Homecoming of 1961 Was a Day to Remember

"Amidst balloons, streamers, and frolic, Queen Barb Christensen and King Jim Ehlen lead festivities during half-time of the Roosevelt-Marshall football game on Homecoming."

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"Seniors started their Homecoming day with a Blue Tri sponsored breakfast. 
It was Roosevelt's 36th Homecoming [It is questionable, but the first homecoming in was thought to be in 1929, not 1924.] and most student agreed that the weeks of planning and work produced good results. 
This was a day for everyone, however, and many Teds joined in the flag raising ceremony. 
Interviewed as they drove around the field were the Homecoming royalty and the 1960 couple, Kay Flattem and Larry Sondrall.

The scene then shifted to the auditorium where the coronation took place. 
Returning to old tradition, the queen and king were robed previous to the program.  Co-chairmen Pam Weible and John Olive robed Queen Barb Christensen and King Jim Ehlen before the royal couple led the attendants to the stage for the formal crowning. 
The Rockettes helped to entertain students in the afternoon pep fest. 
Several senior boys gave their version of Teddy cheers and were joined by past and present cheerleaders in whipping up enthusiasm for the all important game. 
Hats, pom-poms, cowbells, balloons and Homecoming buttons enhanced students as they filled the stands at 3:30. 
The deck seemed stacked against Roosevelt as, unable to "Shuffle the Cards," the Teds bowed to Marshall 20 to 0.
The "Indian Summer" dance, held in the gaily decorated lunchroom, was the day's final activity.  As couples danced to the music of the RHS Dance Band, a truly memorable day was brought to an end."

~  Sagamore Staff  ~
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King, Jim Ehlen and Queen, Barb Christensen

John Totushek, Dorsey Kleckner  Kathy Nelson, Ron Moe  Jerry Samuelson, Sue VonVolkenberg  Julie Olson, Dick Wilson

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Football slogan, "Shuffle the Cards"
(Marshall Cardinals)
Colin Quinn


Rockettes entertain at half-time.
Nora Monahan, Diane Franzen, Lani Greenfield
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SOPHOMORE year, 10/9/59 - CENTRAL "Settle the Pioneers" Score: Tie 7 - 7
JUNIOR year, 10/7/60 - HENRY "Paddle the Pats" Score: Lost 21 - 7
SENIOR year, 10/6/61 - MARSHALL "Shuffle the Cards" Score:  Lost 20 - 0
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Homecoming Write-Up in the Standard
~ Homecoming was First Big Event of Senior Year ~
October 6, 1961

"Homecoming was the first big event of our senior year.  For many of us it began early Friday morning at the annual senior breakfast held across the street at the YMCA. 
After eating, we went across the street to take part in the traditional flag raising ceremony.  Many late risers, juniors, and sophomores joined us there.

Homecoming candidates, Barb Christensen, Dorsey Kleckner, Julie Olson, Kathy Nelson, Sue VonVolkenberg, Jim Ehlen, Ron Moe, Jerry Samuelson, John Totushek, and Dick Wilson, last year's royalty,
football captain Ron Noble, and Roosevelts's mascot were all introduced when their convertibles stopped in front of the stands on their ride around the track.

King Jim Ehlen and Queen Barb Christensen were robed by co-chairmen for Homecoming, Pam Weible and John Olive before the morning auditorium program. 
We learned who the Homecoming royalty was when they led the procession into the auditorium and onto the stage.

The Rockettes then took us on a trip around the world by dance.

That afternoon old and new Rockettes danced at the pepfest.  Cheerleaders from past years joined this years squad and led the Teds in enthusiastic cheers.

When the Teds tried to 'Shuffle the Cards' they ran into trouble as Marshall won the football game 20-0 that afternoon.

Highlighting the day was the 'Indian Summer' dance that night.  The couples who danced to the music of Roosevelt's dance band were a little tired and disappointed yet proud to be Teds."

Source:  The Roosevelt Standard, Senior Edition, June 8, 1962

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