3017 East 31st Street - closed, 2010. 
Reopened as a high school for pregnant and parenting teens.
Minneapolis 6, Minnesota

Longfellow Elementary School, 2006

Longfellow is a neighborhood within the larger Longfellow community in Minneapolis. 
It is bounded by Seward to the North, Cooper to the East, Howe to the South, and Corcoran and East Phillips to the West. 

Longfellow Elementary School was named after Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who wrote The Song of Hiawatha
It is populated by a diverse, predominantly middle-class (working class) population.  More expensive homes are located closer to the river, and almost all of the housing stock is composed of Sears Modern Homes
(that could be purchased from the catalog from 1908-40) in the Bungalow style.

The Eliel Saarinen-designed Christ Church Lutheran and the East Lake Community Library building are located in this neighborhood.


Longfellow High School is a district-wide alternative school program of the Minneapolis Public Schools and Teen Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting {TAPP} Program.
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~ Sixth Grade ~
Graduation, 1956

Does anyone have the Sixth Grade Graduation photo that can be scanned and displayed below?
If so, please email the webmaster for details.

No, this isn't the entire class!

Row 4:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Row 3:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Row 2:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Front:    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Source:  Unknown at this time.  If you can identify any of the students' names indicated by the underscoring, or if there are errors, please contact the webmaster.

Until a graduation photo becomes available, here is the beginning of an album of Longfellow alumni.



Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
February 27, 1807 - March 24, 1882

                                                                Longfellow House Replica
Minneapolis, Minnesota
The Longfellow House
Cambridge, Massachusetts
"The Longfellow House was originally built in 1759 by John Vassall, a wealthy royalist. In 1774, he and his family hastily abandoned the house and fled to British protection in Boston on the eve of the American Revolution. Later, the house was used by George Washington as his headquarters for almost nine months during the siege of Boston in 1775-76. During this time he was visited by Benjamin Franklin, Abigail and John Adams, and other revolutionary leaders.

In 1791 the  house was purchased by Andrew Craigie, the Apothecary General during the revolutionary war and a shrewd speculator in real estate (until he was ruined). He added the side porches and extended the back of the house.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the renowned American poet, occupied the house from 1837 to 1882. When he married Frances ("Fanny") Appleton in 1843, her father bought  the house for them as a wedding present, Longfellow having previously rented rooms in the house. That year she wrote her brother regarding the house: '...we are full of plans & projects with no desire, however, to change a feature of the old countenance which Washington has rendered sacred.'

The house was a favorite gathering place for many prominent philosophers and writers  including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Charles Dickens. Longfellow's descendants preserved the house and the poet's furnishings and collections until 1962 when they presented them to the nation. The Longfellow National Historic Site is now maintained by the National Park Service.

Downstairs the house is much as it was in Longfellow's time and offers an exceptional glimpse of intellectual life in the 19th century. At a recent talk on his new book, 1776, David McCullough urged the audience to visit the house and imagine the great 18th century events that took place in the room George Washington used as his office for more than eight months at the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

The collections, extensive archives, and historic grounds make this house a unique repository of American history."

~ Author Unknown ~


School Colors:  ____ and ____
Photo Photo Photo Photo
Names Names Ann Marie Skrivseth Nesje,
First grade, 1950.  Sixth from the left on playground
at Longfellow Elementary.  RHS '61
Names Names
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
Names Names Names Names Names

If anyone has photos to add, please advise the webmaster via the link below.

Longfellow House in winter

~  Longfellow Elementary opened in 1918 and is Closing at the end of the 2010 school year. ~

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