4201 42nd Avenue South,
Minneapolis 6, Minnesota
UPDATE:  The Howe School building will reopen in 2013-2014 and will serve as a Pre-K-5 dual campus with Hiawatha Community School.

Hiawatha Elementary School, 1924

Hiawatha Elementary School is located between 42nd and 43rd Streets East and 42nd and 43rd Avenues South.

~ ~ ~

~ Sixth Grade ~
Graduation, 1956

Does anyone have the Sixth Grade Graduation photo that can be scanned and displayed below?
If so, please email the webmaster for details.

Until a graduation photo becomes available, here is the beginning of an album of Hiawatha alumni.

School Colors:
  _____ and _____           
Hiawatha Elementary
42nd Street & 42nd Avenue S
Hiawatha 5th Grade: Karen, unknown, unknown,
 Joe, Kristin, Judy, Chuck,and Ellen in the front row
- Submitted by Karen Precht -
Hiawatha 6th GradeCommencement, 1956:
Sandra, Karen, Ellen,and Betty-(Vocational?)
- Submitted by Karen Precht -
Hiawatha 6th GradeCommencement, 1956:
 Wayne M., Wayne W., Herman, Chuck, Bill,
and Chuck Bonner?
- Submitted by Karen Precht -
Hiawatha Elementary
42nd Street & 42nd Avenue S
Your Photos Here
Hiawatha Elementary
4201 42nd Ave. S
Mrs. Bunn and Mr. Ghunrick
-Submitted by Pat Reyst -
  Marion Olson, Paulette Donaldson and
Arlene Kriesel
- Submitted by Pat Reyst -
Hiawatha Elementary

~ Fifth Grade ~
Miss/Mrs. Bunsness' Class

Back row:  Jeffery Grates, Dennis Ness, Gene A., Andy Elasky, Steve L., Ray Gordner, Wayne Moberg, Robert Olson, Anabeth Masters, Karen N., Paulette Donaldson, Diane Krummeri, Charles Wedan.
Middle row:  Leanne Cook, Sandra McCanney or Sandra Mattson, Sharon Olson, Adeline Carlson, Miss Bunsness, Vurlyn Smith, Sheila W., Linda J., Caroline Morris.
Front row:  Patsy Reyst (I was called Patsy in those days), Robert M., Ward Junger, Stuart Popkin, Rowlanda N., Patty H., Shirley Bostrom, Carol Hooten, Sharon Lundeen.
 ~ Submitted by Pat (Reyst) Loverink ~

Pat writes, "I'm pretty sure this was fifth grade.  The teacher was Miss/Mrs. Bunsness.  I wrote the names on the back, but not the last names.  I'll give you what I have.
I hope someone can help with the last names...too many years ago."

~ Sixth Grade ~

No, this isn't the entire class!

Row 4:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Row 3:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Row 2:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Front:    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Source:  Unknown at this time.  If you can identify any of the students' names indicated by the underscoring, or if there are errors, please contact the webmaster.

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