Keewaydin Elementary School  Photo:  D. Walter, 2003

5209 30th Avenue South  Minneapolis 17, Minnesota

Grades 4 -8 today

The Keewaydin neighborhood is located on the south side of the city, from Minnehaha Parkway on the north to 54th Street East on the south, and from Cedar Avenue South on the west to
34th Avenue South on the east. 
Keewaydin neighborhood, like Minnehaha and Hiawatha neighborhoods, received its name from an Ojibwe legend mentioned in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, The Song of Hiawatha
"Keewaydin" is Ojibwe for "northwest wind," or "the home wind."


Play Performance at Keewaydin
Mrs. Wolf's class, 1956

Featuring cast and crew . . . in subsequent photos below

Row 3:
  Bruce Temte, Andrea Lofsness, Mary Meiners  Row 2:  Margaret Danielson, John Stelling, Mary Keohane, Georgia Kottke, Kathy Olson, Carol Hayes 
   Dick Carrington, Eugene Underhill, David A. Lee

Photo source:  Dick Carrington, Bruce Temte  Name identification:  Dick Carrington, Perry Gilmore, Val Waters, Bruce Temte
Note the student whose name still needs to be identified, as indicated in red.  If you can identify her please contact the webmaster at


Bruce Temte identified the name of the play, and according to Bruce, the play was actually written by Mrs. Wolf's 6th grade students.  It was a play in four acts based on the book, Dandelion Cottage.  In addition to the cast, there were teams of students who wrote each act.  Bruce stumbled upon and purchased the book at the Minnesota State Fair, a while ago.

Val Waters found these three different photos below that capture the essence of this unique performance.

L to R:  Keith Nelson, Kathy's 3rd grade brother and Kathy Nelson


Kneeling/Seated:  Carolynn McClellan and Georgia Kottke. 
Standing:  Diane Julian, Bruce Temte, Shirley Sandin and Jackie McKee


L to R:  John Stelling, Eugene Underhill, Bob Stillman, Perry Gilmore, Alan Kuykendall,
Keith Nelson - (3rd grade), Margaret Danielson, Kathy Nelson, Mary Keohane, JoAnn Gilbertson, Kathy Olson

Photo source - 3 photos above:  Val Waters 
Name identification:
 Val Waters, Bruce Temte


Bruce Temte found his collection of several photos, a 30-page script, and the book Dandelion Cottage by Carroll Watson Rankin that he purchased at the State Fair. 
Much of his collection can be viewed below.
~ The proceeds of the play went to the Save the Children Federation. ~


L to R:  S. Sandin, A. Lofsness - (script
coach), K. Nelson, K. Nelson - (3rd grade),
 C. McClellan, D. Julian, J. McKee.


L to R:  M. Keohane, D. Julian, J. McKee,
C. McClellan, S. Sandin.


L to R:  A. Kuykendall, K. Nelson, J. Gilbertson,
J. McKee, B. Stillman, P. Gilmore - (partially hidden),
K. Nelson - (3rd grade), S. Sandin, C. McClellan,
D. Julian.  Back Row:  L. Carlson, C. Markson.

L to R:  J. McKee, D. Julian, M. Keohane,
C. McClellan, S. Sandin.


L to R:  J. McKee, C. McClellan, D. Julian,
S. Sandin.



Click to view

from the book by Carroll Watson Rankin



A play in four acts based on the book Dandelion Cottage
Adapted with permission of the author Carroll Watson Rankin and the publishers Henry Holt & Co.

        Cast of Characters

                                        Jean Mapes .......... Diane Julian Mr. Black .......... Bruce Temte                                
                                        Bettie Tucker .......... Jackie McKee Mr. Blossom .......... John Stelling                                
                                        Marjory Vale .......... Shirley Sandin Miss Blossom .......... Mary Keohane                                
                                        Mabel Bennett .......... Carolynn McClellan Mailman .......... Eugene Underhill                                
                                        Laura Milligan .......... Kathy Nelson Mrs. Bennett .......... Kathy Olson                                
                                        Herbert Milligan .......... Keith Nelson Mrs. Mapes .......... Margaret Danielson                                
                                        Mrs. Milligan .......... JoAnn Gilbertson Jim Tucker .......... Perry Gilmore                                
                                        Mr. Milligan .......... Bob Stillman Dr. Tucker .......... Dick Carrington                                
                                        Mrs. Crane .......... Georgia Kottke Tom Tucker .......... Alan Kuykendall                                
                                Narrators:   Lloyd Carlson
Carol Markson
                                Stage Crew:   David A. Lee, Chm.
Norman (Quam) Carlson
Randy Washburn
                                Costumes-Make-Up:   Carol Lucas
Lynn Forsythe
                                Publicity & Advertising:   Valerie Waters, Chm.
Carol Lucas
LaVerne Hestness
Carol Hayes
Patty Madden
Lynn Forsythe
Dennis Doolittle


                                Student Coaches:   Mary Meiners
Andrea Lofsness
                                Cover Design:   JoAnn Gilbertson
Carol Markson
                                S. C. F. Rep. & Treas. & Ushers:
 (Save the Children Federation)
  Carol Hayes
Patty Madden
                                                                          Act I - Dandelion Cottagers at Home   Act I - Writers                              
                                                                            Scene 1 - Exciting days in the cottage.   Chair:     Valerie Waters                              
                                                                            Scene 2 - A sorrowful parting   Others:  JoAnn Gilbertson, LaVerne Hestness,
Margaret Danielson
                                                                          Act II - The Arrival of the Milligans   Act II - Writers                              
                                                                            Scene 1 - Trouble with Laura   Chair:    Mary Meiners                              
                                                                            Scene 2 - Mrs. Milligan's Rage   Others:  Shirley Sandin, Carolynn McClellan,
Bruce Temte
                                                                          Act III - More Trouble   Act III - Writers                              
                                                                            Scene 1 - A lively Afternoon   Chair:    Mary Keohane                              
                                                                            Scene 2 - An Unexpected Letter   Others:  Bob Stillman, Andrea Lofsness, Diane Julian,
Norman (Quam) Carlson
                                                                          Act IV - The Dinner   Act IV - Writers                              
                                                                                Chair:    Lynn Forsythe                              
                                                                                Others:  Carol Lucas, Carol Hayes, Georgia Kottke                              

The narrator begins ...

Have you ever dreamed of playing house in a real little house all your own?  Well, our play is about four teens who did just that!  Jean (Diane), who acts motherly, is the oldest of the four girls.  Bettie (Jackie), the next oldest, is everyone's pet.  Her father is the pastor of the little church.  Next comes Marjorie (Shirley).  She is sort of shy and lives with her Aunt Jane.  Mabel (Carolynn), the youngest, is "pleasingly plump"; she can't spell, and whenever she is mad and tries to talk fast she gets her words all mixed up!  Still, everyone loves her because she is so funny!  Mr. Black (Bruce), the senior warden at the church, said the girls could have the old neglected cottage belonging to the church, if they would dig every one of the dandelions in the yard for rent.  (There were quite a few.)  Mr. Black told the girls that he expected to have a dinner after they got settled.

Now let's see what happens as the girls move in!

~ and the play continues ... how fun it would have been to have seen it ~

~ ~ ~

~ Sixth Grade ~
Graduation, 1956

Does anyone have the Sixth Grade Graduation photo that can be scanned and displayed below?
If so, please email the webmaster for details.

No, this isn't the entire class!

Row 4:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Row 3:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Row 2:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Front:    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Source:  Unknown at this time.  If you can identify any of the students' names indicated by the underscoring, or if there are errors, please contact the webmaster.

Until a graduation photo becomes available, here is the beginning of an album of Bancroft alumni.


         School Colors:  _____ and _____           
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
Names Names Names Names Names
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
Names Names Names Names Names

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