Cyrus Northrop
1611 E 46th Street - closed at this location *
Minneapolis 7, Minnesota

Northrop Elementary School, 2006

Northrop is located in the southern part of Minneapolis and is bound from east to west by Cedar Avenue and Chicago Avenue and from north to south by
Forty-second Street and Minnehaha Parkway.  The neighborhood consists mainly of two-bedroom, pre-1940s stucco, brick and stone houses. 
Northrop School was established in 1915 in honor of University of Minnesota's second president, Cyrus Northrop.

~ ~ ~

Cyrus Northrop 1834 - 1922

Cyrus Northrop was born on September 30, 1834.  He was a leader, teacher, orator and the second President of the University of Minnesota from 1884 - 1911. 
His 27-year term was the longest of the presidents.  Northrop was a peacemaker and expanded University programs to include education, dentistry, law, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and forestry. 
He won the hearts of students, faculty, and the state.


Northrop School

~ ~ ~

Today we are . . .

* Northrop Urban Environmental School @ Ericsson Elementary, Pre K-5
4315 31st Avenue South
Minneapolis 6, Minnesota

Our school was relocated to the present larger site in fall, 2005.  The original building remains in tact at 1611 E. 46th Street.
Northrop has more than a fifteen year track record with teaching environmental science service learning as the core of learning. 

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New Boundaries



         School Colors:  _____ and _____

                Ms. Moffat, teacher        George Turner, Mary Etta Rorris     Principal Adella Katherine Solheim
                                                            Oct. 1952                       or Ms. Felto, teacher

                                                          Joan Storer, Gwen Reid                                 "Period Costumes":                              Standing:  Shirley Coffitt, Lennore Bylund, Judy Andreasen
                                                                          Diane Moen, Priscilla Sedgwick, Lynn Sjogren,            Seated:  Sandy Gunther, Penny Brudelie
            Sharon Dahlin, Mary Etta Rorris, Joann Whalen.               

 Standing:  Linda Hawkinson, Fran Malmsten, ______, Lennore Bylund, ______, ______
Seated:  Ione M. Johnson, Sylvia Gerard?, Judy Andreasen

Diane Moen, Sandy Gunther

SIXTH GRADE - Mrs./Ms. Felto

MISCELLANEOUS:  Cynthia Peters must be in here somewhere.  Where is Ione M. Johnson?
Row 5:  unidentified girl behind the second unidentified boy in Row 4 and behind the GAP in the same row as Ione Johnson and Richard Grudem?  The last person in that line (top, right), is the teacher, Mrs./Ms.Felto.
Row 4: 
Steve Dow?, unidentified boy, unidentified boy, unidentified girl, GAP, unidentified boy, unidentified boy.
Row 3:  unidentified girl, unidentified girl, unidentified boy, Fran Malmsten, Kathy Borreson, Paul Fredlund, Gary Paul.
Row 2: 
Carol Adams, unidentified girl, Priscilla Sedgwick, unidentified girl, unidentified girl, unidentified girl, unidentifie girl, Allen Hermansen.
Row 1: 
George Nyholm, Tom Lowe, Don McKeever, Diane Moen, Conrad Petzel, Sandy Gunther, unidentified girl.

Photo Source:  Mary Etta (Rorris) Litsheim.  Name identification:  Mary Etta (Rorris) Litsheim, David Lindquist. 
If you can identify any of the students indicated by the word, "unidentified" or by the underscoring, or if there are errors please contact the webmaster.

~ After publishing the photo of Miss Felto's class pictured above, I received the following request for further name identification and these interesting comments: ~

"I was startled to discover the site about Northrop School with the photo of Miss Felto's class. I was not in that class -- I had Miss Ward for Grade 5, Miss Moffat for Grade 6 -- but I knew most of the kids in that photo.  Is there someone interested in expanding this information?

I went from Northrop to Ramsey and Washburn, not to Roosevelt like my four older siblings, but I knew kids in that Northrop School photo.  I can be pretty sure that the Ione M. Johnson identification is correct, but I do not recognize Richard Grudem, whom I knew pretty well. 
I believe he died in Arizona (GRUDEM, Richard Dean b: 1 Mar 1944 d: Jan 1987).

I lived down the block at 4745 16th Avenue South.  Richard Grudem lived in a house facing Minnehaha Parkway -- his closest friend was Ricky Winston (He's in the Folwell graduate picture).  Next door were Larry and Peter JohnsonFrances Malmsten lived across the alley, facing 17th Avenue.  She was a preacher's kid, Baptist, and took me to a summer Bible school where I made a papier-mache model of the Valley of the Shadow of Death.  Conrad Petzel and Allen Hermansen lived farther down the block, Allen in a tumble-down house
on the corner.  He was very athletic, and had a gift for architectural drawing.  On 16th Avenue were Bradley Truelson and Gary Larson, with Ione Johnson on the other side of the street.  Conner and Allen still live in Minnesota, I think.  Paul Fredlund later became my closest friend.  He graduated at the top of his class from Harvard Medical School.  I visited him in Seattle a couple of years ago, where he had practised as a noted endocrinologist and researcher.  Google reveals that he was involved in the safety testing for several drugs, ___ among them.  He now lives in an architect-designed house on the water in downtown Seattle across the way from Bill Gates.  Paul and I and George Nyholm and Richard Rees walked to school every day, to Ramsey, then Washburn.  George was a fundamentalist Bible believer who ended up in New Orleans working with street kids.  I had a visit with Dick Rees in his Minneapolis home a couple of years ago.  The others I didn't know as well.  I believe the ID of Steve Dow, with a question mark, is probably correct.  As I recall, Don McKeever's father died that year, and I felt very sorry for him.

In the other photo, Penelope Brudelie (in the picture above Miss Felto's group picture) was my first girlfriend, as I thought, but not as she thought.  In the Sanford class picture,  Bruce Adams (last row) is my cousin -- we played as little kids when I lived at 3212 Minnehaha Avenue.  Bruce lived across the street.  Our grandfather built both large wood frame houses, which are still there.  Bruce was a doctor and head of one of the large hospitals in Minneapolis.  Curtis Ostvolden (front row, same picture) lived next door to me.  I remember Johnny Walkup from that picture too.  I can't find Terry Larson, our other playmate.  There's a photo on a later page (Alumni Album #2) of Bob Winkler.  He tragically drowned not long after that shot was taken -- an athletic swimmer dragged down by a waterlogged jacket.  I heard it
as a late-night TV new item, with great shock.

Alumni Album #4: There's Ione Johnson again, and Sally Shedlov (her father taught me Sunday School at Lake Nokomis Presbyterian), Gwen Reid, George Turner, and Steve Dow all over the place (he was an attention seeker).

Wow!  That's a lot of reminiscing.  I have to return to the present."

Stephen J. Adams, Northrop, Ramsey, Washburn, 2/17/15

~ Sixth Grade ~
Graduation, 1956

Does anyone have the Sixth Grade Graduation photo that can be scanned and displayed below?
If so, please email the webmaster for details.

No, this isn't the entire class!

Row 4:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Row 3:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Row 2:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Front:    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Source:  Unknown at this time.  If you can identify any of the students' names indicated by the underscoring, or if there are errors, please contact the webmaster.



Northrop & Howe school site redevelopment plans
From:  Shirley Yeoman - SENA staff   Date:  12/01/2009
Link Source

The SENA office has received the following information from Chuck Ellis at Applewood Pointe Cooperatives:

Northrop and Howe School Site Redevelopment – Affordable Senior Housing

United Properties has been selected by the Minneapolis School District to purchase and redevelop the Northrop School site located at 1611 46th Street East and the Howe School
building located on 38th Street East between 43rd and 44th Avenues South.  The goal is to redevelop these sites to accommodate the needs of seniors in the area.  United Properties
develops a product called Applewood Pointe Senior Cooperative.  This alternative represents a reasonably affordable alternative for seniors 55 and better who are looking to stay in the
neighborhood but would prefer a maintenance free senior oriented option.

The first Applewood Pointe cooperative was developed in 2004.  Each of the present five Applewood Pointe Cooperatives is 100% sold out and has waiting lists.  United Properties is
hopeful the redevelopment of the Northrop and Howe school sites will draw a significant level of interest from area seniors given so few options are available. 

Introductory Informational Meetings were held in January to present additional details on the building designs, maintenance free cooperative lifestyle, floor plans and pricing. 
These meetings will help area seniors become aware of the opportunity, and help determine the level of interest and support for these senior cooperative communities.  The first meeting
was held Monday, January 11, at 1:00 p.m. at the Riverview Theater on 42nd Avenue South.  This meeting focused primarily on the Howe school site.  A second Informational Meeting
took place Thursday, January 14, at 9:00 a.m. at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 1720 East Minnehaha Parkway.  This meeting focused primarily on the Northrop school site.

Information on both sites was available at each of the meetings.  Attendees were asked to please RSVP to 952-884-6400 as seating was limited for these meetings.  Refreshments were

Additional information about the Northrop and Howe developments can be found at ApplewoodPoint in the Community section under “Future Plans”.

Please click on this NEWS page on our website.
United Properties has dropped its bid to redevelop Howe School.
It is, however, going ahead with its proposal for a senior co-op at the Northrop School site, at 1611 E. 46th Street.  Plans call for razing the school and
adding two new buildings with 98 units of senior housing.

UPDATE Today, I drove by Northrop Elementary to see if the school had been demolished yet.  No, it is still in tact, but there was some equipment in the parking lot in front of the school. 
I'm not sure what it was, but the area didn't look as tidy as it did in the photo at the top of this page, taken in 2006.  There was an ApplewoodPoint advertisement for the purchase of future units.

~ Interesting Links ~

Planning for the Future

Fire Protection Engineering Report


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