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Adrianne (Leibrock) Sampson 
1:27 PM

"I sent my check in for the 70th birthday party the very day I got it and very much looked forward to seeing everyone again.  Last week, our almost 99 year old mother passed away and my sister, Lorna, and I are both sick from the same “virus”.  Our mom was healthier than both of us until she got sick and we got sick taking care of her.  Consequently, I couldn’t make the party but will look forward to the next one.  I heard it was really fun."

Betty (Faanes) Nevers 
4:28 PM

"I am sorry to say that I will miss the event. It looks like it will be a nice celebration. Thank you to everyone who worked on getting this planned. All I can say is, 'I don't know where the years went'.  My high school days we're filled with fun, friends, and fabulous memories. Enjoy the evening on the 9th. I will be thinking about you."

Rodger Bunker - SHS 
6:13 PM

"I have been looking for an old friend of mine from Folwell.  I ran across his obituary today while searching for him.  I thought you might like to update your file on Fred Weddel.  Here is the obituary site:  Fredrick L Weddel obituary

I think Fred went to  Corcoran grade school.  I didn't meet Fred until we were in Folwell together.  We went to South High together.  Fred dropped out and joined the Air Force for 6 years.  We went to Phoenix together when we were in our late 20s.  Fred only spent a couple of years in Phoenix and then moved to Las Vegas for a couple of years and then to Reno.  He eventually ended up back in MN.

I guess we all return home sooner or later.  I am back in MN myself.  I now live in Tracy MN after spending 2 years in the Philippines.  I brought a woman back with me and we were married about 3 months ago (5/23/14). The two of us live in Tracy. 
I never made it to Roosevelt, I tried, because all of my friends from Folwell went to Roosevelt.  The powers that be would not let me transfer so I dropped out in 10th grade.  Eventually received my GED and took a lot of college classes."

Jo Campe 
6:04 PM

"Couple of pics included.  One of self and one of Kit (my wife) and Lena (the dog) and me on one of our Canoe Trips in Canada: Album link.  We are fortunate to be able to make three or four long canoe trips a year.  We live in Ely on some acres that overlook a wonderful lake that flows into the BWCAW.  Life is good..."

Nancy (Smith) Boston 
8:24 AM

"Very happy to say that I’m coming to the 70th birthday party in August.  I couldn’t make the 50th reunion so I’m very excited to see old classmates once again."

Jim Bechthold 
1:25 PM

"I look at the website about three times a year.  Great to see what's happening to everyone and a nostalgic look at the old times.

Unfortunately I have some sad news.  I've kept in touch with Kurt Jensen since we graduated.  He passed away this January 23.  He was living with his third wife, Janice in Fairhope, Alabama.  Marilyn, his first wife died of cancer about 20 years ago.  After graduating from the U Of Mn., he taught English in secondary school in Plainview, Mn.  Kurt and Marilyn had a farm near Alba called Calico Hill farm.  From there they ran a business packaging and wholesaling black dirt and manure to retail stores (Menard's, Home Depot).  They had one son and three daughters.  After Marilyn died and his kids grown up, Kurt sold the business and traveled.  He had some heart problems requiring stents some years ago and a heart valve replacement about two years ago. 

I currently live in Minnetonka, with my wife, Karen and my two dogs.  My son, Kurt, daughters, Kim and Melissa have long left the family residence.  I have been retired from Xcel Energy since 2001, but have stayed active on various non profit boards and coaching girls' high school fast pitch softball.  For the last three years I've coached at Hopkins High School, before that at Benilde-St. Margaret's and yes, hated Washburn.  Prior to working at Northern States Power, I taught science and coached football at Prescott, Wisc.

Keep up the great work on this website, it beats all the others  I have seen!"

Carol (Anderson) Macnamara '61
6:18 PM

"I went to Corcoran and started in ’48 or so.  Miss Eva Gans was my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Anderson for first and second grades, Ms. Eleanor Dahlquist for third, Mr. Heartman (or something close?) for fourth grade, and I don’t recall fifth nor sixth grades.  The school colors were purple and white…the long ribbon we had for friends to sign!  We walked to/from school four times a day.  Hot lunch was called, "something from outer space".  If it was so  far below zero, we could bring cold lunch and eat in the gym.  I remember the competition of field day on the field behind Corcoran the last week of school.  Sandra Shun, Gail ______, Roberta  Whitimore and I were fiercely competitive.  I wonder where they all are?  And having to dance with a boy in sixth grade!!  Ha Ha Ha.  Might I add the swings, monkey bars, the raised ladder to climb across at recess!  Viictoria Ann Tew was in my class.  She wound up at Edina Schools.  She was killed in a car accident in 1969.  I named my daughter after her.  Her family had the best Halloween parties ever!  She was an only child.  Caroline Jones was in the class too.  She died very young.  Diabetic cause.  I remember the Nile Theater and Powderhorn Park on the 4th of July, the Dairy Queen on Hiawatha, Hiawatha Fruit Market, Red Owl, Hiawatha Bowl, White Castle, hopping the trains, playin’ dolls in the cabooses of Lake Street.  We walked everywhere!  Another tid bit . . . our principal was Carol Williams ... yes, a female principal ... in the 50s!!!  Were you aware that cursive is no longer being taught in the public schools…sad!!!  I couldn’t wait ‘til the middle of third grade to learn how to ‘write’!!  My 42 year-old daughter asked me a few weeks ago, ‘Who had it better:  your parents, you, or us kids?'  Of course I said me … a product of the 60s.  I went to Folwell which was past Corcoran for me, then moved and I went to Sanford and Roosevelt, graduating in 1961.  My heart was at South, however!!!"

Rich Carlson '70
12:35 AM

Just wanted to say thanks for a very interesting trip down memory lane!  I’m a 1970 graduate of RHS, and really enjoyed surfing your web page.  It brought back some extremely fond memories, particularly with the faculty pictures.  Many who were teachers in 1962 were around during my years.  Of particular note was C. Wayne Courtney.  I can still picture him belting out the Hallelujah Chorus on the pipe organ.  Thank you so much for going to the effort you did! 
Webmaster comment:  "I don't remember a pipe organ...was that on the stage or in the choir room?  That would have been fun to watch him play!"  The organ was located in the auditorium at the base of the stage.  I might be wrong about it being a pipe organ, though it had a fairly majestic sound.  Some kids broke into the school (maybe during my junior year).  They did all kinds of vandalism, which included setting a fire on the stage.  Fortunately there was a fire sprinkler system which contained the fire, but the water damage destroyed the organ, which wasn’t replaced.  Thanks for your great site!

Adrianne (Leibrock) Sampson
5:39 PM

RHS Committee Members...I guess I'm the first to email my raves about the Memory Book that just arrived.  I've been anxiously searching the mailbox each day as if I had a tax return coming.  With all the color photos, RHS updates and extras, it is an absolute treasure.  Everyone involved in this special book did an outstanding job!  Very professional!  There's only one regret...wish more people would have sent their form in so we could catch up on their lives, also.

Thanks again for all your hard work.

Jetty (Powell) Eadie
9:59 PM

I have very much enjoyed viewing all the pictures and comments regarding RHS 50th Reunion.  Wow, all the hard work and dedication that went into putting this event together. The committee and all who volunteered should be very proud of themselves.  I am so sorry I had to miss this great event.  I have enjoyed viewing all the pictures and comments from classmates.  Thank you for putting together such a wonderful website.

Colin Quinn
20:20 PM

It was really great seeing everyone at the reunion!  What a great turnout and what a great night!

Thank you for the nice comments about the committee.  We had fun planning it (as we always do) but most important, it was you people that were there that made it so great....... the smiles, laughs, hugs, handshakes, conversations, renewed friendships, and in the aftermath, more get-togethers, lunches, etc.

Let's keep it going.  Stay in touch with us (committee) and share with us your ideas, suggestions, etc for future events.

Cindy (Fritzke) Fath
19:25 PM

I finally got on the computer tonight as we have been gone and then our computer was out of order, had to get a new one.  Feel very badly that I haven't sent a note of "Thanks to the Reunion Committee".  Our 50th Reunion was AWESOME!  It was so much fun to see and visit with former classmates.  The hours just flew by but I enjoyed every minute of it.  Thank you again to all those that worked so long and hard to make all the arrangements.  Now I'm looking forward to the Memory Book and the Video.  I didn't see the group picture from Standish on our website, did I miss it? 

Adrianne (Leibrock, Jones) Sampson
10:12 PM

Thankfully, I attended the 50th Class Reunion.  The BEST yet!  What a wonderful job the committee did.  Lani, your website is unbelievable.  Thanks all!

The few people I ran around with in high school have passed away, but since then I've made other RHS friends....cabin parties, luncheons, etc., and we are like family now.  As a result of the 50th, several who went to Corcoran, Folwell and Roosevelt met for lunch and memories.  We agreed we would not have recognized each other had we passed on the street.  Once word is out how special the party was, maybe even more people will attend any future get-together.  It was really fun to see classmates even if you didn't know them well.  (Hardly anyone recognized me and I came with a walker because of a broken leg, but I loved the 50th reunion!!)

Sheila (Frost) Van Houten
2:19 AM

Hey, Teddies, we missed the 50th class reunion but I had a lot of fun looking over what is there so far and will check back.  Sounds like it was a huge success! 
Congrats to the planning committee!

Great site, Lani - I checked out most of the pages and it was a lot of fun to look back and see familiar faces!

Best of the best to all!

Karen (Pottsmith) Banister

12:20 PM

The class of '62 is so fortunate to have such dedicated classmates who plan these wonderful reunions, provide us with this great website and help keep us connected.  Thank you for all you do.  Nice choice of venue for the 50th.  I enjoyed the evening very much.  I am selfishly wishing you good health and continued energy!

Sue (VonVolkenberg) Ross

11:37 PM

What a great reunion the 50th was!  Committee, you outdid yourselves.  It is a lot of work and I hope you will continue to do this for our 55th or even 60th - or maybe for a 70th B'day party as you suggested.  Thanks again. It was a great night.  I loved seeing everyone and reconnecting with such good people.

Lani (Greenfield) Covey
8:50 AM -0500

I am l
ooking forward to seeing everyone at our 50th Reunion on August 11.  Be sure to view the "50th Reunion" page on this website for up-to-date information.  Boat Cruise on August 10.  Many have indicated they are attending, but some still haven't mailed their registration form, payment, brief paragraph and photo for the Memory Book.  The deadline has been extended to July 16.

Even if you are unable to attend the reunion, please mail your bio and photo to Dave Lindquist at the address on the form. 

Art Becker
6:25 AM -0500

Living in the Brainerd area.  Looking forward to our 50th.

Nancy (Smith) Boston
10:34 AM -0500

I'm just learning to use a computer so I hope to get it right.  My maiden name was Nancy Smith class of 1962 although I did not graduate.  My ex-husband was Francis (Frank Dillon) and lives in (not yet verified).  I worked at the Airloha drive-in when I was 16.  The lady that made all of our onion rings was the grandmother of John Dyjak (spelling).  I did get on the website, my sister Pat Smith, class of 1964, told me about it.  I was sad to see so many of my classmates have passed away.  I now live in La Junta, Colorado.  I have two living daughters, 5 grandkids and 5 great grandkids.  I would like to hear from anyone who may remember me.  Oh yes, I was on the drill team in 10th grade.  Thank-you.

Jane (Gwiazdon) Bauman - Holy Angels Academy
10:49 PM -0500

Hi everyone.  I didn’t graduate from RHS but I did attend Standish from Kng. thru 6th grade.  I would love to catch up with any of my former Standish classmates. The Website brought back many memories, and I was amazed at how many people I could identify while browsing the photos.  I’m curious to know if I would still recognize anyone!

Art Gooselaw '64
09:57 AM -0400

Great web site. It brings back alot of memories.

Mara Ceason '86
11:44 PM -0400

A memorial service will be held for my mom, Kathy Haugen, on Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 1:30 at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in South Minneapolis.  She passed away in December, 2010, however the weekend of her memorial we had a huge blizzard so we are blessed with the opportunity to have a "do-over".  The service will be followed by treats and coffee, and a trip to Lakewood Cemetery.

07:51 PM -0400

Chuck Hillock
07:49 PM -0400

Great site, lots of work shown.  I knew a few people from the class of '62 as I was part of the class of '59 at Sanford Junior High.  I ended up going to South High, class of '62.Seeing the old pictures etc,, brings back a lot of memories.  My brother in-law is a Roosevelt class of "62 grad.  Again, great site. Thanks for the trip!!!!!

Loren (Larry) Stevens '63
03:51 PM -0400

The picture above was NOT Nokomis JR HS.  If it wasn't Minnehaha grade school, it was a template school for the times.  I attended Minnehaha 1950-56,
k-6.  Then on to Nokomis, RHS, (alum-1963) and various colleges after that, starting with the U of M, ending with UNLV, and U of Louisville.  Also was confirmed from Trinity Church...the old wooden building, prior to the "new" one, circa 1960?...regards...nice site.

Webmaster:  I am not sure why you bring this to my attention at this time.  On March 1, 2011, someone mentioned that the Minnehaha Elementary building photo on the "Minnehaha" page was not correct.  I have since corrected it.  The one incorrectly identified was that of Nokomis Jr. High.  I posted it at the bottom of the "Nokomis" page.  Thank you for the nice comment on the site.

Meredith Jaglo Morneau
12:28 AM -0400

Love your web site!  Hope you can help me find John Olive.  I'm not sure if he was a '60, '61 or '62 graduate.  I was a '63 graduate of Holy Angels and John and I dated in high school.  I recently found some letters from John and realize that we parted with some serious misunderstandings.  I would love to change that.  I hope you can help.  Thanks so much!!

Jerilyn (Jeri) Miller Blom '61
06:00 PM -0400

This afternoon I got a phone call from Lani Covey asking me for pics or memories of the Ring King Drive-in where I worked.  I also had worked at Porky's on East Lake St (before Ring King).  While talking to her I looked up this site, and have been sitting here ever since!  Very interesting!  You have all done a real good job on this.  I like that it is a lot of memories for all 50's RHS kids, not just the class of '62.  If you haven't already, come take a look at the RHS Class of '61 website!  Thanks, Lani!  Jeri

Paul Grannes '82
03:29 AM -0500

Time goes by so fast.  I grad from Folwell in 1979.  Wish I would have kept in contact with friends.  Grad from Roosevelt in 1982.  Way back when Standish was closed, now Folwell is closed.  Thanks for the time travel :)

Kay McLean
02:24 PM -0500

Lani, To let you know, Fran (Brown) Greendahl died this week.  Her obit will be in the Sunday Trib.  Didn't know how you get notified about deaths in the class.  Kay McLean

Dave Jones
10:57 PM -0500

This was a very nice trip back to the good old days.  Thank you!

Jerry Salhus '59
10:17 AM -0500

Your drive inn site really brings back a lot of good memories.  I was a fry cook at the Airloha from 1957 to 1959.  I graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1959, and then went into the Navy.  We really had a good time at the Airloha, because all the kids from high school hung out there.  I worked there with Jack Jensen, Mark Madvig, Mike McMillan, Iris Dybwad, Elaine Gertsen, and a lot of others I can't remember right now.  We really had fun with the front room girls.  Like food fights when Dick Peterson or Lem Lemley wasn't there.  One time we cornered Elaine and squirted whipped cream down her bra and the back of her pants.  Memories, Memories.  I have a lot of them but if I wrote about all of them it would turn out to be a book.  Regards, Jerry Salhus

Cynthia (Cindy) Fritzke Fath
10:44 PM -0500


Mary Richeard
06:12 PM -0500

Elizabeth Mooney Stewart
07:03 PM -0500

Mary Lackey Hoffman
12:19 PM -0500

What a great night I had when I came upon this sight!!!  To see all my old friends from Folwell.  It brought back so many wonderful, and fun memories.  Hopefully I will hear from some of my long lost friends-Thank you very much.

Sandra Gertz (Shegstad)
08:31 PM -0500

Lani What a great job on the web site.  Just wanted to let you know I appreciate it.  Its fun just to read thru.  Thanks again Sandie

Pamela Donnelly Whittaker
03:28 PM -0500

I love coming back every now and then to browse through the site.  Lani has done a great job and I thank you.

Tom Breyette '65
09:17 AM -0400

I enjoy your site Best of all the other RHS sites. It's Great !

Terrance Lindall
03:19 PM -0400

Celebrate Terrance Lindall's birthday Oct 16th 2-4 PM at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center:  www.wahcenter.net.  And the unveiling of the Gold Illuminated scroll: https://sites.google.com/site/terrancelindallsparadiselost/the-gold-illuminated-scroll/the-gold-scroll-brochure.

Bruce Harten '60
01:40 PM -0400

Great website.......anybody heard from 1962 grad "Peggy Brown" ?

Webmaster:  Not lately, but if you do locater her or anyone else does, please let me know for our class records.  Thanks.

Art Gooselaw '64
11:05 AM -0400

What a great web site.  I was in the class of '64.  We were lowly sophs when your class graduated.  I have forwarded this to other Roosevelt grads and they all feel like I do about what a great job you have done.  Thanks from all of us for the time and talent you have put into this.

Bruce Adams
05:34 PM -0400

Lani, Great job as the webmaster. You and the committee have done a great job bringing back lots of memories. Unfortunately some of the memories I can't remember. Anyone else have that problem? Hope to see all of you at the 50th. Thanks, Bruce Adams

John Totushek
06:04 AM -0400

Dear Committee, You have done a spectacular job on this page.  Thanks to all for making this so much fun.  I am looking forward to the 50th.  See you then.

Tim Bandy
06:09 PM -0400

This is a great site you have here.  I was looking for history on the Nile theater and found all sorts of great history.

Toni Castelucio '75
02:59 PM -0400

OMG! love the site...I am a grad of 1975, and my parents are grads of 1951....Pat Handzus and Jerome Castelucio.  Was moving around alot (with the Marine Corps) and now live in Iowa....so this is awesome, one way to be home thanks!!!

Gary Danielson BHS '62
10:57 AM -0400

Lani: you may remember, I sent you the Simokon a while back..I retired as President from the White Pass & Yukon RR in Skagway, in April of this year and have moved to Baxter, MN (next to Brainerd)...re connected with Butch Rhodes, who was a 1960 grad. and all state gymnast at RHS....all the best, Gary

Barbara Phillips Stanley '60
07:49 PM -0400

I am letting you know that my brother Gary J Phillips passed away February 17, 2010 from fourth stage lung cancer.

Allan Ness
09:22 PM -0400

Lani, webmaster, thank you sooo much for the wonderful job.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend the 45th due to travel plans that could not be changed.  For the big five-O I will definitely be there.  I haven't any brainstorms for the 50th.  I leave that to the truly competent ones who have served us so well in the past.  PLEASE, never, ever, ever feel that your work in unappreciated.  Thank you!!!  Twelve years ago Jeanette and I relocated to Hawaii (Big Island) and feel very blessed every day.  Aloha!!  See you in 2012.

11:40 AM -0400

Three newsworthy events come to mind that I'd like you to be aware of.  There are more details on this website:
1)  TODAY, Sunday, April 18 - RHS Pancake Breakfast $5.00, from 8:00 - 1:00 p.m., all you can eat!
2)  May 20th - Folwell is closing.  Open house for all Alumni, Students and Faculty. Time:  5:30 - 8 p.m.
3)  50th Reunion in 2012 - Email the reunion planning committee with ideas and suggestions.  What is it you'd like to do?  Visit the 50th Reunion page on
     this site.

Recent additions to our '62 site are pages called, Homecoming, Cheerleaders, and Sports!  Check these out!  Also, ALL Elementary school pages are now added to the site, but I could use some childhood photos from you.

I really look forward to hearing from all of you to learn what you are doing these days:  Interesting stories, funny moments in high school, favorite teachers, or just simply drop me a line or two to keep me infomed.  The sky is the limit!

Have you moved?  Do you know a '62 classmate who has?  Please let me know via the Updateform or email.

                                                                                                                                                               ~ Lani (Greenfield) Covey ~

Betty Faanes Nevers
12:35 PM -0400

Thank you for creating this website.  I appreciate all of the work that committee members have done and are doing.  I only wish I could be there to help.  Our 50th reunion will be here before we know it.  I have many lasting friendships from my days at RHS.  My friends have become my family. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Ray Christianson
02:23 PM -0500

I see I put my name in before [on 05/02/09] and did not say a thing [in this guest book].  Well going back to the days in high school was a great time in my life.  Sometimes I wish we could go back to this time.  It was a lot easier time.

Kurt Jensen
11:16 AM -0500

Congratulations to those who set up this page. It was fun to take a trip down memory lane.  I'm currently retired and living in Fairhope, AL, having the time of my life.

Steve Peasley '73
07:13 PM -0500

This site is such a blast.Thank you very much!

Jim Wedell
12:32 AM -0500

This web site is better than ever.  A lot more names and people to remember from the last time I wrote in this.  Hope everyone has a fantastic year in 2010!  WOW!  Jim Wedell

Thomas V Seman
02:11 PM -0500

1964-1967  Home Room teacher Roberta Nielsen & my Art Teach second floor art classroom.  Went on to Roosevelt High School.  Email me if you want, Tom

Wayne Hoppke '59
10:12 PM -0500

Just came upon your website. I grew up on 34th AV and 45th ST.  Nokomis Jr High and Roosevelt class of 1959.  What memories this site has brought back. Thank you.

Dave Mona '61
10:48 AM -0500

Just discovered this site in a link from the 1961 site. Very nicely done with lots of familiar faces. If people are looking for more stories about the good old days, they might enjoy the book I wrote last year called: "Beyond the Sports Huddle:Mona on Minnesota." You'll find stories on Wayne Courtney, Ralph Blake, Larry Swadner and the 1961 State Basketball Tournament disaster.

Sandra Madsen Thompson
02:49 AM -0400

I have enjoyed visiting your wonderful website, even though I attended South High Class of 1962.  I recognized so many faces of my Longfellow classmates.  You can be very proud of this website and all it contains.  It brought back so many good memories from days gone bye....Thanks for sharing.

Grace Ann (Ryan) Higday
12:23 AM -0400

Really enjoyed the website.  Showed my son the picture from Folwell the year I graduated. He didn't recognize me!

Susanne Winn
04:59 PM -0400

I graduated 9th grade in late seventies.  What fond memories I have now of a simpler time.

Jeff Bartholomew '87
10:33 PM -0400

I am a 1987 Grad from RHS...Like the web site.  Would like to be on the Alum Mailing list.  I enjoyed the pictures and history of the area....I grew up on 41st and Minnehaha.

Sue Ermuth '66
12:30 PM -0400

It was fun to see this website.  I sometimes wonder what happened to some of my sister, Sharon's friends.  Even though I was younger, I got to know a lot of her friends from hanging around at Lake Hiawatha.  Beek's and Charlie's were also hangouts for me and my friends.

Randy Berglin '70
10:39 AM -0400

Janis Ludwigson Erickson '69
08:03 PM -0400

I loved the Drive-In info!  It brought back such great memories...graduated RHS in 1969!  Great year!  By the way, I was a flight attendant for NWA...so the Airloha Drive-In info was especially interesting.

Susan VonVolkenberg Ross
01:28 PM -0400

Thank you so much for keeping us up to date with this website!  When reading the obits in today's Strib, I couldn't believe that our Bob Hoberg had died. 
I immediately checked the site and there it was.  This will prompt me to check more often and for happier news as well.  Sue (VonVolkenberg) Ross

Ray Christianson
08:28 PM -0400

John Edmunds '63
03:48 PM -0400

Your WebSite is fantastic!  Does anybody have pictures of the Adobe Drive-in (3600 blk) NW corner of 37th and Cedar.  I worked there for a summer - - HOME MADE Root Beer, hand-cut fries (I know, I "pushed" a ton of 'em) good Rings and Pork Tenderloins.  Owned by a Mpls Police Officer, but I can only remember his first name: Chris.  Thanx for all the features you have for all of us to reminisce in.

Was this the football-shaped drive-in?  Webmaster.

John's reply:  It may have had a football roof added AFTER '63.  The Adobe was flat roofed (kinda Spanish architecture, but with a Scandinavian flair)..."

Curtis Strand
07:43 PM -0500

Webmaster:  We invite you to drop us a line, Curt.

Bob Pfeifer '73
07:27 PM -0500

This is one great web site. Thank you for spending the time to put this together. There is nothing better than good memories. Its amazing how much all the schools in the area have changed that are still around. We did have the best high school in Minneapolis.

Shirley Skanse Smith
04:57 AM -0500

I am delighted to report that dreams from as long ago as 1962 can actually happen. Geography class, senior year, C. Wayne Courtney teacher. Not much of a class academic-wise, as I recall. But the country I reported on was Nepal, and in my oral report, I mentioned that someday I would visit Nepal. The class (at least those listening) guffawed in doubt. Fast forward to July 2008: Had a wonderful 4-day visit in Kathmandu Nepal with friends.The best part was a fly-by of Mount Everest from a Buddha Airlines plane. Many thanks for the superb website that I'm using to say "hah - told you so!"

Larry Graen
05:29 PM -0500

Doing a search and came across this site. Wow, has this ever brought back memories! If you remember me, drop me an email. My best wishes to everyone and Happy New Year!

Mara (Veranth) Ceason '86
11:03 AM -0500

Love the web site. I am from RHS class of 1986, daughter of Kathy Haugen, '62. I have seen some familiar faces!

Terry Rickard
10:25 PM -0500

Moved to TN. Want to make sure all class info is passed on to me. Thank you!

Webmaster:  Replied.

Rodger Bunker
01:47 AM -0500

This site brings back some great memories of some great people. My thanks to the webmaster for putting it together.

Gary Danielson BHS '62
03:03 PM -0500

You've done a wonderful job with the web site and it has been fun going through it...Thank You, Gary

Jim Wedell
03:55 PM -0400

This is a fantastic website. Didn't know how this worked until I started communicating with Lani. Thanks to her and the committee.

Char (Moery) Pehrson '61
12:28 PM -0400

Lani, Thank you for taking us back to 1958 & 1961. We are certainly enjoying your OUTSTANDING website. Listening to the music takes us back to the romantic dances we had at Brackett Park in our Sanford Junior High days, RHS Sadie Hawkins, Snow Ball, Homecoming and proms. September 12th, 2008 is my husband's 50th RHS Reunion at the renovated Milwaukee Depot. A night to celebrate RHS memories and classmates. We are blessed to have your skill and dedication, Lani.

Paul Bergland '64
09:30 PM -0400

First time visitor to the site.  Great Job.  I am class of 1964 and a coworker, lake neighbor and friend of Steve Fredell.  The '64 class website is www.rhs64.com, but IMO not as cool as this one. Thanks for the memories.

Sharon "Salie" Carlton '61
07:42 AM -0400

Fantastic job, brought back wonderful memories, and tears for those who have gone before us.

Jerry Ervin, RHS '63
11:19 PM -0400

I really enjoyed taking a tour through your website, especially since I knew many in of the Class of '62. You folks have done a wonderful job compiling the past and present history of your class. I'm also a first cousin of Gary ("Gus") Gustafson, RHS '62, so have kept up with your class through Gus.

Pam Donnelly Whittaker
01:12 AM -0400

You have done an awesome job with all this. It was so much fun to travel down memory lane. It was really neat to see a picture of the Areloha. That was my first job. I would love to hear from any of you. I need to catch up. Has anyone heard from Marinda Johnson Hurtig or Jeffrey T. Johnson? I lost contact several years ago.

Terry Hayes
09:30 PM -0500


03:10 PM -0500

Hello out there! Just thought I'd drop in! It seems this guest book has been inactive for a while, so I thought I would say hello and invite you to feel free to leave a message. Let us know what's happening in your life.

Brian Lundquist '63
07:54 AM -0800

Lani, Did you get my email re Kay Kwakenat '63?


Nancy (Tannehill) DuPont
05:34 PM -0800

The reunion was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it a huge success. I am looking forward to the next one.

Perry Gilmore
01:47 PM -0700

Sorry I missed it - was nice you remembered Penny

Kay L. McLean
07:50 AM -0700

What a fun website. I was unable to attend the reunion this year but enjoyed the pictures and information. I know this is alot of work so thank you for keeping the Class of '62 alive.

Colin Quinn
04:57 AM -0700

To those of you who attended the 45th, thank you & it was really great to see all of you!  A fun evening of hugs & handshakes, old stories & laughter.  To those who weren't there, plan on the 50th, you really won't regret it.  We (the committee) will start kicking around ideas for the 50th soon and we would like for all of you to do your part and plan to attend!  It's you that attend that make the reunion a great event.  The more the merrier!

Adrianne C. Sampson (Leibrock) (Jones)
03:10 PM -0700

Lani and Reunion Committee, Family obligations...(my husbands) so I couldn't make it this year.  Such a great job on the web site, Lani, and ALSO your time and effort in finding missing graduates.  Out of 700 some 1962 graduates, it's sad that more people can't make it. If they knew how fun it really is to see everyone, maybe they'd come next time!!  Many of us have changed; lost hair, gained weight, turned grey, etc. but once you attend a reunion, you realize it doesn't matter.  It really IS a great time, even if you think you don't know many people.  Thanks to all for your efforts! Adrianne

Mary Etta Rorris Litsheim
02:11 PM -0700

Thank you all for being part of a wonderful evening of renewing friendships and many moments of positive reflection.  I was able to catch up with gradeschool, highschool, and college buds.  And there are others who I hope to chat with next time around. I anticipate our 50th; stay well and happy until then!

Ron Sunstrom '61
09:14 PM -0700

What an AWESOME web site you have created!  Thank you so... much for all the effort that you have obviously put in to this.  I loved all the photos and I could listen to all the old classic songs all day!  I graduated from Roosevelt in '61 but obviously knew many of the kids from '62.  Do you have a web site address for the class of '61?

Webmaster:  Thank you for signing the guest book, Ron.  We are glad that you so enjoyed our site.  To the best of my knowledge, the '61 web site is no longer available.

Jeri Johnson Leiendecker
07:50 PM -0700

What a wonderful find....I never dreamed that tonight when I sat down at the computer I would be transported back to 1962.  I have never attended a reunion, but I have thought about you all every time one was held, and thought "maybe next time".  Now, I don't feel nearly as left out when I know I can log on to this site and see old friends.  My husband and I left Minneapolis in 1974 and have lived in Pennsylvania ever since.  We have 2 daughters, Kelly (39), Lindsay (27), and 2 sons, Mike (30), and David (20).  We have 2 grandchildren, Katie (9), and Jack (4).  They are Kelly's children. Lindsay got married two weeks ago at the Duke Marine Lab, where she just received her Masters Degree.  We feel very fortunate to have found a new home in Pennsylvania, but our hearts are still in Minneapolis.  Whenever I am asked where I'm from, I never hesitate to say Minnesota (with pride). I feel like it was only yesterday that Roosevelt was the biggest thing in my life.  I can still put a name and face to 95% of my friends from Roosevelt, and my heart was broken when I went through the Memoriam page and recognized so many familiar faces.  Thank you again for giving me this opportunity to reconnect with old friends.  I've missed you all these past 45 years.  Jeri Johnson

John Klanderud
11:45 AM -0700

My wife & I would like to know how many will attend this reunion?

Alan Kuykendall
04:05 PM -0700

Nice to have a place to keep in contact. I didn't graduate from Roosevelt, but attended in 1960-1961. Finished school in Rye, CO. Welcome Emails from old friends!

04:13 AM -0700

Yes, the Committee did receive your check.  Good to hear from you, Shirley.  See you at the Reunion.

Shirley Skanse Smith
09:34 PM -0700

I love all the photos and reminders of years long gone by, and I'm looking forward to the 45th party in August 2007. Note: I see that my check for the dinner has been cashed, but can someone confirm to me that it was cashed by the committee and not some mail thief en route from New Delhi (which is not one bit unusual)? Many thanks.

Candace (Fales) Rowlette
01:07 PM -0700

I'm looking for Nicole Anderson - do you have information as to how I could contact her?

Curtis Strand
05:40 PM -0800

See you in Aug

Jan "Janice" Clark
02:20 PM -0800

This has been a fun afternoon looking through all the photo's of classmates. I remember the names but the pictures are too long ago. Thanks for the memories.

Jeff Grates VHS '62
09:55 AM -0800

I was class of 62 at Vocational but have many friends that went to Roosevelt.  I will attend the reunion and thanks for inviting me.

Denis Burke
06:56 PM -0800

Looking forward being at the 45th Reunion in August.  By the way like the Website.

Betty Nordby Olsen
10:34 AM -0800

I am amazed at this website! The research, the photos, the music, the information and how easy it is to navigate are some of the highlights. It's the first time I've been here and I'm very impressed. I was unable to attend the 40th reunion and the 60th birthday bash, but I'll be at the 45th. I can't wait. Thanks for all you are doing to keep us enthused and updated. Betty

10:15 AM -0800

Will the person who sent the kind words of praise late last night via the feedback page, please email me directly? It would be nice to know who sent the message. You spoke of placemats and the class photo at the 40th Reunion. Thank you.

Carol Peterson Sweet
07:20 AM -0800

I really enjoyed this website. Thanks to all of you who are able to work on the reunion(s) and who take the time to keep up with all of the information on our classmates. I wish that I lived there so that I could help. Thanks!

Donna Fredrickson Haugan
11:20 PM -0800

Looking forward to the reunion. Love the web site.

James Broms
06:46 AM -0800

How do I get e-mail addresses others? Danny Myhre John Rusnacko Jim Fritz Paul Lamberger Jim Forsland

Richard & Mary Willits
08:50 AM -0800

We are considering coming to the reunion. So far we will come.  Mary

Cynthia Fritzke Fath
12:44 PM -0800

Great web site, I enjoyed all the pictures and the memories. Thanks to our reunion committee for all of your hard work, time and dedication. See you in August.

Ken Ring
08:57 AM -0800

This looks like one of the few reunions where I can actually plan to attend. No conflicts!

Alan Gierke
06:27 PM -0800

Looking forward to the 45th reunion. I missed the 40th and 60th Party because they fell during planned, long fishing excursions up north. I didn't find out early enough to make different reservations. I planned ahead for the 45th, and we leave for up north the day after the reunion.

Gary P. Hermann
10:35 AM -0800

A great job on the website. My wife and I enjoy all the reunions. We had a ball at the "60's Birthday Bash" for the1962 graduates. We will see you in August.

Betty Faanes Nevers
11:35 AM -0800

Looking forward to the 45th reunion. See you in August.

Shirley (Skanse) Smith
08:22 PM -0800

Congratulations, Lani, on a beautiful website! As one who is struggling to break free from the technically-challenged category, I am in awe of this ability to use technology constructively. After so many years of living so far from home, both geographically and access-wise, it is a delight to be able to be connected. I wish I had access to my high school mementos. They have been in storage since 1989 when we first moved overseas (for 2 years we thought). Seeing your lists of names, events, and photos is fun. I am puzzled as to who the people are in the recent photos - why do they look so much older than I do?! I am in process of trying to rearrange our summer's schedule so as to be at the 45th reunion.

Dick Runman
01:02 PM -0800

See you next year!!

Elaine Brudos Jukam
03:08 PM -0800

Wow! What an accomplishment. There is so much information with all the links, and it's easy to navigate. The photos and especially the ones with names were the most interesting. Lani, have you thought about going into business?

Fran Malmsten Maynard
11:40 AM -0800

Lani, The website is great! I loved looking at all the pictures! FRAN



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