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This page is a place for newsworthy stories sometimes accompanied by photos, that classmates have submitted or data that has been discovered by me.  If you would like to add to these "Ted-Bits"
(lingo from our RHS newspaper, The Roosevelt Standard), feel free to email the

COLIN QUINN returns from Arizona and Florida.  Plays in championship game in Fort Myers . . . "We finally won it!!"

Colin Quinn - November, 2014

"We finally won it!"

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 ROOSEVELT HALL of FAME Inductees Honored at Banquet


"The Roosevelt Foundation was pleased to announce the first group of 22 to be inducted into the Roosevelt Hall of Fame. 
The Hall of Fame recognizes the accomplishments of Roosevelt High School (RHS) graduates, and former RHS staff and contributors who have brought pride and inspiration to Roosevelt, the community, and society.
Hall of Fame members were inducted at the banquet on September 27, 2014." 
~ Roosevelt Foundation ~



1.  Major General David Rataczak (RHS ’62; Military) 
2.  Brigadier General Dennis Schulstad (RHS ’62; Government; Military; Community)
3.  Vice Admiral John Totushek (RHS ’62; Military; Business; Community) 


Major General David P. Rataczak        Brigadier General Dennis W. Schulstad         Vice Admiral John B. Totushek

MGENL RATACZAK:  Retired Adjutant General of the Arizona National Guard. Vietnam combat pilot. Recipient of Distinguished Flying Cross, Legion of Merit and other honors. Commander of 8,000 Arizona National Guard members. Past President of the Adjutants General Association. Lead Arizona Guard through critical global events including Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and the current Global War on Terrorism.

BRIG. GENL SCHULSTAD:  Retired Brigadier General in U.S. Air Force. Twenty-two year member of Minneapolis City Council. Past president of University of Minnesota Alumni Association. Recipient of over 12 meritorious awards for military and public service. Scholarship donor to U of M AFROTC program. Volunteer in civic groups.

VADM TOTUSHEK:  Naval aviator. Retired Vice-AdmiralU.S. Naval Reserve. Commander of Naval Reserve force, commanding 88,000 naval reservists and 181 nation-wide reserve facilities. Recipient of numerous military and civilian awards. Owner of two large construction companies. VP of the Steinbach Co. CEO of US Navy Memorial.



***  If you would like to share photos taken at this banquet and would enjoy seeing them on our website, please email them to: ***


 South Dakota Trip . . . LANI (Greenfield) COVEY
Rich and I decided to take a brief trip to South Dakota from September 12 - 15, 2014.  We had a good time.  First we drove to Deadwood, SD, checked-in at our lodging, and then went by trolley downtown for supper.  The next morning, we had great breakfast at Bully's, a downtown, hotel and casino.  Next we headed to Mount Moriah Cemetery where Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane's graves are located.  After a very short drive to Lead, we went to Hill City.  We stayed overnight and then took the train from Hill City to Keystone, SD and back.  This is an 1880 train with a steam engine.  As I understand it, it has been in Gunsmoke and a couple of films.  We then shopped and stopped for lunch.  Next it was on to Mount Rushmore.  That's an impressive site.  It certainly has changed from when I last saw it in 1959!  There's a marble memorial with columns and flags leading up to the presidents.  There is lots of room for tourists and picture-taking.  Also, they have an amphitheater down below.  As we left, we observed white Rocky Mountain goats along the road.  From there, we took the Needles Highway tour where many of the roads wound tightly around at 5 miles per hour.  This is part of Custer State Park.  We traveled through a few narrow tunnels and got out of the vehicle to take photos.  We then headed for Wall Drug in Wall, SD where we had supper.  The next morning, we returned to the drug store to wander around and take photos.  Next it was on to Murdo, SD to the Pioneer Museum where we toured and had lunch.  They have old cars, motorcycles, signs, and all kinds of memorabilia to check out.  Then it was a long drive home, about 9:30 p.m.  Here are some photos (Click to enlarge a second time for greater detail.):

                  Snow in the Hills!          1880 Train          Mount Rushmore         Wall Drug        Murdo Pioneer Museum         


COLIN QUINN returns from Arizona and Florida.  Plays in championship game in Fort Myers . . .

Colin Quinn - October 24, 2013

"I played in two tournaments in Arizona and then the World Series in Fort Myers, Florida.  We made it to the championship game only to lose a heartbreaker 6-5."


Hijacked! . . .  First-Officer, BILL RATACZAK, of NWA Flight 305, recalls the events of the D. B. Cooper Hijacking

Capt. Bill Rataczak, RHS '57, 9/8/12
MGEN David Rataczak's brother, Class of '62

NWA 305 Earned Legendary Status on 11/24/71

"Flight 305, a Boeing 727-100, left Minneapolis-St. Paul the morning of November 24, 1971.  Destination Seattle via Great Falls and Missoula, Montana, Spokane, Washington and Portland, Oregon. 
ts six-person crew included Capt. Bill Scott, First Officer Bill Rataczak, Second Officer Harold Anderson and Stewardesses Flo Schaffner, Alice Hancock and Tina Mucklow.

Thirty-six passengers were aboard (some reports say 35) when it left Portland for its 36-minute bounce to Seattle, ETA 5:46 p.m. Pacific time.  A well dressed man with a briefcase sat in the back row of the tourist section.  He wore dark glasses.  After takeoff he handed Stewardess Flo Schaffner a note.  She pocketed it.  Probably another mash note, she thought.  Later the passenger insisted, "Miss,
I want you to read that note," he said.  "Read it now."

The terse message:  he had a bomb in his case.  He would blow the plane up unless $200,000 in $20 bills and four parachutes were awaiting him in Seattle.  President Nyrop immediately authorized withdrawal of the money from a Seattle bank.  Parachutes were obtained from McCord Air Force Base, 20 miles south of Seattle.  Loot aboard, D. B. Cooper released the passengers along with Stewardesses Schaffner and Hancock. 
The plane was refueled and Cooper directed the crew to Mexico.

His instructions:  Cruise at ten thousand feet.  Gear down.  Flaps 15 degrees.  About 24 minutes out, 28 miles north of Portland, the second officer's annunciator panel indicated that the rear stairs had been lowered. 
The crew did not know for sure that their hijacker had jumped until they landed in Reno. 

D. B. Cooper was never seen again."

New link:  Hijacked! D.B. Cooper Revisited Report - continued  See page 8, 9, and 10.

Source:  NWA History Centre Reflections, Volume 10, No. 4, Page 8-10 ~ September, 2012 ~



COLIN QUINN still active on the field . . .

Colin Quinn - 2010

"I also have played in the MSBL World Series in Phoenix, Arizona. 
In 2010, we made it to the Championship Game.  I played for the St. Paul Saints (not the pro team of course)."



Governor Tim Pawlenty proclaimed September 15th as "DENNIS SCHULSTAD DAY"
in ceremonies at the State Capitol.

On September 15, 2008, I was informed of this gubernatorial proclamation by a reunion committee member, Kathe (Erickson) Magadance, who heard the news from Sid Hartman on WCCO radio.

In response to my recent email to Denny, he replied:
"Yes, the governor surprised me.  It was supposed to be just a proclamation for ESGR Week in Minnesota (other governors were doing the same thing in their states).  Unknown to me, Tim had received a very nice award for me from the Secretary of Defense and also made it Denny Schulstad Day.  I went home with a big head ... and Pam reminded me that it was garbage day tomorrow, so get it out to the curb.  I'm attaching the ESGR news release (below).  Thanks for asking."


Governor Tim Pawlenty proclaimed September 15th as “DENNIS SCHULSTAD DAY” in ceremonies at the State Capitol.  On behalf of Secretary Robert Gates, the Governor also presented Schulstad with the Secretary of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service.  Schulstad, a retired Air Force Brigadier General, served as the State Chair of Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) for the past seven years.  The Minnesota committee of ESGR has 125 volunteers (mostly attorneys, business executives and retired military members) who work with employers to assist reserve military members with their civilian occupations.  Minnesota employers have won National Freedom Awards each of the past four years which are normally presented by the President of the United States in the Oval Office.

Schulstad said the “outstanding young men and women serving in the military deserve all the support we can give them”.  They are not only called on for national defense, but also to fight forest fires, provide relief during floods and tornados and even rescue people during disasters like the 35W bridge collapse and hurricanes.  Calling them “heroes”, Schulstad went on to say their employers and families are also making great sacrifices.  Many employers go way above what is required by law (placing them in their former position when returning from deployment) by voluntarily making up the difference in pay, or shoveling walks, or sending packages, or doing something to show they care and appreciate their military employees.

Schulstad represented the Twelfth Ward on the Minneapolis City Council for 22 years and recently completed a term as national president of the 61,000 member University of Minnesota Alumni Association.  He is a founder and board member of the Minnesotans’ Military Appreciation Fund that has raised over $8 million to give a check and a “thank you” to every military member from this state who has served in a combat area after September 11th, 2001.  He is also a board member of the Minnesota Military Family Foundation that gives grants to any military family needing some financial assistance.  Governor Pawlenty said “Denny has been a good friend and outstanding leader for many years.  His distinguished careers in the Air Force and in politics now followed by service as a volunteer make him deserving of our highest honors and deepest gratitude”. 

Additional information:  Jim Sullivan, ESGR Executive Director
651-268-8206 …


Dennis Schulstad, Chairman
Photo Source:  Minnesota National Guard


Dennis Schulstad, spoke at
Capitol Rotunda during the proclamation announcement.

Dennis Schulstad and
Governor Pawlenty displaying
the proclamation



  Proclamation announced by governor, declaring Sept. 14 - 20 as
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Week
(ESGR) in Minnesota
Fishing story from JIM WEDELL . . .

"What are the chances of traveling 400 miles for a fishing trip and having a current Roosevelt student in your boat?  One in 1000?  You figure it out.  Well, it happened to me this summer.  On July 13 - 16, 2008, eight of us from the Zuhrah Shrine Rod & Gun Unit drove to Algoma, Wisconsin to fish Lake Michigan.  For me, coming from Buffalo, Minnesota, it was 400 miles to find some fish. 

As we arrived at camp the first day, we settled in, hoping for a few days of good fishing.  There were two of us in a boat, plus the guide and his 'first mate'.

For salmon fishing you get up about 4:15 in the morning and are out to sea before day break.  The guide and the first mate do all the work of getting you on board, watching the fishing poles through overhead bridges, and making sure the correct lures, food, and extra supplies are on board.

When you fish salmon or rainbow trout, you troll with your lure about 100 yards+ behind the boat.  Our first mate, Chloe Zemlika did all of this because her grandfather Arlin Stolle was steering the boat and watching the 'lines' in the water.  With multiple lines in the water, it becomes a big challenge to watch this.  With the wind, rain, and cold weather, it was a challenge to be there.

On the second morning of fishing, which was a colder day than the first one, we again headed out to sea.  We were all dressed warmly.  Normal water temperature is about 52 degrees and above, but the fish were actually biting better this second day in the 41 degree water we encountered.  I noticed our first mate wore a stocking hat on that said,
ROOSEVELT on it and it was maroon and gold.  Yet, I didn't think much about it because we were fishing and this is a long ways from Minneapolis.  As we fished, we used some lures called, Wonder bread, Kevorkian, Yuck, and J-plugs to name a few. 

After a few hours out to sea, I mentioned to Chloe that I went to a school by the same name as the one displayed on her hat.  I asked where her school was in Wisconsin, and she replied, 'No, I go to the one in Minneapolis!' 
I then asked, 'The one on 42nd Street and 28th Avenue? and she said, 'Yes'.  I then told her, 'That's where I graduated from'.  Arlin looked at me and just smiled.  I couldn't believe this...way far from home.  Chloe happened to have her Roosevelt Sagamore year book along in the boat, where I had a chance to look at it.  'WOW, how could this be happening?', I thought.  Between catching some more fish, Chloe updated me on the school, the activities, and then some.  I think she said she is on the Roosevelt newspaper committee.

Anyway, back on shore we had some pictures taken of our fish and had a big potluck that included Arlin, his wife, and Chloe and friends.  We caught a total of 28 fish with salmon averaging about 17 pounds and the king rainbows from 4 - 6 pounds.  Most of the 'bows' were caught on a yellowbirds linked up to 3 to 5 colors.

Yes, the trip was great and most rewarding."

Close-up of Chloe Zemlika and Jim Wedell each holding a rainbow trout, weighing about 6+ lbs.  Note the Roosevelt hat on the 'first mate'.

LEFT:  "Here are some of the overall fish as the boats came in one morning.  These fish were both salmon and "bows", weighing about 17+ lbs. and six lbs. respectively.  Left to Right: Bob Hagen and
Dick Cronstrom, Shriners. "

:  "Full-length view of Chloe and Jim with two trout.  The place we stayed was a trailer park called, Fisherman Refuge.  One of our members fishes and stays here most of the summer.  That's how we got
this going.  In the mornings it was cold and in the afternoon it would really warm up.  I have insulated jeans on."

~ Jim Wedell ~


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COLIN QUINN at Roy Hobbs World Series . . .

"Here is a picture from when I played in the Roy Hobbs World Series down in Fort Myers last November.
It's a national baseball tournament held every year."

Colin Quinn - November, 2008

"We play against teams from all over the country.  Our team, the Midwest Stars, are mostly Minnesota guys. 
I pitch, play centerfield, and first base.  We didn't win the tournament, but it was a lot of fun playing baseball every day for eight days. 
There were a lot of sore bodies when it was over!"



México revisited . . . LANI (Greenfield) COVEY 

My husband and I again traveled to Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, México, but this time we went for two weeks in October, 2011.  It was the end of the rainy season and we wanted to see how green the vegetation compared to that of February.  During the winter months, it is very dry in Zihuatanejo.  We will be returning to vacation for a month in February.  Since 2001 we have taken school supplies to an elementary school in there.  In 2004, however, we went to Veracruz, Veracruz, México.  We have become friends with the principals and many of the teachers in Zihuatanejo and enjoy visiting them annually.

The former principal, Gloria, and many of our teacher friends retired during the school year of 2009, so we are not able to see everyone in one location.  We did, in most cases, get together get together at school, at a beach, at their home, at a restaurant, or at an event.

We had a blast! 

 We rented a condo, the same one as last year.  There weren't as many people in the condo, the streets, the shops, etc. as there are in high season (January, February, March).  We found that we spent  
 more time in our pool this October.  I got a nice tan and wasn't even trying!

 We called our friend, María on Monday, October 17, and she arranged for us to meet with some of her friends at a restaurant for breakfast.  We went to the bank and then to purchase a kilo of coffee for the  condo.  Next, we went to a newly opened bakery, "Sueños de Azúcar", but it was closed until later in the day.  We stopped at the home of Margo, another former teacher and her husband, José where we had a nice visit.  For supper we went to "Los Braseros".  While we were eating, Lindsey, our oldest daughter called to tell us that Connor (our grandson) is going to have a little brother or sister in May, 2012.  Yay!!!

On Tuesday, we visited the the elementary school and chatted with Delia, one of the sixth grade teachers.  We also observed Pilar's 3rd grade class.  Next we stopped at La Papelería Primavera, a small office supply store to visit Olivia or her grandson, Edgar, but neither were there.  We then took a cab to the bus station to buy our tickets for Guadalajara, where we were going to visit Delia's daughter, Andrea.  She is in her second year of college there.  Next, we then had some refreshments at "Bandidos", across from the Artisans' Market. 

We observed Michaela's first grade class on Wednesday, then we went home for a dip in the pool.  We had supper at "Bandidos".  We stopped at the newly opened bakery that was closed a couple days ago and chatted with the owner, Evelyne. 

On Thursday, October 20th, we washed clothes, went to the large "Mercado Commercial" for groceries, went for a dip in the pool, and Rich took the bus to the neighboring town of Ixtapa.  I got ready for our trip to Guadalajara tomorrow. 

On Friday, the bus ride was nine hours with three stops!!!  Delia's daughter, Andrea, and her roommate, Anahí, met us at the train station.  They had found us a charming little hotel where we checked in during our stay in Guadalajara. 

We had a great breakfast on Saturday morning, and boy were we hungry!  First, the four of us took a tour bus around the city of Guadalajara.  Then we took photos of the main plazas with all the colorful and life-sized characters of the "Day of the Dead", which was celebrated on November 2.  It is a holiday similar to our Memorial Day.  These characters made of artificial bones were decked out in costumes that represented each sport in the Pan American Games which were in full swing during the time we were there (see photo 10 below).  All of us went to Tlaquepaque, a suburb, for lunch and we had free entertainment:  female singers, mariachis, and folkloric dancers.  Really fun!!!  Then we returned to our hotel in Guadalajara. 

On Sunday, October 23, the girls picked us up and took us to their apartment in Zapopan where Richard updated Andrea's computer.  After several hours of updating, we had supper at a nearby restaurant on a large plaza in Zapopan where kids were playing, and vendors were selling their wares.  On the way back to the girls' apartment, I got slammed by the back door of a bus.  I guess the driver was in a hurry! 

We returned to the bus station on Monday, October 24, for our eight hour return bus trip, this time with only two stops! 

On Tuesday, we called María and she invited us to lunch at a beach called, Playa Larga.  After supper at the condo, Rich was out at the picnic table with his computer only to be quickly moved inside by a nearby tarantula. 

Wednesday, October 26, we went for breakfast at Playa Principal, near the pier where every morning, fresh fish are sold.  María invited us to a Charreada that took place late this afternoon.  It was a horse show and there were a couple of bulls and many riders there.  It was someone's birthday and they had food and beverages available to everyone.  We'd never seen a Charreada before.  This was located up in the mountains at the end of a very, very winding road. 

On Thursday, October 27, we went to school only to find out there were no classes, but rather a fiesta celebrating the 154th anniversary of the state of Guerrero!  There were colorful displays of all the regions of Guerrero which included basketry, food, woven goods, etc.  Children danced in costume to music from the various regions.  We were invited to have lunch at the school following all the festivities. 

María picked us up on Friday, and we went for breakast to Malena's new restaurant, Mariscos El Pulpo Feliz ("The Happy Octopus"-seafood), that was opening the following day.  Rich then updated María's computer at her home in Agua de Correa.  We enjoyed her living room hammock and playing with her parrot.  We went to "Paccolo's" for "Halloween" supper that evening. 

Our last day, we went to Pati's Marimar for breakfast, right on the beach.  We then packed for our return trip home.  Reyna, another teacher, her husband, Everisto, and sons, Marlon, and Max took us to the airport.  We had a connecting flight in Phoenix that didn't leave us much time for comfort; but nevertheless we made it home by midnight!

Many great experiences!  Here are some photos to enjoy!  ~ October, 2011 ~

(1)                            (2)                            (3)                            (4)                            (5)
(6)                            (7)                            (8)                            (9)                            (10)




(11)                           (12)                           (13)                          (14)                           (15)







Memories from JARENE STRAND RHS '64

"In 1961, I was a busboy at Paul Pearson's Drive-In on Hiawatha.  Remember the big sign with the little boy dressed as an Indian?  He now runs the Pearson's on 50th and France!  Unless he's retired.  (Webmaster's note:  It was Marston's little brother, Paul Jr. who was on the sign.)

During '62 and '63 I was a fry cook at Joe and Eddie's Drive-In on M'haha and 45th.  I met my wife there in 1963.  I was 16 and she was 15!  We've been married 42 years.  Wow.

In '64 I was a fry cook at Bridgeman's down by the river.  I worked with many, many Teddies and have wonderful memories of great times.  I guess Teddies have always been the best sort of people.

BTW, about 20 years ago, at a party, a friend who is kind of a pretentious twit, asked me which high school I attended.  I said Roosevelt, in south Minneapolis.  She said, "Oh that's that 'blue-collar' high school, right?".  I was kind of dumbfounded, but answered, "Yes".  Imagine being over 40 before realizing that Rosey Tech was 'blue-collar'.  My dad was a plumber, our neighbors worked for the railroad, and some were electricians, mail carriers and carpenters.

It was then that I realized that I was even more proud of my roots!  I had the best childhood in the world.  M'haha Creek at the end of my block, Hiawatha Lake a block away, the warming house at Hiawatha, cute teenage girls at Lake Nokomis and I could walk to school with my friends.

I wish all kids could have memories like mine."



AL PAPAS Jr. chronicles U of M Football in his book . . .

Al Papas Jr.


A couple days ago, on August 9th, I received a call from Al Papas, an RHS '62 classmate whom you may have seen at the 5-year reunion, the 60th Birthday Bash, or the 45th reunion. 

Al recently completed his book titled, "Gophers Illustrated", a factual account of the history of football at the University of  Minnesota.  He did a ton of research and even corrected some U of M records.  His publication is
now available.

On September 26, 2009, our classmate was interviewed on Channel 11 at 8:00 a.m.  I hope you had a chance to see the broadcast.

Al graduated from the Minneapolis School of Art & Design.  You may recall that his dad was the sports cartoonist for the Star Tribune in the 1950s and prior to that.  Al Papas Sr. played football at the U of M.


  Al authors book on the Constitution . . .
     I recently attended a Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) meeting where Al Papas spoke about the Constitution.  Al has written still another chronicle, "We the People of the Golden Mean".

    The book is "an examination of where the Constitution comes from".  ~ 10/3/13 ~



Folwell Junior High has Closed . . .


Folwell's closing celebration for alumni, faculty, and students was held on Thursday evening, May 20, 2010.  "Many former students including at least five from the first class of 1932 were in attendance.  Room 109 was overwhelmed with alums from the 1930s and 1940s who shared stories, signed each other's Keepsake books, and read old newspapers and magazines from the 1940s."  Some photos were posted on the Folwell website:, however this is no longer a viable link.  UPDATE:  This link is again active as the link to Folwell Performing Arts Magnet School.

"Farewell Folwell" booklet
front cover

                                                                                  Here are some photos that Colin Quinn submitted from the open house.  Click each thumbnail photo to enlarge:

  (1)            (2)              (3)              (4)            (5)
 (1)  View from the South ~ (2)  Home Room 6, Mrs. King's class ~ (3)  Jon Mathisrud, Bill Hartman, John Edmunds, Folwell Class of '60 (RHS '63) ~ (4)  Auditorium ~ (5)  Southeast corner - East wing, built 1937

DATE:   FOLWELL SCHOOL, PERFORMING ARTS MAGNATE will reopen for the 2012-13 school year.  Grades will be K-8.  (Ramsey Middle School programs were transferred to Folwell.)



Northrop & Howe school site redevelopment plans

The Applewood Pointe Cooperative, affordable housing for seniors article, can be found on the individual pages for both Northrop and Howe.
 United Properties drops bid to redevelop Howe School.   United Properties has terminated its purchase agreement for the former Howe School property in south Minneapolis.  The fate of the building, which has already been vacant for five years, is now back in limbo.  United Properties originally had deals for two former schools, Howe and Northrop, in south Minneapolis with plans for developing affordable Senior Housing for the needs of seniors in the area.

Although the developer has dropped plans for the Howe School, Brian Carey, senior vice president with United Properties noted that they are going ahead with its proposal for a senior co-op at the Northrop School site, at 1611 E. 46th St.  Plans call for razing the school and adding two new buildings with 98 units of senior housing.  Already, Carey said, they have 45 reservations for units there.  Carey said that they hope to be under construction by the summer of 2011 with the goal of being open in 2012.

Today, I drove by Northrop Elementary to see if the school had been demolished yet.  No, it is still in tact, but there was some equipment in the parking lot in front of the school.  I'm not sure what it was, but the area didn't look as tidy as it did in the photo at the top of the Northrop page on this website, taken in 2006.  There was an ApplewoodPoint advertisement for the purchase of future units.  7/30/11

UPDATE:  Howe school is reopening.  12/1/11
UPDATE:  Finance and commerce reports today that United Properties has terminated its purchase agreement and won't be doing the ApplePointe senior project at the former Minneapolis Nortrrop school site.  Here is a link for more details:  Senior Project Terminated by United Properties 1/10/12.



Folwell and Howe are Reopening!

Today, December 1, 2011, I received an email from Reed Edstrom, an Hiawatha, Cooper, Sanford, South student and graduate of Bloomington '62.  He writes, "It was just announced that Folwell and Howe schools will be reopened after being closed a couple yrs ago."

UPDATE The Folwell School building will reopen for the 2012-2013 school year.  Ramsey Fine Arts Magnet (Ramsey Jr. High as we knew the school) K-8 will be moving to Folwell.
UPDATE:  The Howe School building will reopen in 2013-2014 and will serve as a Pre-K-5 dual campus with Hiawatha Community School.




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Courtesy Class of '58

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