Julia Ward Howe
3733 43rd Avenue South - closed 
Minneapolis 6, Minnesota

~ Sixth Grade ~
Graduation, 1956

Row 4:  Dick Iverson, Jo Campe, Earl Johnson, Dennis Remeta, Herman Opstad, Gordie Howe, Tom Kersten, Steve Fredell, Gordon Sanders, Gary Boos,  Jimmy Wedell, Larry Lundberg, Dennis Okkelberg. 
Row 3:
  LaDonna Lindwall, Janice Rarrick, Waltraut Mitschke, Carol L. Anderson, Susan Hallstrom, Shirley (last name?), Marlys Lundeen, Janice Johnson, Anita Swenson, Jerilyn Johnson, Barbara (last name?), Pat Menten, Jackie (last name?), Shirley Skanse. 
Row 2:
  Betty Faanes, Beth Backlin, Bonita Drogseth, Orvilla Nilson, Karen Pottsmith, Jarilynne Peterson, Judy Edmunds, Pamela Haasl, Marinda Hurtig, Dorothy Vagasky, Dorothy Wick, Beverly Hegberg, Beverly Markle, Phyllis Bentsen, Marilyn Kunkel. 
   Douglas Ganske, Dick Canfield, Al Papas, Billy Stevenson, Johnny Nikoloff, Dick Barnes, Mike Monahan, John Dow, Bobby Halpern, Gerald Ramaker, Roger Grothe, Dennis Snyder, Daniel West, Linda O'Kasick

Photo source:  Al Papas Jr. 
Name identification:  Al Papas Jr.,
Karen (Pottsmith) Banister, and Shirley (Skanse) Smith. 
If you can identify any of the students' last names indicated by the underscoring, or if there are errors, please contact the webmaster.

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Howe Elementary School is located between 37th and 38th Streets East and 43rd and 44th Avenues South.  The school is closed today.

  The Howe School building will reopen in 2013-2014 and will serve as a Pre-K-5 dual campus with Hiawatha Community School.

Sixth Grade Graduation. June, 1956

~ Submitted by Beverly (Markle) Werner ~

(1) Betty Faanes   (2) Marilyn Kunkle   (3) Mr. Buchanen   (4) Mr. Buchanen and Beverly Markle   (5) Dick Iverson and Gordie Howe



Howe & Northrop school site redevelopment plans
From:  Shirley Yeoman - SENA staff   Date:  12/01/2009
Link Source


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