William Watts Folwell Jr. High

Dr. William Watts Folwell 1833 - 1929
U of M Commencement perhaps, 1925 at age 92

Dr. William Watts Folwell at his desk
February 14, 1925, age 92

Folwell Junior High School
Malcolm Bernard Keck, Principal
(during our years at Folwell)

3611 20th Avenue South - closed, 2010
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55407
May 5, 2008

UPDATE:  The Folwell School building will reopen for the 2012-2013 school year!  Ramsey Fine Arts Magnet K-8 will relocate to Folwell.
Folwell Junior High School, in recent years known as Folwell Middle School, is located between 36th and 37th Streets East and 20th and 21st Avenues South.
Information about the new Folwell Performing Arts Magnet School can be found on http://folwell.mpls.k12.mn.us/;

Folwell Junior High has closed its doors ... The open house for alumni, faculty, and students was held on May 20, 2010. 
At the conclusion of this page is some interesting data from the booklet that was distributed at the open house.  Also, there are photos on the "news" link on this website.

~ Ninth Grade ~
Graduation, 1959

As life would have it, we are getting older and unfortunately, so are many of our photos! 
Thanks to Dick Loeffler, Folwell Junior and South High graduate, we now have a cleaner photo on display here.
I even managed to piece together both parts of this long photo without losing anyone in the process!  If anyone would like to help identify the students whose names appear in red on the "Folwell Graduate List", below the names in the photo (scroll down) please email the webmaster.  Thanks.


Student Names L to R: 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Photographer appears to be:  R. Kromer, 4716 Oakland Ave., Minneapolis 7, Minnesota
Row 13:   Larry Kemling, Ray Dahl, ______, Glen Peterson, Bruce Brown, Jim Johnson, Gary Berg, Dick Swenson, Terry Hayes, Dick Sheldon, Bill Kondrick, Steve Dow (or Tom Crew), George Turner, Charlie McHugh, ______, Fred Raivo, Gary Balzer, Allan Ness, Ron Strawn, Aldis Inde, Denny Villella, Greg Walling, Jim Broms, Paul Swanson, Bruce Jindra, Roger Gates, Delbert Johnson, Tom Lowe, Larry Graen, Ray Christianson, ______, John Prenevost, Burton Lundgren, Dick Winston Harold Streeter, Jack Larson, ______, Howard Hoskins, Jon Groth, George Antoine, Ron Moey, John Klanderud, John Nelson, Wayne Pfuhl, Joanne Carlson, Marilyn Field, Edna Warhol, Sandra Bosshard, Lois Carlson, ______, Shirley Dahlberg, Nancy Miller, ______, Audrey Ostrander, Cheryl Coss
Row 12:   [indented row] Bruce Soderling, John Lewis, Chuck Berger, Harold Bergquist, Donald Ellenwood, Tom Crew, John Stensether, Bradley Ostrander, ______, Mike Kupka, ______, Les Filipa, Mike Idziorek, Roger Toreson, Judy Andreasen, Linda McCoy, Elaine Brudos, Lani Greenfield, Kay Paddock, Barbara Anderson, Beverly Laabs, Arlyce Lundquist, Carol Huisman, Sharon Sutton, Wes Rundquist, James Olson, Chuck Adams, ______, Dennis [Kaneski] Ness, Sylvia Gerard,  Hillary Torgerson, Shirley Clark, ______, Nancy Erickson, ______, Kay McLean, Russ Fischer, ______, Ricky Dallmann
Row 11:   John Maskalans, [space], ______, ______, Don McKeever, Cleon Larson, [lots of empty space but row continues] George Theilmann, Tom Lyons, Dick Runman, Steve Ramstad, Tim Hastings, Doug Larson
Row 10:   [really indented row] Jim Fritz, Dick Loeffler, Steve Osborn, Don Bielinski, John Rusnacko, Fred Weddel, ______, ______, Harold Bollingberg, Gary Paul, Dirk Putnam
Row 9:     Arlene Schubert, Inese Neiburgs, Beverly Peterson, Suzanne Maurer, Beth Backlin, ______, Cathy Raymond, Curtis Strand, Mike Strauss, Steve LaPorte, Wally Reitan, John Capra, Rodger Bunker, Denny Christianson, Gary Hallanger, [empty space but row continues] Linda Opsahl, Darlene Slotrem, Jenene, Baltzer, Laurine Baltzer, Sally Shedlov, Judy Edlund, Joelyn Hovanetz, Mary Lynn Olson, Carole Oberg, Gretchen Ohlsson [more empty space but row continues] Rick Forbes, Dick Iverson, Bob Johnson, Curt Knudson, Jerry Nyenhuis, Darrel Nelson, Randy Aronson
Row 8:    Ruth Brown, Caroline Pederson, Joanne Erickson [very short row] [empty space] ______, Dave Neuman, Ron Moe, Bobby Larsen-w/crutches, Dave Chelberg
Row 7:    Maureen Wellan, Diane Franzen, Luann Patient  [very short row]
Row 6:    [indented row 2/5ths of the way] Rodger Lenius, Skip Skoog, Eunice Hallin, Barb Gustafson, Carol J. Anderson, Richard Olson, Norm Isaacson, David Fenderson, Noel Person, Larry Schroeder, John Flint, Ward Anderson, Carole Oas, Mary Tholen, Joyce Holm, Linda Hawkinson, Sharon Polak, ______, Raymond Dunham
Row 5:    Barbara Backman, Dorsey Kleckner, Kathy Dunning, Carole Rinn, Cheryl Larson, Miriam Larson, Joan Storer, Enid Burlingame, Peggy Brown, Janet Christiansen, Gloria Pascoe, Karin Wakefield, (view blocked-Julianne Olson), Kathy Steiner,  Janice Dahlberg, Sharon McNamara, Mary Spetz, Cynthia Fritzke, Janis McGough, Ione M. Johnson, Rosemary Olson, Bonita Rannow, Michele Smallen, Lynn Sjogren, Gwen Reid, Donna Knight, Diane Moen, Beth Brathovde, Rhona Clother, Judy Frederick, Diane Buchanan, ______, Lucy Conroy
Row 4:    Sharon Dahlin, Judy Chappie, Bev Hill, (red-headed girl:) Linda Laughlin, Barb Heyer, Sharon Ermuth, Bruce Crandell, Steve Franzen, Dan Myhre, Dave Lindquist, Dennis Castle, Roger Hoeft, Jim Quale, [short row, stops]
Row 3:    [indented row] Mary Fenney, Darlene Debe, Marilyn Johnson, Richard Willits, Stan Vasseur, Tom Case, Janis Jagers, Jon Faulkner, Donald Greven, [empty space, row continues] Bobby Berg, Colin Quinn, Darrell Larson, Paul Lamberger, Willard Byler, Marilyn Paschke, Colleen Skovbroten, Jean Henderson, Sharon Anderson, Carol Lundquist, Kathe Erickson, Carole Pilcher, Pat Remarcik, Julie Olson, Gail Sonntag, Ellen Voight, Pam Anderson, Shirley Coffitt, Sandy Gunther, Kathy Kacheroski, April [Buland] Oulman, Sandra Ashley, Jane Bennett, Marilyn Beeth, Sheryl Knutson
Row 2:    Audrey Ball, Donna Johnson, Lois Jensen, Grace Ann Ryan, Judy Nelson, Carol Packard, Lynn Davis, Gary Hanlon, John Eckberg, John Miller, Dick Lembecker, Richard Beamer, Larry Anderson, Betty Nordby, Mary Lackey, Bev Thornton, Barbara Hall, Richard Erickson, Ted Kitzman, Bob Lundquist, Sue Wostrel, Joy Barnwell, Winkie Moberg, Diane Harden, Sheila Corcoran, Mary Ellen Jones, Kristine Gustafson, Lynette Bray, Karen Liljemark, Beth Cote, Chuck Sumner, Tom Haiker, Diane Bryant, Carolyn Teigen
Front:     Kathy Haugen, Mary Kaye Carlson, Janice Anderson, Nancy Nessel, Julie Granoien, Jolene Donaghue, Sandy Larson, Mary Ann Lee, Judy Kingsberg, Lynn Newton, Janet Egeberg, Frances Brown, Glenn Troness, Lavonne Ditschler, Mona Houser, Pat Prentiss, Mary Etta Rorris, Adrianne Leibrock, Edda Hill, Barbara M. Carlson, Barbara Erickson, Carole Lee Pearson, Gay Schaffer, Mary White, Sue Ackland, Sylvia Peterson, Judy Carswell, Gail Armstrong, Sally Johnson, Kathy Bjerre, Sue Lillehei
Photo source:  Richard (Dick) Loeffler, SHS
Name Identification:  Colin Quinn, John Miller, Sharon (Anderson) Englund-SHS, Sandra (Ashley) Bakken, Gretchen (Ohlsson) Peterson, Sylvia (Gerard) Markle, Beverly (Peterson) Olson-M'hahaA, Cheryl (Coss) Grove-CHS, Sandy (Guest) Orum, Maureen (Wellan) Olson-SHS, Carol (Lundquist) Cudo, Jan (Anderson) Morgan, Dick Loeffler-SHS, Dave Lindquist, and Adrianne (Leibrock) Sampson
If you can identify any of the students' names indicated by the underscoring or verify those in red, please contact the webmaster.  If there are errors, please advise.  Below is a "class list" of 331 students for reference.  I could really use help on this photo!  Thank you.

Folwell Graduates, 1959 - 331 Students
Perhaps you can identify many of the class photo students from this list.
Those names in red, followed by an asterisk ( * ), are those we need to find in the above photo.

  1 Susan V. Ackland 84 Raymond A. Dunham 167 Dorsey M. Kleckner


Kay D. Paddock
  2 Charles L. Adams - Deceased 85 Kathleen L. Dunning 168 Donna J. Knight - Deceased


Marilyn J. Paschke
  3 Barbara E. Anderson - Deceased 86 Judy G. Edlund 169 Curtis L. Knudson - Deceased


Gloria M. Pascoe
  4 Carol J. Anderson 87 Janet C. Egeberg 170 Sheryl F. Knutson


Luann Patient
  5 Janice D. Anderson 88 John D. Ekberg 171 William B. Kondrick - Deceased


Gary M. Paul
  6 Larry R. Anderson 89 Donald R. Ellenwood 172 Harry Ksilander - not pictured


Carole L. Pearson
  7 Pamela J. Anderson 90 Richard L. Epp * 173 Michael C. Kupka


Caroline M. Pederson
  8 Sharon M. Anderson  91 Barbara L. Erickson 174 Beverly M. Laabs


Noel V. Person - Deceased
  9 Ward R. Anderson 92 Joanne A. Erickson 175 Mary B. Lackey


Beverly R. Peterson
10 Judith N. Andreasen - Deceased 93 Sara Katherine (Kathe) Erickson 176 Paul A. Lamberger


Glen S. Peterson
11 George H. Antoine 94 Nancy L. Erickson 177 Joyce M. Lampman *


Sylvia J. Peterson
12 Gail S. Armstrong 95 Richard R. Erickson 178 Steven D. LaPorte *


Wayne A. Pfuhl
13 Randal P. Aronson - Deceased 96 Sharon L. Ermuth - Deceased 179 Bobby D. Larsen


Carole L. Pilcher
14 Kathryn (Kay) D. Ashley * 97 Jon G. Faulkner - Deceased 180 Bonnie J. Larson *


Sharon L. Polak
15 Sandra J. Ashley 98 David S. Fenderson 181 Cheryl D. Larson


John L. Prenevost
16 Elizabeth L. Backlin * 99 Mary Fenney 182 Cleon P. Larson


Patricia M. Prentiss - Deceased
17 Barbara Y. Backman 100 Marilyn G. Field - Deceased 183 Darrell D. Larson


Dirk G. Putnam
18 Audrey R. Ball 101 Lester P. Filipa 184 Douglas A. Larson


James A. Quale
19 Jenene Baltzer 102 Russell W. Fischer 185 Jack A. Larson


Colin S. Quinn
20 Laurine Baltzer 103 John A. Flint * - Deceased (CHS) 186 Miriam D. Larson


Nancy C. Rae - not pictured
21 Gary G. Balzer 104 Richard M. Forbes 187 Sandra M. Larson


Fredric G. Raivo
22 Joy A. Barnwell 105 Diane J. Franzen 188 Linda L. Laughlin * (red-headed)


Stephen J. Ramstad
23 Richard G. Beamer 106 Stephen H. Franzen 189 Mary Ann Lee


Bonita A. Rannow - Deceased
24 Marilyn N. Beeth 107 Judith A. Frederick 190 Adrianne C. Leibrock


Catherine C. Raymond
25 Elizabeth (Jane) J. Bennett 108 Gary E. Fries * 191 Jeanne R. Leifermann *


Gwen S. Reid
26 Gary J. Berg - Deceased 109 James S. Fritz 192 Richard E. Lembecker


Wallace H. Reiten - Deceased (SHS)
27 Robert D. Berg 110 Cynthia S. Fritzke 193 Rodger G. Lenius


Patricia A. Remarcik
28 Charles E. Berger 111 Roger B. Gates - Deceased 194 John P. Lewis


Carole L. Rinn
29 Harold W. Bergquist 112 Sylvia D. Gerard 195 Sharon E. Lien - not pictured - Deceased (CHS)


Mary Etta Rorris
30 Donald J. Bielinski 113 John H. Gerhard * 196 Karen A. Liljemark


Wesley R. Rundquist
31 Kathryn  M. Bjerre 114 Larry J. Graen 197 Susan J. Lillehei


Richard L. Runman
32 Harold M. Bollingberg 115 Juliann M. Granoien 198 David G. Lindquist


John R. Rusnacko
33 Sandra K. Bosshard 116 Lani J. Greenfield 199 Richard E. Loeffler


Norma A. Russell *
34 Elizabeth (Beth) K. Brathovde *- Deceased 117 Donald H. Greven 200 Thomas W. Lowe


Grace A. Ryan
35 Lynette K. Bray 118 Jon N. Groth 201 Sandra K. Lund - not pictured


Gay K. Schaffer
36 James C. Broms 119 Sandra M. Guest - not pictured 202 Carl (Burton) Lundgren


Larry J. Schroeder
37 Bruce A. Brown 120 Ronald J. Guimont * 203 Arlyce F. Lundquist


Arlene L. Schubert
38 Frances L. Brown - Deceased 121 Sandra K. Gunther 204 Carol R. Lundquist


Sally J. Shedlov
39 Peggy J. Brown 122 Barbara A. Gustafson 205 Robert S. Lundquist


Richard W. Sheldon
40 Ruth M. Brown 123 Kristine Gustafson 206 Anne M. Lyon - not pictured - Deceased (SWHS)


Lynn M. Sjogren - Deceased (SHS)?
41 Elaine M. Brudos 124 Thomas F. Haiker 207 Thomas M. Lyons


Earl (Skip) W. Skoog - Deceased
42 Diane M. Bryant 125 Barbara J. Hall 208 Linda R. McCoy


Colleen B. Skovbroten
43 Diane L. Buchanan 126 Gary D. Hallanger 209 Janis E. McGough


Darlene E. Slotrem
44 April C. Buland [Oulman] * 127 Eunice J. Hallin 210 Charles W. McHugh


Michele M. Smallen
45 Rodger D. Bunker 128 Gary P. Hanlon 211 Donald J. McKeever


Bruce W. Soderling - Deceased
46 Enid D. Burlingame 129 David L. Hanson * 212 Kay L. McLean


Gail M. Sonntag
47 Thomas R. Burnikel * 130 Diane L. Harden 213 Sharon C. McNamara


Mary Ellen Spetz
48 Willard T. Byler 131 Timothy P. Hastings 214 Janis (John) Maskalans


Kathleen B. Steiner
49 John A. Capra 132 John G. Hauck * 215 Suzanne K. Maurer


John E. Stensether
50 Barbara M. Carlson 133 Kathleen M. Haugen - Deceased 216 John R. Miller


Joan E. Storer
51 Joanne C. Carlson * - Deceased 134 Linda M. Hawkinson 217 Nancy A. Miller


Curtis O. Strand
52 Kathleen H. Carlson * 135 Terry L. Hayes 218 Winifred L. Moberg


Michael A. Strauss
53 Lois L. Carlson * 136 Jean M. Henderson 219 Ronald A. Moe


Ronald V. Strawn
54 Mary Kay Carlson 137 Barbara A. Heyer 220 Diane L. Moen


Harold L. Streeter
55 Judith A. Carswell 138 Beverly J. Hill 221 Ronald D. Moey


Charles K. Sumner
56 Thomas D. Case 139 Edda I. Hill 222 Danton W. Myhre


Kathleen V. Sundell *
57 Dennis L. Castle 140 Roger E. Hoeft 223 Mary K. Naeve *


Sharon J. Sutton
58 Judith J. Chappie 141 Joyce H. Holm * 224 Inese Neiburgs - Deceased


Paul D. Swanson
59 David R. Chelberg 142 Howard H. Hoskins * - Deceased 225 Darrel G. Nelson


Richard L. Swenson
60 Janet C. Christiansen  143 Georgeanne (Mona) M. Houser 226 John M. Nelson


Delores M. Tanney *
61 Raymond A. Christianson 144 Joelyn G. Hovanetz - Deceased 227 Judith M. Nelson


Carolyn E. Teigen
62 Shirley A. Clark 145 Marsha A. Huelsnitz * 228 Allan L. Ness- Deceased


William Temple *
63 Rhona M. Clother - Deceased 146 Carol A. Huisman 229 Dennis G. Ness


George A. Theilmann - Deceased
64 Shirley R. Coffitt 147 Michael J. Idziorek 230 Nancy N. Nessel


Mary A. Tholen
65 Lucy-ann E. Conroy 148 Aldis Inde - Deceased 231 David K. Neuman - Deceased


Beverly A. Thornton
66 Sheila M. Corcoran 149 Norman A. Isaacson 232 Lynn C. Newton


Roger B. Toreson - Deceased
67 Cheryl A. Coss 150 Richard D. Iverson 233 Gayle Nielsen *


Hillary A. Torgerson
68 Beth L. Cote 151 Janis Jagers 234 Betty L. Nordby


Glenn A. Troness
69 Gary E. Cotton * 152 Lois M. Jensen 235 Jerome E. Nyenhuis


George L. Turner
70 Bruce L. Crandell - Deceased? 153 Bruce D. Jindra 236 Carole J. Oas


Stanley G. Vasseur
71 Thomas A. Crew 154 Delbert R. Johnson 237 Carole E. Oberg


Denis L. Villella
72 Raymond N. Dahl 155 Donna L. Johnson 238 Janet M. O'Hagan *


Ellen L. Voight - Deceased (SHS)
73 Janice E. Dahlberg 156 Ione M. Johnson 239 Gretchen L. Ohlsson


Karin R. Wakefield
74 Shirley A. Dahlberg 157 James R. Johnson 240 James E. Olson - Deceased


Greg T. Walling
75 Sharon E. Dahlin 158 Marilyn D. Johnson 241 Julieanne Olson


Edna M. Warhol
76 Robert B. Dalbec * 159 Robert W. Johnson 242 Mary Lynn Olson


Fredrick L. Weddel - Deceased
77 Ricky H. Dallmann 160 Sally A. Johnson 243 Richard H. Olson *


Maureen M. Wellan
78 Mary (Lynn) Davis 161 Mary E. Jones 244 Rosemary Olson


Mary J. White
79 Darlene B. Debe - Deceased 162 Kathryn A. Kacheroski 245 Linda L. Opsahl


Richard E. Willits
80 Lavonne B. Ditschler - Deceased 163 Laurence A. Kemling 246 Stephen R. Osborn - Deceased


Richard M. Winston
81 Frances (Jolene) Donaghue 164 Judy T. Kingsberg 247 Audrey J. Ostrander - Deceased


Alan E. Woodwick *
82 Thomas A. Dorsey * - Deceased 165 Ted L. Kitzman - Deceased 248 Jon (Bradley) Ostrander


Susan C. Wostrel
83 Steven M. Dow - Deceased 166 John T. Klanderud 249 Carol A. Packard    

More information from the 1959 Graduation Bulletin

MALCOLM B. KECK, Principal
Ackland, Susan V. Gunther Sandra K. Rundquist Wesley R.
Balzer, Gary G. Haugen, Kathleen (1 yr.) Runman, Richard L.
Brudos, Elaine M. Henderson, Jean M. Rusnacko, John R.
Carlson, Mary Kay ( 1 yr.) Hill, Edda I. (2 yrs.) Sonntag, Gail M.
Chelberg, David R. (2 yrs.) Knight, Donna J. Stensether, John E.
Corcoran, Sheila M. Knudson, Curtis L. (2 yrs.) Sutton, Sharon J.
Erickson, Richard R. (2 yrs.) Lundquist, Carol R. Swanson, Paul D.
Field, Marilyn G. McNamara, Sharon C. Swenson, Richard L.
Flint, John A. Neiburgs, Inese Torgerson, Hillary A.
Gerard, Sylvia D. Newton, Lynn C. Warhol, Edna M.
Groth, Jon N. Prentiss, Patricia M. Wostrel, Susan C.
Putnam, Dirk G.  
Heyer, Barbara A. (1 yr.) Peterson, Glen S. (3 yrs.) Spetz, Mary Ellen (3 yrs.)
BAND Donaghue, F. Jolene ORCHESTRA
Anderson, Pamela J. Greven, Donald H. Case, Thomas D.
Brudos, Elaine M. Knight, Donna J. Lundgren, C. Burton
Dahlberg, Shirley A. Lundquist, Carol R. Walling, Greg T.
Davis, M. Lynn Rundquist, Wesley R.  
Beeth, Marilyn N.   Epp, Richard L.
CHEVRON WINNERS Miller, Nancy A. Franzen, Diane J.
Brathovde, Elizabeth K. Moen, Diane L. Granoien, Juliann M.
Brown, Frances L. Nessel, Nancy N. Nessel, Nancy N.
Bryant, Diane J. Newton, Lynn C. Olson, Julieanne
Franzen, Diane M. Olson, Julieanne Polak, Sharon L.
Fritzke, Cynthia S. Polak, Sharon L. Sonntag, Gail M.
Granoien Juliann M.  Reid, Gwen S. GOLD PIN WINNERS
Gunther, Sandra K. Sonntag, Gail M. Brown, Frances L. 
Henderson, Jean M. Storer, Joan E. Franzen, Diane J.
McLean, Kay L. LETTER WINNERS Olson, Julieanne
McNamara, Sharon C. Brown, Frances L.  
Anderson, Larry R. Forbes, Richard M. Nyenhuis, Jerome E.
Antoine, George H. Fritz, James S. Quinn, Colin S.
Balzer, Gary G. Hastings, Timothy P. Runman, Richard L.
Berg, Gary J. Hayes, Terry L. Strand, Curtis O.
Broms, James C. Kitzman, Ted L. Swanson, Paul D.
Case, Thomas D. Knudson, Curtis L. Swenson, Richard L.
Chelberg, David R. Lamberger, Paul A. Walling, Greg T.
Dunham, Raymond A. Larson, Darrell D. Willits, Richard E.

We were in 7th grade . . .Remember these?

40 Top Hits in 1957

James D. Goudy RfldHS '58

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~ Folwell Lunch Bunch at the 5-8! ~

"Try our new Juicy's!"  Lunch at the 5-8 Club, 7/20/10
Jim Fritz, Dick Runman, Colin Quinn, Janis Jagers, and Dan Myhre

~ ~ ~
Folwell Albums
School Colors:  Purple and White
We were known as the "FALCONS"

To view a larger image, click each thumbnail photo below.

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Folwell Album1
Grades 7, 8, 9 - 1957-1959
Kathe & Cindy - 7th 7th Grade, 1957 Home Room 6 - 1957 Mrs. Gladys M. King 8th Grade, 1958

Kathe Erickson & Cindy Fritzke
"This had to be in Jr. High and it looks as if it was almost one of those places that you get your photo taken, like at the fair.  I would venture to guess that it was about 7th grade around confirmation time and we must have been 13.  Other than that, I don't ever remember seeing this photo.  It's pretty funny", per Kathe. Photo: Cynthia Fritzke

Some familiar faces (in no particular order): Mrs. Gladys King, Wayne Pfuhl?, Sharon Anderson, Marilyn Paschke, Diane Bryant, Inese Neiburgs, Kay Ashley?, Lois Jensen?, Eunice Hallin?, John Ekberg?, Lavonne Ditschler, Mary Tholen, Carol Packard, Dave Lindquist.

A few more familiar faces from Mrs. Gladys King's home room:  Colin Quinn?, Linda Opsahl?, Beverly Hill?, Marilyn Paschke, Gail Sonntag?, Rosemary Olson?, Cheryl Larson?, Ione M. Johnson?
Photo:  Cynthia Fritzke

"Double Period"-English and Social Studies.  Later taught music.  Home Room 6.
DOB: 27-Sep-1921
DOD: 11-May-2006

8th Grade, 1958.  Last Day of school.   Back: Linda Opsahl, Sharon Ermuth, Cheryl Larson, Audrey Ball, Shirley Dahlberg, Janis McGough.  Front: Sharon McNamara, Beverly Hill, Julie Olson.
Photo: Cynthia Fritzke

Audrey, Carole, Pat, & Miss Ingram 8th Grade, 1958 Teri Haaland - 1958 Colin - 8th Grade Paul  & Dave - 8th Grade

8th Grade, 1958.  Room 207:  Audrey Ball, Carole Pilcher, Patricia Remarcik, and Miss Sally R. Ingram, "Double Period"-English and Social Studies.
DOB: 10-Dec-1892
DOD: 18-May-1979

Miss Ingram's 8th grade class in June, 1958.
L to R:  David Neuman, Kathy Kacheroski, George Theilmann, Bruce Crandell, Mona Houser, Larry Anderson, Paul Lamberger, Jim Broms, _?_, Pat Remarcik, Ricky Forbes, Larry Graen, Randy Aronson?, and Roger Hoeft.

Terryl K. Haaland, the last day of 8th grade, June 12, 1958.

Mad Magazine-the rage!  Colin Quinn, 8th grade, Winter 1957-8. Paul Lamberger and Dave Benolkin - RHS'63, 8th Grade, 1957-8
Bill - 8th Grade Steve - 8th Grade Dick & Paul - 8th Grade 9th Grade - 1959 Sharon & Wes

Bill Argue, 8th Grade, 1958.  South High graduate.  Moved to Arizona.

Steve Ramstad, 8th Grade, 1957-8

Dick Swenson and Paul Lamberger, 8th Grade, 1958

Mrs. Irene C. Hazzard's 9th grade class, Room 302, June 11, 1959 the last day of school:  Elaine Brudos, Hillary Torgerson, Sharon Sutton, Sylvia Gerard, Kay Paddock, and Judy Andreasen. 9th Grade, June 11, 1959. Sharon Sutton and Wesley Rundquist in Mrs. Hazzard's Room 302.
DOB: 6-Sep-1899
DOD: 23-Apr-1999

Colleen, Kay, Karen Miss Thomason John - 9th Grade Dirk, Gary, & Larry

Dick & Dave

9th Grade, the last day of school?, 1959.
Colleen Skovbroten, Kay Paddock, and Karen Liljemark.

Miss Marie C. Thomason, algebra, Room 102.  A rainy day, June 11, 1959. 
DOB: 15-May-1902 DOD: 28-May-1993

John Rusnacko, 9th grade - 1959

Dirk Putnam, Gary Berg, and Larry Anderson, 9th Grade - 1958-9

Dick Runman and Dave Benolkin - 9th Grade, 1959

Roger & Steve

Dan Myhre - 9th Grade

Dave, Dick & John - 1959

Lois, Shirley & Marilyn

We were known as the Falcons

Roger Toreson and Steve Ramstad - Summer, 1959

Dan Myhre - Summer, 1959

Dave Benolkin, RHS '63, Dick Runman, and John Rusnacko - Summer, 1959

Lois Jensen, Shirley Clark, Marilyn Johnson at Front door, Folwell Jr. High 1957-9.  Note old wooden door. Junior high school mascot name.  Our school colors were purple and white.



<= Photos:  Kay McLean =>

Cindy Fritzke, Bev Hill

Sharon McNamara, Julie Olson, Carole Rinn, Shirley Dahlberg,
Mary Lynn Olson

Mary Lynn Olson, Sharon Ermuth, Julie Olson

Standing:  Linda Opsahl, Sharon Ermuth, Cheryl Larson, Audrey Ball, Shirley Dahlberg, Janis McGough. 
:  Sharon McNamara, Bev Hill, Julie Olson.

8th Grade, the last day of school, 1958.

8th Grade, the last day of school, 1958.


8th Grade, the last day of school, 1958.

8th Grade, the last day of school, 1958.  (See B/W photo five rows above this.)

Folwell Album2
History and Present
William Watts Folwell
in study, 2-12-1918
Folwell Hall, U of M
south entrance
William W. Folwell,
 Folwell Hall circa 1910
U of Minnesota
Folwell Hall,
south side 1954
Folwell Middle School
South side overview
Folwell Middle School
main entrance today
Folwell Middle School
main entrance as we knew it
Folwell Middle School
basketball court, south entry
Folwell Middle School drainage
system, southwest side
Folwell Middle School
south entrance
Folwell Middle School drainage
system, southwest view
Folwell Middle School
east wing, looking north
Folwell Middle School
south entrance w/ trees
Folwell Middle School
east wing
Folwell Middle School
tall pines at south entrance
Folwell Middle School
Door #5 northwest side
Folwell Middle School
northwest corner (2006)
Folwell Junior High School
early photo
Folwell Junior High School
East Wing 1937
To view and compare these Folwell Middle School building photos taken May 5, 2008 with those taken on September 29, 2006,
click the following link on this web site:
Two Years Ago.
Folwell Album3
More Recent Alumni Photos

Photos Here!


Photos Here!

  Dick Loeffler John Stensether Rodger Bunker  
  South High School graduate.  Photo taken 1/27/09. South High School graduate. Retired pastor. 
Married to Barbara Erickson.
Rodger's Army ID.  Attended South High and Roosevelt in '62.  
  Larry Kemling David K. Neuman & Larry Kemling, ca. 1975 Laurence A. Kemling  

South High School
With Winston, my Yorkshire Terrier puppy

Larry Kemling says "hi" to everyone and is still going strong in 2011.  Sadly Dave Neuman (left) passed away on May 17, 2010 at age 65.

Larry A, Kemling 6/2/09

    James (Jim) Quale John L. Prenevost  
    James (Jim) Quale, South High School
South High School
Photo taken 8/26/11, submitted 10/30/11


Let's try to name some of the faculty:

Teacher's Name Subject(s) Taught


Room Number

Mrs. Calista A. Bechthold Sullivan English/Social Studies     10-Nov-1914 6-Feb-2009  
Miss Eva Berglund Counselor     1-Jun-1898 21-Nov-1975  
Miss Cora Agnes Clara Cedarstrand Math     7-Nov-1890 8-Jul-1971  
Mrs. Lillian P. Coleman Math   20_ 1-Sep-1893 4-Dec-1990  
Mrs. Erna Weise Converse Art     07-Nov-1906 05-Dec-2002 Retired 1968.  Husband, Charles
Miss Ruth Dennis Typing 9 1st floor 16-Jan-1894 20-Sep-1982  
Mrs. Janice D. Devries Physical Education 8 Girls' gym   Living  
Mr. Drukenbrod Instrumental music - Band/Orchestra          
Miss Eva Rose Gans English/Social Studies ?   30-Aug-1902 29-Jul-1981  
Mrs. Irene C. Hazzard English/Social Studies 9 302 6-Sep-1899 23-Apr-1999 Husband, Joseph
Mrs. Hughes     7      
Miss Sally R. Ingram English/Social Studies 8 207 10-Dec-1892 18-May-1979  
Mr. Malcolm B. Keck Principal     23-Jan-1903 31-Mar-1979  
Mr. Kempter Physical Education/Health   Boys' gym      
Mrs. Gladys Marie King English/Social Studies 7 6 27-Sep-1921 11-May-2006 Husband, Leslie
Mrs. Lang           Joined faculty after 1959?
Mrs. Lund Home Economics - Cooking 7        
Mr. McGovern Industrial Arts - Metals          
Miss Dorothy Wilhelmine Meder English/Social Studies 8 209 13-Jan-1896 19-Nov-1978  
Mr. Moran Industrial Arts - Electricity          
Mr. Morgan Social Studies   208      
Mrs. Naegle Remedial Reading          
Mr. Nelson Science 7        
Miss Marian Sampson Physical Education/Health 7, 9 Girls' gym   Living  
Mr. Schmidt Industrial Arts - Wood Shop & Mechanical Drawing/Gym          
Miss Stella Stadem Remedial Reading 8        
Mr. Edphil N. Strandjord Assistant Principal     8-Feb-1901 8-Feb-1989  
Mrs. Swan or Schwan Home Economics - Cooking 8        
Miss Marie Constance Thomason Algebra 9 114 15-May-1902 28-May-1993  
Mrs. Travis Home Economics - Sewing 7        
Miss Wermerskirchen English          
Mr. Westerberg            
Mr. Eugene Crane Wylie Vocal music     1-Nov-1915 28-Jan-1982  

If you can name other faculty members or if there are corrections, please let me know:  rhs62reunion@hotmail.com

Dr. William Watts Folwell
First University President, 1869–1884

Born in Seneca County, New York, Folwell, a Civil War veteran, was encouraged to come to Minnesota by his brother-in-law, the Rev. Gregory Chase.  Chase wrote to Folwell in February 1869 of a new and exciting "State University at St. Anthony," that desperately needed qualified professors.  Folwell, an adventurous soul who was trained to teach Latin, Greek, mathematics, and engineering, came to the young state a few months later. 
By August, he had been selected as the first president of the University of Minnesota.

From the start, he advocated for the rights of students, who took to calling 36-year-old Folwell "Uncle Billy."  The young president quickly realized that many students were financially and intellectually unprepared for University life.  Insisting that it was the "duty of the institution to make it possible for a young person to live on $3 a week," he walked door-to-door with his charges, asking the residents of neighboring houses to take in student boarders for a small fee.

Folwell was president for 15 years, but his impact on the institution can be felt to this day.  In his inaugural address, Folwell detailed the Minnesota Plan, a forward-thinking educational philosophy that shaped the state's early schools and continues to guide the University.  Folwell's service to the University did not end with his term in the president's office.  For many years, he volunteered as the fledgling institution's first librarian, and he taught political science from 1875 until his retirement in 1907.  As professor emeritus, he continued to be a mentor and advocate for countless faculty, staff, and students until his death in 1929 at age 96.

Majestic Folwell Hall
Built in 1906–07 as a replacement for Old Main, which has been destroyed in a fire, Folwell Hall is considered one of the University's finest structures.  Designed by St. Paul architect Clarence H. Johnston, Sr., Folwell Hall cost $410,000 to build.  The building is on the National Register of Historic Places and can be identified by its ornamented design (a menagerie of sculpted faces and animals–cats, cherubs, rabbits, eagles, and even gophers decorate its exterior) and its distinctive clusters of chimneys–26 in all.

Famous Residents
In one form or another, the University's College of Liberal Arts has been represented in Folwell Hall since its construction.  Language departments were some of the building's first residents; many continue to reside there today.  Other early tenants of Folwell Hall included the alumni magazine, the German museum, the Gopher yearbook, the departments of Pedagogy, Oratory, and Psychology, and the Minnesota Daily.


William Watts Folwell's Biography

Brief Biography and Publications

Folwell Papers Circa 1856 - 1929

Folwell Family Papers 1898 - 1944

* Folwell Hall Photos U of M

* Excellent Photos of Folwell Hall and other University Buildings

William Watts Folwell as Librarian
~ ~ ~

Folwell Hall, 1954

Folwell Hall, south side 1954

Additional Folwell Jr. High alumni photos are needed.  If you have any, please scan/email them or contact the webmaster.

Folwell Middle School:  1931-2010
by Judy Peacock

Booklet distributed at Closing Celebration (open house)

At the end of the 2009-2010 school year, the Minneapolis Board of Education will close Folwell Middle School, primarily because of declining enrollment.  Folwell students will transfer to Sanford Middle School in the fall.

Folwell was erected at 20th Ave. S. and E. 36th St. in 1931.  At that time, Roosevelt High School housed grades 7 through 12.  Folwell was built to be a "junior high school", and Roosevelt became a "senior high school".  According to an article in the Minneapolis Tribune (Aug. 30, 1931) 721 seventh and eighth graders were enrolled during the first year at the new junior high school, and 14 of the 25 instructors were former Roosevelt teachers.  Ninth graders were added in 1933.

Described in school board records as a four-story stone and masonry building.  Folwell Junior High had 15 general classrooms (seating 40 students each).  Two sewing rooms, two art rooms, a library, a science room, 5 boys' industrial rooms, an auditorium, and two gymnasiums.  A community room was also available for use by any "worthwhile organization in the district".

A second wing was added to Folwell in 1937 (southeast side) at a cost of $175,000.  It had several unique features, including band and orchestra rooms with circular amphitheater seat platforms and a large joint workroom between two classrooms on each floor.  A special room was constructed in the basement for parking bicycles.  To make it easier for students to wheel their bicycles up and down the stairs, a groove was installed at the side of the steps.

In the beginning, eight elementary schools fed into Folwell, most of which no longer exist.  Folwell absorbed students from the west half of Nokomis Junior High's attendance area when that school closed in 1978.  In 1983, ninth graders were moved back to the senior highs, and, in 1991, Folwell became a middle school for grades six through eight.

~ Much of the information for this article was originally researched by Folwell students and published in The Folwell Falcon, 1921-1981. ~

An article in the May 7, 1933, edition of the Minneapolis Journal described the resourcefulness of Folwell students.  The students wanted backdrops for musical and dramatic productions, but the school board lacked the funds for new equipment.  Boys in the school's industrial arts classes decided to make the scenery themselves.  They scoured "dumps and junk piles around 36th St. and 20th Ave." for the parts for a homemade paint spray gun:  a motor from an old cream separator, an air pump from an ancient automobile, and a bed spring.  They persuaded local merchants to donate boards, long cardboard tubing, and other materials.  The girls got in the act too.  In their sewing classes, they sewed long pieces of muslin together.  The muslin was tacked to wood frames and spray-painted.  When the students were done, they had a new lake and woodland scene to add atmosphere to all Folwell stage doings".

This is an article from the Minneapolis Journal just before the school opened in September, 1931:

New School Houses 720 Junior Pupils

Fourteen Former Roosevelt Teachers Are Among Faculty

Seven hundred twenty-one pupils have enrolled at the new Folwell Junior High School which is one of the latest additions to the Minneapolis public school system.

The pupils are divided into twenty advisory groups.  There are eight 7B groups, six 7A groups, and six 8B groups.

Twenty-five teachers are members of the faculty.  Fourteen are former Roosevelt instructors.  They are Miss Rose Hatz, sewing and geography; Miss Gladys Jacobson, cooking; Miss Virginia Reid, mathematics; Miss E. B. Thornton, art; Miss Marie Thomas, English; Mrs. Esther Foster, mathematics; W. E. Hamstreet, geography and sheet metal; Mrs. Frances Kneeland, geography and history; Mrs. Mildred Jensen, English; Miss Ella Koefoed, English; Mrs. Jennie Walton, mathematics; Miss Sadie Ingram, English (I wonder if this isn't meant to be Miss Sally R. Ingram); and Miss Mabel Tomlinson, English.

Miss Irma Smith, former Roosevelt nurse, has been assigned as nurse at Folwell.  Bertha Ferguson, Roosevelt visiting teacher is holding that position at the new school.  Hollis Baird, also of Roosevelt, has been appointed to the new school but she has not reported yet.

The rest of the faculty consists of three former Franklin teachers, one from Phillips, and one from Bryant.  One teacher is a former principal, and three instructors are from out of town.  The gym teachers are former elementary school instructors. 

A three-story structure, Folwell has fifteen general class rooms seating forty pupils each, two sewing rooms, two art rooms, a library, a science room, five boys' industrial rooms, an auditorium and two gymnasiums.

Folwell also has a Community room which is open for use to any worthwhile organization in the district.


To the tune of the University of Minnesota Rouser

Folwell, Folwell, hats of to thee.  To Thy colors true we shall ever be.

Firm and Strong, united are we.

We will work with all our might

For our Folwell--purple and white.

~  ~  ~

Folwell Students June 1937.  This picture was taken before the new addition (wing) was added.

May 4, 1937     The East wing construction began in 1937.     Photo submitted by Pat Donnelly, BHS '68
"My father William 'Jim' Donnelly is pictured in the first row, third from left.  He has his index and little fingers pointed down.  I have no idea why.  His friend Larry Holzer is seated next to him, second person from the left.  I don't know anyone else in the photo and they are both dead now.  Dad seemed to have had some friends sign the back so I included scans of the back.  Dad lived on 34th Street and 22nd Avenue South and he said his father, Will Donnelly was one of the plasterers for Folwell.  What is sad to think about is that all of those boys went off to war a few years later. I wonder how many made it back home."

NEW:  "I believe my Dad, Ed Fish, is in this photo (big kid in the front row, tenth from the left, sitting cross-legged and looking down).  He would have been nearly 15 and always sported a long-on-the-top pompadour hair style.  Any additional info would be greatly appreciated.  ~Tom Fish 1/24/13 ~"

~ Facade above Front Door (south side) ~

~ School Plaque ~

~ More Interesting Links ~

Planning for the Future

Fire Protection Engineering Report

Folwell Ariel January, 1945

Folwell Flash 1981 Newspaper

Farewell Folwell, 2010


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