Roosevelt Area Schools

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Northrop Elementary (closed) 1611 East 46th St. 55407. Located at John Ericsson today.

Northrop 2 West side.

Northrop 3 West side, Door 1.

Northrop 4 West side, Door 2.

Northrop 5 Northwest corner.

Northrop Urban Environmental School 6 Now in the Ericsson building.

Northrop Urban Environmental School 7 Entrance on West side of Ericsson building.

Northrop Urban Environmental School 8 at Ericsson building, 4315 31st Ave. S 55406

Ramsey Jr. High Ramsey International Fine Arts Elementary (K-8) today. 1 West 49th St. 55419 1963.

Ramsey 2 4920 Nicollet Ave. S 55419 1963.

Ramsey 3 4930 Nicollet Ave. S. Photo dated 11-17-1931.

Roosevelt Sr. High Began September, 1922. Class of 1923 had eight graduates.

RHS 2 Front entrance, 4029 28th Ave. S, September, 2006.

RHS 3 Athletic field named in memory of Mr. Al Gowans. Looking Northeast.

RHS 4 Circa 1996, some homes to the South were demolished to make way for the "new" athletic field.


RHS 6 South side of RHS, 2006.

RHS 7 View of entrance to athletic field, looking Northeast.

RHS 8 Entrance: Ticket & Concession stand for field events. School in background.

RHS 9 Entrance to the John C. Wells Gymnasium, East side.

RHS 10 Skyway between 2nd floor of '58 addition and gym addition. East 40th St. at 29th Ave. S

RHS 11 East 40th St. at 28th Ave. S, Northwest corner. Note: second level to '58 addition.

RHS 12 East 40th St. at 28th Ave. S, front or West side.

RHS 13 Class of '63 photos: Two links below...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    RHS Inside Photos
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    RHS Outside Photos


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