen in the spring.  An intramural tournament determines the top players; these girls are selected for the team and put into the various positions.  Later during the year, the team competes in inter-school competition.  This tournament is a round robin type, whereby every school plays every other school at least once.  The winners of the two divided districts play for the City championship at the end of the season.  The 1960-61 squad won the City title over both districts.

             Girls' Sport of Volleyball Instills Teamwork                    
Back Row:  J. Olson, S. McNamara, D. Franzen, J. Granoien, G. Sonntag, N. Miller.
Front Row:  F. Brown, N. Nessel,
For the second year, the Volley-Oops, a senior team, copped the school volleyball championship.  This team played in a double-elimination tournament that provides a "front door" and "back door" tournament to winners and losers, respectively.  This tournament, held during the winter, is one of the most popular among Roosevelt girls because it is an easily learned and played game that gives everyone a chance to participate.

             Girls' Team Sport of Basketball Instills Competitive Spirit                    
Back Row:  S. McNamara, D. Franzen, N. Nessel, J. Granoien.
Front Row:  F. Brown, J. Olson, G. Sonntag, N. Miller.
Any interested girl can participate in girls' basketball, one of the favorite sports at Roosevelt.  Teams of about ten are formed late in the year and the tournament is played through February.  The tournament is a double-elimination type, whereby a team can lose or forfeit a game and still have a chance to play for the championship.  This year's winner was a senior team, the Shooting Stars, who defeated the Untouchables in the final game.

              Boys' Gym Help                    
Back Row:  S. Jensen, A. Papas, W. Miller, P. Fitzgerald, W. Snyder, G. Lundeen.
Front Row:  D. Pedersen, R. Moe, R. Peterson, R. Sundt, R. Moey, D. Okkelberg, D. Ocel.
During the first semester of their junior year, students are trained to become gym leaders.  By taking attendance, being in charge of equipment, and helping with various jobs in class, they act as assistants to the gym teachers.  The leaders volunteered their service and were selected by the gym teachers on the basis of their athletic ability and their ability to get along with the students.  During the period that they are leaders, they learn more about
teaching physical education and keep in shape through the various activities and exercises.

             Girls' Gym Help
Row Four:  M. Carlson, L. Greenfield, C. Larson, D. Franzen, K. Nelson, M. Keohane, A. Lofsness.
Row Three:  C. Hastings, M. Erikson, K. Pottsmith, C. Rinn, K. Troedsson, J. Weber.
Row Two:  Miss R. Lovold, advisor; C. Fales, L. Thoren, F. Malmsten, S. Larson, B. Faanes, Mrs. J. Gustafson, advisor.
Front Row:  N. Bruer, R. Mazzola, S. Hill, G. Sonntag, P. Weible, E. Brudos, C. Reed.
~ 1962 Sagamore Staff ~

Sports for girls and women has come a long way since '62!
Signed, Minnie Golf

~ ~ ~
Boys' Sports
~Teddy Teams Capture first Place In Standings

"The Roosevelt football team ended its below-par season in a scoreless tie with a powerful Henry team.  The strong Teddy defense, led by center Pat Keenan, stopped Henry from penetrating the Teddy twenty yard line.

The Teddy Cross Country team finished second in the city conference behind powerful Southwest.  They won all their dual meets with the exception of Southwest. 
The Harriers were led by Richard Recker and John Moon, who both had a fine season.

Record breaking performances by Jo Campe and the medley relay team brought Roosevelt a tie for second place in the city standings with Washburn.  Members of the medley relay team are Jo Campe, Nick Jambeck, Bob Travis, and Roy Shumway.  Jo's performance was good enough to get a fourth place in state competition.

The Hockey team, with only six seniors, skated its way to second place in the final city standings.  Senior Dick Swenson, and junior Jon Hall made the all-city team, while Tim Hastings and Ron Noble received honorable mention.  The highlight of the season was a scoreless tie with city champion Washburn.

The basketball team won six and lost four of its games in a strong city conference.  In the opening game of the season, the Teddies defeated the eventual city champion south in the most exciting game of the year.  The Hoopsters were led by Tom Ressler and second team all-city John Totushek.

The Teddy ski team, led by seniors Terry Shannon and don Mattison, had a good season with plenty of snow.  They managed to place second in the city conference, and ninth in the state meet. 
The strong points of the team were the cross country event, and the fine performances in the jumping.

The gymnasts led by co-captains Mickey Norton and John Stende placed second in the city and region meets, third in the state meet, and first in the Northwest Invitational. 
This record climaxed a season of hard work.  The highlight of the season was a dual meet victory over state champion--North.

The wrestling team took third in the city, but still had four individual champions in Kurt Jensen.  Richard Willits, Scott Engstrom, and Pat Keenan.

The linksters at the time of this publication have soundly defeated all city competition.  They have also won the Alexandria Invitational again for the fourth time in a row. 
They are led by co-captains Tom Huber and Dick D'Estrada.

*     *     *    *



Cross Country












ROOSEVELT 9 2 2.5 4.5 2 3 2 2.5 3 1 3 4.5 3.2
Washburn 1 4 2.5 8 5 1 - 1 6 4 5 4.5 3.8
Southwest 8 1 1 1.5 - 5 - 2.5 4 5.2 4 9.5 4.2
south 3 5 4 1.5 8 4 6 4 2 7 8.5 1 4.5
Edison 7 8 6 3.5 3 11 5 10 11 3 1 3 5.1
North 11 9 7 3.5 1 6 1 9 5 2 2 6.5 5.2
Marshall 2 10 - 4.5 - 9 3 5 8 5.2 10 2 5.9
Central 6 3 5 8 7 10 - 8 1 10 6.5 8 6.2
Henry 4 7 8 10 6 7 6 7 9 11 6.5 6.5 7.1
West 5 6 9 8 4 8 - 6 7 8 8.5 9.5 7.2
Vocational 10 11 10 11 - 2 - 11 10 9 11 11 9.6

Source:  The Roosevelt Standard, Senior Edition, June 8, 1962

~ ~ ~
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