Might you have photos or memorabilia that you would like to see on our web site?

Sagamore Hill

1.  Childhood photos from school (K-6), birthday parties, class photo, confirmation, etc.?
2.  Reunion photos from the 5th, 10th, 16th, 20th, 25th, and 45th reunions or the 60th Birthday Bash?
3.  Personal photos relevant to posting on our site?
4.  Historical data?
5.  Military information?
6.  Sports or Clubs at Roosevelt?
7.  Humorous moments at RHS or interesting happenings from those days?
8.  Other relevant information?

~ A Daughter's Request ~

I received a request from a graduate's daughter on 12/21/10. 
She is getting married this year and apparently is having her reception at the Lafayette Club.  She writes, "My mom and dad both attended Roosevelt High School.  It is somewhat of a family tradition. 
My dad thought that it (reception) is in the same place you held your Senior Prom.  Do you have any materials, pictures, or information about the Senior Proms of 1962 or 1963? 
My mom is Judith Smith (1963) and my dad is Robert Weikle (1962).  Thanks for your help!  Go Teddies!"

Webmaster's note:  I think it would be fun to gather pictures and interesting stories about Senior Prom, other dances, Homecoming,
Winter Sports Day, National Honor Society trip, May Day, past reunions: 5th, 10th, 16th, 20th, 25th, etc. 
These could be used for the web site.

~ ALL GRADE SCHOOLS that fed into Roosevelt HAVE BEEN ADDED to this site . . . DO YOU HAVE PHOTOS OF YOU OR YOUR CLASSMATES TO USE ON THESE PAGES?   Could you check through old photo albums and email or loan the photos to me?   Sixth or 8th grade GRADUATION photos would be great.  Thanks! ~

    Do you know someone who has photos we might display?:  


You may email digital or analog photos to me or send your items via U.S. Mail.  Burning your photos to a DVD and mailing it to me works well also.

I will scan your photos and promptly return them to you. 

I ask that you clearly label the photos or submit an accompanying sheet that provides the necessary information.  Identify the people from left to right and designate
the row (Back, Front or Row 1, Row 2, etc.) in which they are located; also the place where the photo was taken and the date/year (if known) plus any other relevant data.

Please support your photos with cardboard or other suitable material.  I cannot accept responsibility if anything is lost or damaged in the mail.  It is unlikely that that would occur, but I need to provide this disclaimer.

Be sure to include your name, address, email address, or phone to ensure your items are properly identified.

Please email me for my postal address.  Lastly, to protect against the spread of computer viruses, remember to regularly update your anti virus software.

Thank you in advance.  I look forward to hearing from you.


   ~ Senior Class Members Leave Prized Memorials ~


Lee, Mary, 325, leaves her dirty tennis shoes to some junior with big feet.
Anfinson, Kathy, 325, leaves her new typewriter in office skills to some lucky junior for failing time writings.
Kostik, Kathy, 325, leaves her front seat at baseball and hockey games to a loyal Ted fan.
McGough, Jan, 109, just leaves (I hope!)
Nelson, Darrel, 109, leaves his excess fat to Dave Tourand.
Backlin, Beth, 102, leaves Mrs. Straka to try to frighten the new sophomores.
Hogy, Dawn, 314, leaves her camera and a few photostats of the physiology book to a lazy junior for getting out of doing work in Mr. Riemenschneider's class.
Chadwick, Mike, 125, leaves a story book of Sherlock Holmes to whomever wants it.
Cote, Beth, 314, leaves all paper and gum wrappers to any unsuspecting underclassman for the desks in Miss Stephenson's room.
Paris, Shirley, 309, leaves her natural wavy hair to Miss Stephenson.
Engberg, Sandra, 301, leave the many questions she had to ask Mr. Panser for next year's seniors.
Dye, Carole, 101, leaves her shower stall in the girls' gym to anyone who can work the knobs to get the right water temperature.
Exum, Bill, 101, leaves all his machine shop traits to some undergraduate.
Northrop, Mike, 117, leaves all his books and fines to Leo Brick for the fun of it.
Hayes, Terry, 210, leaves to Miss Heath anything she wants most.
Slotrem, Darlene, 109, leaves all her Tootsie Pops and bubble gum to some hungry sophomore student.
Mazzola, Rita, 109, leaves to Mr. Charles Lobdell's future classes a "breather" on the days that he has to leave the room to supervise the visual aid break down.
Johansen, Richard James, 325, leaves the unfinished chemistry home work to Sam' upcoming slaves.
Koch, bill, 105, leave his chair in Mr. Gowan's government class to Jim Knutson for the next year so he can sit out his class.
Keohane, Mary, 332, leaves a new meter stick to "Sam" to guard his down stairway.
Guest, Sandy, 325, leaves a nine-month tour in "Sam's" to anyone wh is crazy enough to take it.
Eide, Kathy, 325, leaves "Sam" to any other "dumb Irishman" in the school.
Singer, Susan, 101, leaves her crush on Fred Lundquist to Kathie Schmaltz.
McLaughlin, William R., LR3, leaves Dorothy Youngman, Michelene Sullivan, and Rosemary Billing to all the girl crazy boys and for Fred Lundquist to tease.  "Good luck", Fred!
Burke, Dennis, 325, leaves his chair in Mr. Heller's class to Faith Flatt for the purpose of learning the use of a crying towel in one semester.
Carlson, Linda, 101,
leaves Mrs. Wichser in peace about her cullotes.
Dahlberg, Shirley, 326, leaves her short skirts and culottes to Mrs. Wichser to keep her busy.
Michalik, Mike, LR3, leaves his dear beloved cousin, Pat Mickelson, to poor Mr. Riemenschneider for two more lovely years?
Carlson, Mary Kaye, 125, leaves 20 pounds and that front seat in Jim Thornton's class to the next chubby chatterbox.
Van Bergen, Rick, 117, leaves all of his earlybirds in Mr. Valvick's room to whomever gets in trouble to someone who likes to stand.
Christensen, Barb, 332, leaves Mr. Jambeck for reasons soon to be discovered.
Franzen, Diane, 309, leaves her locker to Denny Olsen because he'll know what to do with it.
Anderson, Jeannine; Chappie, Judy, Von Volkenberg, Sue; and Paddock, Kay; LR3, leave to some very fortunate sopho-mores for three years of home-room happiness.
Lindgren, Roger, 106, leaves his activities to George Berry.
Engen, Connie, 210, leaves her locker to some lucky sophomore who wants the risk.
Johnson, Ione L., 325, leaves Mr. Weum to some sophomores for the purpose of admiring his fine feathered friends.
Bergquist, Harold, 325, leaves one pass, to the Viking Cafe, to Dave Benolkin.
Denzer, Scott, 109, leaves his dishes and silver wear to Pat Casy to clean.
Jagers, Janis, 102, leaves the Indians alone.
Christopherson, John, 109, leaves his tricks and tomfoolery.
Pearson, Bob, 109, leaves all his good luck in successful future blind dates to someone with good luck.
Lindquist Lennard, 109, leaves the fiery memories of fun to any high spirited junior boy.
Pascoe, Gloria, 112, leaves her creative talent to another lucky art student.
Johnson, Pat, 309, leaves her crummy band uniform to Bill Fitzgerald for the next joyous year.
Sandin, Shirley, 209, leaves her permanent standing position in first hour study to her more talkative sister.
Okkelberg, Denny, 112, leaves his homeroom teacher to some sophomore.
Faanes, Betty, 216, leaves the first floor radiator to Janet Nelson and Sandy Anderson for their after lunch amusement.
Robson, Terry, 314, leaves her brother to take German from Mr. Telecky and take history from Mr. Heller.
Forslun, Sandra, 314, leaves her ability to chew gum to Mrs. Brenny and Mrs. Gardner.
Nelson, Kathy, 314, leaves to any girl her perfect attendance at football, hockey, and baseball for three years.
Anderson, Ron, 314, leaves his feet to Jerry Berglund for walking to school.
Skoog, Skip, 219, leaves nothing to nobody because he came here empty and is leaving loaded.
Svoboda, George, 301, leaves his best wishes and good luck to all future seniors, for they will need it in their senior year.
Boos, Gary, 325, leaves the troubles and anxieties of organizing next year's chess club to whomever wants it.
Foss, Marilyn, 111, leaves her five-pound lunch to anyone who can eat it.
Brudos, Elaine, 111, leaves the character of Jane Bennet in the class play to a deserving junior girl.
Johnson, Karin, 332, leaves happily.
Pederson, Cliff, 111, leaves one personally autographer desk to Mr. Heller for the memories of a great junior year.
Sundquist, Elaine, 124, leaves her reign as queen to some unlucky junior for sound-in purposes.
Hanson, Dick, 323, leaves his front row desk in homeroom to some deserving sophomore.
Steiner, Kathleen, 112, leaves her FHA presidency to a domestic junior boy.
Campe, Jo, 309, leaves his size 28 Speedo to Tom Anderson for further use in time trials next year.
Larson, Daniel, 309, leaves his John Birch Society car to Ed Haynes.
Robertson, Marvin, 325, leaves his books, locker, and his beloved homeroom to anyone who wants it.
Case, Tom, 111, leaves all the grunts and groans of lifting up his cheerleading partner to Ray Preston.
Krummrei, Diane, 309, leaves notebooks to her sister, Karen, in hopes that she passes biology and history next year.
Casey, Kathleen, 309, leaves her history term papers to her brother, Dennis, if Mr. Heller doesn't find out.
Stanchfield, Lois, 112, leaves high, uncomfortable wooden chemistry stools to any junior who doesn't like to sleep.
Golden, Michael, 309, leaves all of his unused text books to other fools who don't study.
Saffell, Su, 323, leaves all the tall boys to Sue Thue.
Wedan, Chuck, 219, leaves his friend Terry Shannon to Beth Cote, just because they deserve each other.
Norton, Pat, 219, leaves her wisdom left over from reading to Bonnie Wilson.
Beaman, Larry, 107, leaves his enjoyable times at RHS to Carol Dettman for to pass on to someone else.
Peterson, John E., 331, leaves his track uniform to Mr. Riemenschneider so he can pass it off on some unsuspecting junior.
Scamp, Warren, 309, leaves the Benzoin to the upcoming senior.
Ness, Allan, 309, leaves his resentment of damnation to the underclassmen.
Mitschke, Waltraut, 309, leaves good luck to her sister for the next two years.  She'll need it.
Tannehill, Nancy, 316, leaves all of her forgetfulness to Dale Wright.

Sch÷ening, Bill, 316, leaves all the pretty little girls at RHS who like to flirt so much to next year┤s AFS exchange so that he may have fun during his stay.
Lee, Dave A., 210,
leaves the base drum in the marching band to Gary Johnson for his to completely ruin.
Smallen, Michele, 101, leaves her ability to create friendships to Sandy Youngren for she will be here next year.
Shannon, Terry, 323, leaves nothing.  I need all I got to graduate.
Landmark, Karen, 103, leaves her job as carhop at Charlie's to any girl who is strong.
Hetland, Chester, 103, leaves his name "Bart" to Bob Carter for him to give to someone.
Sather, Richard, 107, leaves his seat in homeroom to some trouble making sophomore.
Pretzel, Harold, 107, leaves homeroom 107 to anyone.
Troedsson, Kris, 107,
leaves her car to some other Rosy Tech member who lives out in the sticks.
Kehneman, Arlene, 316, leaves her old broken down alarm clock to her sister Ardelle in hopes it works better for her.
Bingaman, Robert, 316, leaves his lock to some sophomore with mechanical experience.
Hesse, Larry, 316, leaves, maybe.
Felker, Jon, 323, leaves his curly hair to some lowly under-privileged sophomore unfortunate enough to have straight hair.
Peterson, Glen, 323, leaves his great running ability and endurance for running distances, to Bob Lindberg so that he can break a 2 minute half mile.
Tadsen, Darrel, 102, leaves his junk of a car with a radio that works to Tom Maas for a very expensive form of transportation.
Hastings, Tim, 210, leaves his bird calls to Dave Benolkin for next year to raise cain.
Way, Lance, 102, leaves absolutely nothing to nobody for betterment of anything.
Ramaker, Gerald, 117, leaves his old math books to Don Anderson because he needs it more than anyone else.
Hurtig, Marinda, 117, leaves her fun and work in orchestra with Swanee to the upcoming concert master of the Roosevelt High School Orchestra.
Wanberg, Ramona, 210, leaves the worry of having stories for the Standard in on time to any new Standard reporter.
Christianson, Jan, 325, leaves her unlimited supply of Hydrox cookies to a dieting junior.
Lindquist, Dave, 325, leaves the parallel bars to Ron Schwanz for taking state next year.
Cederberg, Don, 210, leaves his tricks to his homeroom in hopes that someone can improve on them to please Mrs. Wichser.
Carlson, Barbara Mai, 210, leaves her "good times" in Mrs. Wichser's homeroom to a deserving incoming sophomore.
Olson, Marlys, 111, leaves al my good books to whomever wants them.
Jones, Mary Ellen, 112, leaves her good sense of humor to some sad sack junior.
Warberg, Gerald, 111, leaves Roosevelt High School to the nearest bulldozer.
Opsahl, Linda, 112, leave her wonderful and exciting senior year to her sister Sue.
Christensen, Marlys, 112, leaves shorthand note books to anyone capable of reading them.
Clark, Shirley, 112, leaves her homeroom to any sophomore.
Lyons, Tom, 309, leaves never to return.
Menten, Pat, 314, leaves her work to any desperate junior who has to give a report.
Kleckner, Dorsey, 309, leaves all her rackets to some convincing junior.
Field, Marilyn, 309, leaves some diet pills to whomever gets Mary Kaye Carlson's will.
Solle, Jim, 105, leaves his interest in hot rod books to Bruce Smith.
Polak, Sharon, 105, leaves her unfinished home work to Roseane Marron for her to finish.
Johnson, Ione M., 105, leaves her ability to get boyfriends to anyone who wants it.
Reyst, Pat, 105, leaves cousin Larry Taylor, to all deserving junior girls.
Johnson, Jeullee, 105, leaves gladly.
Shepherd, Kathy, 105,
leaves all extra art projects to ay ambitious sophomore who is a glutton for work.
Chayer, Pat, 105, leaves her shorthand ability to Barb Berg.
Bauley, Jean, 105, leaves her freckles to Alyce Westergaard because she has none and Jean has plenty.
Bartosh, Doug, 105, leaves his boys' gym leader job to the junior girls for it would prove interesting.
Miller, Wayne, 105, leaves his good marks and passing grades to the junior class.
Rinn, Carole, 105, leaves rejoicing!
Vagasky, Dorothy, 210, leaves with a sigh!
Bower, John, 309, leaves the school to the new students.
Neuman, Sharon, 111, leaves third floor at Fairview Hospital to Marlene Pederson.
Moriarty, Mary, 111, leaves a package of gum to Mrs. Gardner's office skills class so they can get the outside typing.
Wilson, Janice, 111, leaves her sophomore typing book to a certain girl whom she knows will treasure it.
Rae, Nancy, 111, leaves all of her empty gum wrappers to Mrs. Gardner.
Prentiss, Pat, 111, leaves her empty bank book to John Selstad for next year's graduation fees.
Nelson, Dennis, 111, leaves his swimming suit and frog fins to Andy for swimming.
Weber, Judy, 111, leaves all her early mornings in the auditorium to any sophomore who doesn't get his homework done.
Doyle, Jan, 111, leaves her lock to anyone who can work it.
Olson, Llonna, 111, leaves!!!!
Rude, Tom, 111, leaves Miss Heath to anyone to start where he left off.
Travis, Bob, 111, leaves a ten-spot for Tom Walker to use in the next "baseball" game.
Watkins, Susan, 107, leaves her favorite book, "The Prophet", to Mr. Lundquist for enjoyable reading.
Carlson, Joanne, 107, leaves her sten-skills class to all poor junior girls.
Johnson, Sharon, 107, leaves a quiet ride to school in the morning to brother Doug in hopes that it will start his day off better.
Carlson, Lloyd, 216, leaves nothing to anyone for he needs everything he has received the last three years.
Hansen, Allen, 216, leaves all his fishing and hunting gear to Ken Hansen so he can get all the game he misses.
Wetherby, Tom, 216, leaves his trophy deer horns to his sister for a hat rack.
Meinke, Ellen, 219, leaves her cheerleading uniform to anyone who wants it.
Rorris, Mary, 219, leaves her good eyesight to any junior who doesn't like to wear glasses.
Forestal, Fran, 219, leaves her absentee record to any sophomore who wants an early tan.
Liljemark, Karen, 219, leaves her golf experience and "luck" to her sister, Kathy, for use next year.
Nelson, Joy, 219, leaves the patient and congenial office staff to the future office helpers.
Johnson, Jeff, 219, leaves his points with Mr. Brick to Daryl Solomonson.
Jensen, Kurt, 219, leaves his locker to any boy by the name of "Kurt".
Moey, Ron, 219, leaves his ability for making up fool-proof alibis to John Gunther for he is going to need them.
Spence, Kathy, 219, leaves all the junk in her locker to her sister, Jackie for her to clutter up her locker with.
Arndt, Thomas, 219, leaves his text books to any cat who can find them.
Morris, Caroline, 219, leaves her books in the library for Pat Peters to cope with.
Conroy, Lucy, 219, leaves best wishes to Oscar Yngve for his future classes.
Lillehei, Sue, 219, leaves her French class to a deserving junior.
Hegrenes, Judy, 219, leaves her croppers and proportion ruler to Joyce Davis for the 1963 Sagamore.
D'Estrada, Dick, 219, leaves his pints to Daryl Solomonson because he needs them.
Corcoran, Sheilah, 219, leaves Mr. Yngve to some poor misguided sophomore.
Clark, Janice, 112, leaves her alto clarinet and chair in band for a lucky sophomore to sit next to David O'Denius.
Nelson, Barbara, 112, leaves with joy-looking forward to the future.
Filipa, Les, 112, leaves his ability to give Mr. Heller a bad time in history to a junior boy.
Raivo, Fred, 216, leaves!
Foster, Douglas, 316, leaves his physics teacher to a smart junior.
Moberg, Wayne, 105, leaves his horn to any sophomore.
Stende, John, 316,
leaves his gymnastics and cheerleading outfits to John Selstad and Walt Teske.
Samuelson, Jerry, 316,
leaves his parking place to whomever gets there first.
Remeta, Dennis, 316, leaves Roosevelt after three great senior years.
Wennberg, Richard, 117, leaves everything to anybody who wants it.
Lundeen, Marlys, 316, leaves her elastic bandages and adhesive tape to anyone idiotic enough to try the expert ski slope without air brakes.
Gordner, Ray, 316, leaves his checkered trousers to an incoming sophomore Chuck Linnemon and any unfortunate person who wants locker 1817 may have it.
Olive, John, 326, leaves his three-course lunches to John Edmunds because he usually eats them anyway.
Hill, Bev, 316, leaves her allergy pills to her frail friend John Edmunds.
Hernandez, Juanita, 102, leaves her portion of unused notebook paper to Lucy Hernandez for future use.
Ball, Shirley, 109, leaves all her trips to the corner store to some hungry sophomore.
Reed, Char, 332, leaves apples in the lunchroom to future dieters for those who don't like Metrecal.
Thue, Steve, 101, leaves his laughs to Mr. Lundquist for the undergraduates.
Hennessy, Dale, 102, leaves his sly and meaningful glances to Scott Jurkovski to help him get along better in his senior year.
Schwanz, Don, LR3, leaves his calculus book to a book shelf to collect dirt.
s, Sandy, LR3, leaves Occupational Relations class to all those poor unsuspecting juniors who decide to go on the work program.
Shegstad, Sandy, LR3, leaves all her old used bottles of hair spray to all junior girls for the fun of it.
Person, Noel, 316, leaves his projectionist skills to Don Ennest for the sake of the betterment of the Audio-Visual service.
Erickson, Kathe, 124, leaves her easy going temperament and smile to any sharp tempered teacher she has had in the past year.
Monahan, Nora, 125, leaves her magic want to Pam Fillmore for inspiring the Rockettes.
Hansen, Richard, 314, leaves his book covers to Miss Martinson for she should have them to sell next year.
Hegberg, Beverly, 314, leaves her Underwood typewriter that she used in Office Skills to an unsuspecting girl who expects to pass her timing.
Brown, Peggy, 210, leaves her dirty tennis shoes to Mr. Heller for running around.
Anderson, Marlys, 106, leaves her giggles and a "tsk" to Mr. Heller for old times sake!
Carlson, Sharon, 102, leaves all the confidence she had in Mr. Heller to some poor, unsuspecting junior.
Huisman, Carol, 326, leaves a history teacher partly used on top but still has a good old soul--Mr. Heller--to an unlucky underclassman for use in the future years.
Gustafson, Arlene, 301, leaves her brownie points and favorite teachers--Mrs. Doherty, Mrs. Jolly, and Mr. Blake--to her sister Janis.
Nelson, Sue, 315, leaves her seat in Mr. Weum's homeroom to a sophomore for the purpose of enjoying his cute little animals.
Swanson, Paul, 315, leaves his hair to all the teachers who are bald --one hair a piece.
Dahlin, Sharon, 314, leaves all her empty sun-flower-seed shells to some needy underclassman for his or her further use in Mrs. Benson's room.
Anderson, Jerry, 101, leaves his vast knowledge and vocabulary in Swedish to Mr. Benson for the purpose of contributing to the cause of Sweden.
Elliott, Gary, 117, leaves Mr. Luke all his sweet memories of RHS and sympathizes the loss of his mustache.
Bransford, John, 301, leaves his trombone playing to someone wise enough to see the value of music.
Bryant, Diane, 309, leaves to some more fortunate coordinated junior girl her ability to run her nylons and why not; aren't teenagers always running anyway?
Erickson, Barb, 326, had thought of leaving her "tiger" to a lonely junior girl but has decided to take him with her.
Caufield, Richard, LR3, leaves his nickname "Dixie" to the Auto Shop.
Meiners, Mary 210, leaves her good times in Mr. Heller's history class to Ellen Myer for the next two years.
Wakefield, Karin, 210, leaves the Mrs. Bennet role to a deserving shy girl for some real good experience in becoming a good mother.
Tyrell Dick, 105, leaves his good grades and perfect attendance record to Dave Hesse.
Weikle, Bob, 101, leaves all his D marks (and below) to Judy Smith.
Shedlov, Sally, 332, leaves her diet pills to Jane Lagerquist in hopes that she uses them in all sincerity.
Pedersen, Roy, 210, leaves with pleasure.
Thoren, Lois, 101, leaves her asprins from the Honor Society trip to a junior who might need them after struggling to get a similar trip.
Klopp, Don, 326, leaves his sleeping place in study hall to some little sophomore.
Barsness, Harriet, 216, leaves Sam's tests to the "smart ones" who are "going away to school".
Williams, Gerald, 216, leaves a parking place on 40th Street to Chuck Pederson for his own use.
Storer, Joan, 112, leaves her "community locker" to anyone who will clean it out.
Johnson, Joan, 216, leaves the meanest but the best teacher at Roosevelt, Sam, to next year's chemistry students.
Peterson, Tom, 216, leaves the responsibility of leading the Roosevelt Dance Band to Bruce Paulson.
Gunther, Sandy, and Gilbertson, Joann, 216, bequeath a huge bottle of almost used up nerve pills to some unsuspecting sophomore who will have Sam for homeroom.
Richards, Willow, 216, leaves her loyalty to Roosevelt to any junior worthy of it.
Elhard, Pam, 216, leaves Hutch to the future Roosevelt choirs for the students who can keep their mouth shut except to sing.
Larson, Miriam, 125, leaves her place as a responsible student in Miss Sandboe's eyes to Barb Hall.
Hanson, Sandy, 332, leaves her shorthand proficiency to a future lady veterinarian or anyone not planning on being a secretary.
Hestness, LaVonne, 332, leaves her art abilities to next year's seniors for a price.
Elasky, Andy, 332, leaves one dusty, stale, unused locker to anyone with a dust rag for salvaging operations.
Stoneman, Judy, 332, leaves her vocal talents to Diane Eisen-minger for she might find use for them.
McCanney, Sandy, 332, leaves her dusty locker to one of the underclassmen to clean for the first time in three years.
Puhl, Charleen, 102, leaves her chair to anyone who can stand "Hutch" in a pink shirt, green shorts, and purple socks.
Haasl, Pamela, 125, leaves her good grades and locker to some sophomore who will make better use of them than she did.
Anderson, Pam, 101, leaves her musical traits to the first soprano in choir to some needy junior.
Egeberg, Jan, 326, leaves her orange shoes to any junior with red clothes.
Johnson, Waldo, 124, leaves one sousaphone in poor to fair condition to Bob Bruer for further enriching his knowledge of music.
Precht, Karen, 102, leaves everything to somebody for future use.
Vandenberg, Gretchen, 326, leaves all her library fines to some rich junior.
Weeding, Pat, 102, leaves her shorthand notebooks to the students who will love shorthand as she did.
Edlund, Judy, 332, leaves ripped cloth, matches, soap, and hand lotion to future students for use in chemistry lab.
Marcy, Becky, 105, leaves her "Beak" to a junior on the Standard Staff who needs a good nose for news.
Pottsmith, Karen, 105, leaves her  $8.48 in library fines to some unsuspecting sophomore.
Anderson, Doug, 105, leaves his vocal chords to anyone who wants them.
Brown, Bruce, 105, leaves his slide rule to Myron Berg, an up coming senior.
Miller, Nancy, 105, leaves her Gants to June Johnson so she can really be sharp.
Broms, Jim, 105, leaves his Sibley pointers to two up and coming rookies to one undiscovered for further use and execution in the auditorium next year.
n, Barbara, 105, leaves all the school scandal clippings to an unlucky sophomore who likes to read newspapers.
Ryan, Grace, 105,
leaves all her hard wrought notebooks to her sister so that they won't go to waste.
Anderson, Janice 105, leaves her trusty old lock to some sophomore who needs a good excuse for being late to class.
Wilson, Dick, 101, leaves the senior class presidency to any ingenious junior.
Strauss, Mike, 210, leaves Roosevelt to anyone who wants to come here.
Inde, Aldis, 210, leaves his directions to anyone who wants to find the way.
Pedersen, David, 332, leaves Roosevelt better than it found him and a whole lot wiser.
Gilmore, Penny, 332, leaves fond memories with all underclassmen.
Peterson, Sharon, 332, leaves the room next to her locker for underclassmen.
Warhol, Edna, 332, leaves her National Honor Society pin to any future member for safe-keeping.
Newton, Lynn, 332, leaves a washcloth, soap, comb, and scissors to the underclass girls for obvious reasons.
Strawn, Ron, 111, leaves his athletic skill to Gary Evan for him to develop.
Shattun, Sharon, 216, leaves the auditorium balcony to Tim Prill for a better view.
Granoien, Julie, 326, gladly leaves all of the phonies!
Johnson, Jeri, 301, leaves her winter nights vigil to Sue Ness for old times sake.
Ressler, tom, 301, leaves his hockey rule book to Dean Tjosvold.
ll, Mary, 301, leaves the North Brier shop to Phillip Nelson.
Gilmore, Perry, 301, leaves his nickname "Bullwinkle" to Judy Larsen.
Anderson, Nicole, 117, leaves her chemistry lab apron to a future chemist for one year of lab.
Peterson, Doug, 125, leaves with "PLEASURE".
Strand, Curtis, 125, leaves this old chair in Miss Sandboe's room for some other poor person.
Kupka, Mike, 314, leaves all his attributed "shmats" to anyone for personal use.
Sonntag, Gail, 125, leaves a "rack" to her good friend Ray Preston and a "crazy" to her other good friend, Ralph Preston, and a "ruth" to the other brother.
Torgerson, Hilliary, 125, leaves Roosevelt to Dianne Schieber for whatever she wants it for.
Stimmler, Karen, 125, leaves the "special" bus to Kathie Swanson for getting to and from school in her senior year.
Stadem, Alinor, 325, leaves her ability to look innocent always to Bonnie Burk for use in any situation which might occur.
Marshall, Bette, 111, leaves all her grades and activities to Nancy and Sandy Schwensen for personal reasons.
Mortensen, Audrey, 216, leaves all her empty shampoo bottles to Anita Vershur for dreaming.
Madden, Pat, 101, leaves her mirror to Janice Raivo for combing her hair in orchestra.
Anderson, Barb, 106, leaves her "intelligence" in chemistry to some poor junior so that some-one might be a "fine" scientist.
Moon, Dave, 102, leaves track shoes to his brother, John, because they wok better with him.
Rick, Mike, 106, leaves his work program class to any junior interested in Roosevelt's "get rich quick" plan.
Dunn, Sandy, 106, leaves hours and hours of homework to some other tired person.
Ekberg, John, 112, leaves nothing.  He need everything he's got.
Albertson, Judi, 112, leaves all her warm sweaters to Barb Hall for those cold gray days.
Ellendson, Don, 112, leaves his love to Dr. Nelson.
Sundahl, Judy, 112, leaves her interesting classes to anyone who can stay awake to listen.
Knutson, Sheryl, 112, leaves her hideous color schemes to Mr. Socha for future use in his paintings.
Wick, Dorothy, 124, leaves her freckles to Dave Benolkin with pleasure.
Lans, Karen, 124, leaves her quiet ways to Judy Nygard for use in girls' choir.
Nelson, Karen, 124, leaves her bobby sox to someone with cold feet.
Sutton, Sharon, 124, leaves her matching shirt and sweater set to any couple who will enjoy wearing them next year.
Knight, Donna, 332, leaves 575 hand-cut Styrofoam circles to whomever is lucky enough to be chairman of the decorating committee for the next Senior Banquet.
Frost, Sheila, 103, leaves her baton to Mr. Henning to use in beating down the band next year.
Lofsness, Andrea (Andy), 103, leaves her basement locker to an unlucky underclassman.
Harrison, Dianne, 301, leaves her books and personality traits to Marilyn Johnson for being a good friend.
Schluck, Pat, 301, leaves her physiology notebook to a senior girl.
Kitzman, Ted, 301, leaves his gratitude to all of his teachers and wishes all future students good luck.
Price, Sharon, 103, leaves her messy locker to some unfortunate sophomore so she can clean it up.
Elfstrum, Ken, 103, leaves his football uniform to any junior who wants it.
Paul, Gary, 103, leaves his scratched-up homeroom desk to some poor sophomore girl to do with as she likes.
Heyer, Barb, 103, leaves the good times and happy memories of her three years at Roosevelt to the ones who mad them for her.
Hawkinson, Linda, 103, leaves her slide rule to future chemistry students.  She never learned how to work it anyway.
Schulstad, Dennis (Gunner), 103, leaves his tennis racket to the girls' tennis team.
Franzen, Steve, 124, leaves Mr. Heller's crying towel to the failing sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
Fay, Carol, 124, leaves study hall a quieter place.
Coffitt, Shirley, 124, leaves the raggedy stool in Mrs. Eggebraaten's room to anyone who wants to run her nylons next year.
Greven, Don, 124, leaves his physics book to another unfortunate student who is persuaded to struggle through Mr. Yngve's physics class.
Powell, Jetty, 124, leaves all her typing trouble to Mrs. Gardner for her to remember.
Forsman, Ralph, 124, leaves the timer out on the stove in home-room 124 to the first person who goes to sleep.
Rataczak, Dave, 124, leaves his interest in Bruce Adam's '56 Chev. to some rich junior.
Reif, Marge, 124, leaves a wastebasket full of trash and five maggots to Mr. Heller for burning.
Nelson, Donise, 124, leaves the "3rd hour candy club" (now dissolved) to some hungry juniors.
Guth, Linda, 124, leaves her short skirts for some nonconformist who won't wear next year's longer styles.
Edmunds, Judy, 112, leaves her lock to a sophomore who is willing to learn a couple combinations for one lock.
Daratis, Pat, 112, leaves all her business classes to Pat Wright.
Clother, Rhona, 124, leaves the dismantled homeroom of 124 to the poor sophomores who come after us.
er, Warren, 112, leaves all girls to anyone who wants them.
Totushek, John, 107, leaves his pep pills and man- to-man tactics to Bill Swanson.
Lundberg, Larry, 309, leaves nothing to nobody for no reason.
Villella, Denis, 216, leaves one short, dark-haired junior girl to Ron Eilitz.
McNamara, Sharon, 316, leaves her nicknames and duck calls--all of them--to her poor junior sister, Karen, for her enjoyment.
Weible, Pam, 112, leaves her "bear scare" to anyone who is scared of bears.
Parsons, Jerry, 107, leaves all his fines and senior fees to the next poor seniors.
Hill, Sharon, 219, leaves her apple-polishing to anyone who can use or need the points.
Peterson, Kathleen, 316, leaves all her old notebooks and reports to a deserving sophomore.
Nowak, Barb, 316, leaves her place in the nurse's office to anyone who like to have a cold all winter long.
Kunkel, Marilyn, 316, leaves her place in the attendance line to some deserving junior.
Kingsberg, Judy, 316, leaves the privilege of passing out absentee notices third hour to a girl who has third hour study next year.
Femrite, Sue, 219, leaves her locker to any girl by the name of "Sue".
Becker, Arthur, K., 316, leaves one fuzzy-headed, good-looking, grouchy, big-hearted choir director to next year's choir president.
erson, Joann, 316, leaves her manual, "How to Borrow Typing Paper, Pens, and Erasers" to Mrs. Rice's next unprepared steno students.
en, Ken, 102, leaves by the skin of his teeth.
Julian, Diane, 101, leaves ten helpful hints on how to find and keep a steady boyfriend.
Gerard, Sylvia, 101, leaves her Sagamore desk to poor Sue Frisch.
Anderson, Lawrence, LR3, leaves his "sweet sister", Mary Jeanne to Roosevelt High for three long years.  Good Luck!
Ramstad, Steve, 323, leaves cell block 323 to next year's sophomore class.
Johnson, Earl, 103, can't think of anything to leave, so he is going to take everything with him.
Putnam, Dirk, 323, leaves his blue crayon to his brother Larry to write on the dome-car windows.
Greenfield, Lani, 102, leaves her tap shoes to some happy tapper! 
Loza, Pam, 323, leaves her five hours of chemistry homework a night to some unfortunate junior who will have Sam.
Lowe, Tom, 105, leaves his well-worn chemistry book to anyone who gets it.
Skanse, Shirley, 106, leaves her ability to persuade and bargain to the May Day chairman for good luck!!
Johnson, Dave, 102, leaves his Audio-Visual card with Spike Jones' autograph to anybody who wants it for being on third floor during lunch hour.
Schuster, Roseanne, 103, leaves her old notebooks from Mr. Lobdell's class, to Arlyce Westigaard for future references.
Smith, Vurlyn, 103, leaves her pitch-pipe to Julie Nelson, for her use in choir next year.
Rundquist, Wesley, 112, leaves calculus class to someone else who doesn't study.
Ness, Dennis, 316, leaves the great sound created by the band to Oren Henning.
Hastings, Char, 316, leaves her council office typing to one able to type in the midst of basketball practice.
Holmgren, Dave, 309, laves his homeroom teacher to next year's lucky sophomores.
Malmsten, Frances, 309, leaves her piano and organ-playing to anyone who has the courage to be Hutch's accompanist.
Brown, Dennis R., 309, leaves Home Room 309.
Leibrock, Adrianne, 219, leaves the right to bring "treats" to Mr. Lobdell's third hour class and the right to write 1,000-word themes in Sam's class to her sister, Lorna.
Shingler, Jim, 232, leaves Sue to walk the halls alone.
Lee, Dave M., 111, leaves an ace of spades to Arnie Hendrickson for his next card game.
Walker, Tom, 216, leaves the whip to Ken Walker.
Carrington, Richard, 124, leaves a television camera for the next guy who gets caught out at GEM Store on Washington's birthday while skipping school.
Chelberg, Dave, 111,
leaves the fiery memory of May 4, 1962, and the trouble free, wet, weekend that  followed.
Twito, Don, 112, leaves the cold memory of wet feet and a receipt for $3.35 worth of shattered galss to all the high-spirited junior boys.
Breslin, Tom, 216, leaves the same thing that Dave Chelberg did.
Leppa, John, 309, leaves his softball ability to win close games.
er, Gordon, 112, leaves his sport coat and sunglasses to Mr. Turk.
Frederick, Judy, 216, leaves Mr. Panser to the coming juniors.
Bruer, Nikki, 309, leaves a U.N. guided tour button.
Connor, Colleen, 316, leaves her red hair to Mr. Heller.
Nordby, Betty, 111, leaves "oh?" to Janges Wicklund for greeting his friends.
Swedeen, Herb, 326, leaves his happy home (326) to some new Roosevelt student.
Larson, Darrell, 107, leaves his skip slip to any deserving junior.
McCaustland, Kathleen, 107, leaves her choir seat to anyone who likes to sing.
Packard, Carol, 107, leaves her comb to the many sophomores who need it.
Bennett, Jane, 107, leaves her deepest sympathy to any unsuspecting sophomore who takes three years of Spanish and doesn't expect to work.
Beeth, Marilyn, 107, leaves her library passes to Mr. Lundquist and Mr. Haynes for the poor kids who have fourth hour study next year.
Lundquist, Carol, 125, leaves her first seat in band to anyone who has nerve enough to stand the tryouts.
Ellenwood, Don, 107, leaves one beat out locker No. 328 to some poor sophomore.
Lundeen, Gary, 107, leaves homeroom 107 to any lucky sophomore for three years of pure unrestrained fun.
Wedell, Jim, 107, leaves three years of skip slips from band.
Nessel, Nancy, 107, leaves Mr. Heller a one way ticket to California.
Nilson, Orvilla, 107, leaves her sister, Bonnie, to find out which teacher was their mother's old boyfriend.
Pederson, Caroline, 107, leaves all school work to whom it may concern.
Hughes, Karen, 309, leaves her Spanish book to Lynn Snobeck for her enjoyment.
Gilbertson, Laura, 309, leaves Roosevelt High to future students.
Olson, Marion, 107, leaves one Eveready flashlight to Brynn Borne for the purposed of finding her way in the dark.
Shoop, Barb, 124, leaves her thinness to Beth Blikstad for making her world a happier place.
Rusnacko, John, 316, leaves his great running ability to Captain John (Moon).
Hathaway, Donna, 216, leaves Dan Luken to uphold the family name.
Johnson, Janice, 216, leaves her lock and locker of high quality to some nervous sophomore who can open it.
Saxrud, Ray, 216, leaves his homeroom chair to an incoming sophomore.
Jiracek, Tom, 216, leaves his locker to anyone who has a lot of junk.
Hermann, Gary, 112, leaves the Twin City Bus Line to Andy and Danny to get to and from school.
Raymond, Cathy, 102, leaves her history notebooks to Roosevelt's library for reference by history students of Mr. Johnson and Mr. Turk.
Bostrom, Shirley, 102, leaves her left-handed lock to some other unfortunate right-handed student.
Doherty, Donna (Don Juan), LR3, leaves chairs on which to run their nylons to all the girls next year.
Ashley, Sandra, LR3, leaves her rapidly growing fingernails to Jan Korts for use during tests.
Carlson, Barb J., LR3, leaves her sophomore brother, Donnie to Bonnie's sophomore brother Donnie.
Drogseth, Bonnie, LR3, leaves her sophomore brother, Donnie to Barb's sophomore sister Nancy.
Papas, Al, 326, leaves nothing because he can't afford it.
Carlson, Norman, 326, leaves his parking place out in front of school to anyone who can get here in time for it in the morning.
Hoberg, Robert, 102, leaves to RHS his wonderful disposition and all of his brown.
Maidment, Rick, 124, leaves Rhona Clother's comb in homeroom 124 to some sophomore girl for combing her hair over the food tables.
Erickson, Richard, 323, leaves Roosevelt taking his slide rule and chess board with him.
Ringstrom, Jean, 323, leaves some rubber bands to any girl who doesn't like to set her hair.
Elsner, Lois, 323, leaves all her unfinished homework to some worthy junior.
Lucas, Carol, 323, leaves her homework to the next Lucas when she comes to Roosevelt.
le, Bev, 323, leaves her English class to anyone who likes to watch the first hour gym classes play baseball.
Lundeen, Sharon, 323, leaves the habit of borrowing to anyone who can get away with it.
Oas, Carole, 323, leaves her height to some short sophomore boy.
Lundquist, Arlyce, 323, leaves her outside typing to some poor underclassman who chews gum during office skills.
Plifka, Bernice, 323, leaves the heavy history books to some lucky sophomore.
Fritz, Jim, 103, leaves a perfect example of behavior to all those who follow for people like him.
Ermuth, Sharon, 316, leaves taking attendance in the auditorium sixth hour on Friday to any brave girl.
Bollingberg, Harold, 101, leaves his vast knowledge of trigonometry to Tom Lowe.
s, Bruce, 332, leaves one slightly off key saxophone and one used chair in band to his good friend Terry Kintop for whatever purpose he deems necessary.
Runman, Dick, 332,
leaves his great luck after track meets and his way with a girl to Smith and Dyke, for they don't need it but bulldog might next year.
Waters, Valerie, 109, leaves her senior picture to Judy Neumann for the purpose of playing "Old Maid" at Jim's.
McConnell, Judy, 117, leaves her homeroom teacher to future sophomores because he is a nice homeroom teacher to have.
Haynes, Barb, 117, leaves her "Teddie Bear" suit and tactics to some other "goof off".
Peterson, John F., 325, leaves his hair to Uncle Mons (Weum) so that the glare from his dome won't blind the next homeroom he has.
Larson, Doug, 332, leaves his great joke telling ability in homeroom to some lucky sophomore, for Mr. Newton will be lost without it.
Olson, Bob, 124, leaves his blood-shot eyes to anybody who needs a couple roadmaps.
Schubert, Arlene, 124, leaves her leftover Donaldson's teen board newspapers to the new representative, Jan Johnson for distribution.
Olson, Dick, 326, leaves Mr. Eakins and all his "dam" problems.
Kersten, Tom, 101, leaves his Honor Society pin.
Isaacson, Norm, 117, leaves his record to Mr. Petrou because he doesn't want it following him around.
Chase, Judy, 102, leaves all the old used books and desks to any junior willing to use them.
Donnelly, Pam, 107, leaves her trip from the lunchroom to third floor to the junior who got Mr. Turk's fourth hour.
Larson, Steve, 109, leaves his basketball net to tom Ressler.
Dallman, Rick, 109, leaves his wonderful singing voice which is normally off-key to any deserving junior in the choir next year.
Bosshard, Sandy, 109, leaves!
Halvorson, John, 109, leaves Mr. Brick's wood shop to Al whitney.
Tryggeseth, John, 109, who's leaving?!
Gayda, Judy, 109, leaves her physiology outings to a lazy junior with a lot of money.
Young, Marlean, 109, leaves hoping some nice teacher will start a girls' track team.
Forkins, Diane, 109, leaves her mother (the cook) to look after the nutrition of next year's sophs.
Shumway, Roy, 102, (better known as Wrongway) leaves Mrs. Straka to the lucky sophomores?!
len, Jim, 314, leaves everything he has to anyone who wants it for nothing.
Anderson, Janet, 314, leaves an undying ability to fail tests and "forget assignments at home" to anyone coming who wants the remainder of her formal education.
Olson, Kathy, 216, leaves brains to cousin Karen for fun.  She's really got more that I have.
Ackland, Sue, 106, leaves her crummy old locker to Chuck Ackland for kicks.
Hermanson, Ross, 106, leaves his place in choralaires to anyone for the purpose of hard work.
Dyjak, John, 314, leaves his pole to anyone for record breaking.
Fredell, Steve, 314, leaves all his cynical and pessimistic views of this ugly world to anyone for his personal use in talking and writing his views if they were mine (huh?).
Huttner, Paul, 314, leaves all his debts and loads of burdens to Sue for her to deal with as she sees fit.
Forsland, Jim, 314, leaves his immense learning power and knowledge (?) to anyone for use if they are foolish enough to think it can help them.
O'Heron, Ron, 314, leaves one Gillette shave to Tom Reis for shaving between classes.
McLean, Kay, 314, leaves her worn out typewriter to an unfortunate sophomore for Mr. Johnson's World War II notebook.  Remember?
Mikelson, Ruth, 314, leaves Mr. Brenny to her brother for those long, hard years ahead of him at Roosevelt.
Olson, James E., 314, leaves his file drawer, key and position as band manager to some fool.
Shegstad, Jim, 314, leaves all his problems of life and love to Barbara Jean for her in later life.
Haaland, Kathy, 125, leaves her grass skirt to Sue Schroeder for an acrobatic hula.
Falck, Elizabeth, 125, leaves her "good" intelligence to some sophomore for she can use it better than I can.
Haiker, Tommie, 125, leaves his tenor banjo to the best banjo picker in the school--Johnny Hall.
Swanson, Pauline, 125, leaves her history book and seat in Mr. Haynes' class to any junior or sophomore for anything they want to do with them.
Novak, Mike, 125, leaves his height to Kathy Bertrand for some door sill to hit.
Fales, Candy, 125, leaves her beautiful violin, the orchestra, and Mr. Swanson to her sister because it will add "so much" to her sophomore year.
Rickard, Terry, LR3, leaves his girl-crazy brother, Mike to the girls of RHS and good luck.
Shegstad, Sandie, LR3, leaves all her old bottles of hair spray to junior girls.
McCabe, Tom, 332, leaves with a questioning air.  Tune in next year and see.
Andreasen, Judy, 102, leaves all her homework from her senior year to the poor juniors.
deMalignon, Douglas, 125, leaves all his sick, unfunny jokes and wisecracks to his brother, Daryl, for the next two years.
Pierson, Diana, 326, leaves her old dilapidated locker to some unlucky person in the next sophomore class.
Johnson, Tim, 314, leaves all his wussy tricks to Terry Widing for his personal use in the next two years.
Harden, Carolyn, 326, leaves six frustrated teachers who have survived the shenanigans of this year's senior class and a homeroom advisor to next year's seniors.
Stewart, Sandy, 314, leaves a comb to the sophomore girls for combing out the rats.
Olson, Julie, 210, leaves her badminton racket, tennis racket, basketball, volleyball, and all her championship teams to some athletic sophomore girl who can use them.
Norlin, Jay, 102, leaves Roosevelt forever.
Briles, Dan, 117, leaves a certain book to Steve Carpenter for reasons beyond my control.
Opstad, Herman, 125, leaves his loveable homeroom teacher, Miss Sandboe, to the sophomores.
White, Mary, 314, leaves the Hayes and Moon history book to any sophomore for the homecoming bonfire.
Johnson, James R., 314, leaves one-half of his good looks, one lock of his beautiful hair, and his friendly smile to two people to divide equally among themselves so that they can easily make the movies.
Anderson, Terry, 309, (blond)? leaves all of his used notebook paper to the school for heat next winter.
Davis, Lynn, 117, leaves her trouble of getting through the halls between classes to Donna Peil for her last two years at Roosevelt.
Maurer, Sue, 117, leaves trouble of getting up and down the crowded stairways to Sharon Maurer for her next two years at this school.
Peterson, Carol, 117, leaves her high locker, in the new addition, to a tall sophomore for his or her next three years at Roosevelt.
Kjeseth, Karen, 301, leaves Mrs. Rice to all the future shorthand students.
Ondov, Judy, 301, leaves her Norse translation book with the English between the lines to Cheri Klines.
Ohlsson, Gretchen, 325, leaves all the fun and good times in Toi Jambeck's fifth hour class to a certain lucky girl.
Anderson, Terry, 301, (redhead)? leaves all his best wishes to Roosevelt students and faculty.
Moe, Ronald A., 301, leaves all his love to a certain girl, for a while anyway.
Lemke, Jean, 301, leaves all her memories of her senior year to Keith Slater for the sole purpose of getting rid of them.
Putnam, Dirk, 323, leaves his blue crayon to his brother, Larry, to write on domecar window.
Tuttle, Dick, 301, leaves his parking spot across from school to next year's senior for quick getaways.
Hallanger, Gary, 301, leaves some nails to Dale Peterson for some more hardness.
Gustafson, Gary, 301, leaves his unsatisfactory progress slip to the new seniors.
Burlingame, Enid, 210, leaves her "Celestial Spring" music to next year's choir members who are dumb enough to try it.
Gmitro, Susan, 210, leaves her book on How to Win Friends and Influence People to Kathie O'Conner for her convenience next year.
Mattson, Sandy, 210, leaves her library passes and table behind the post to some junior for a way to escape study halls.
Neuman, Sharol, 210, leaves her shorthand notebook and typewriter to a lucky junior because she will definitely need "luck".
Noid, Louise, 210, leaves her small English seat to a small sophomore.
Berg, Gary, LR3, leaves his ability to always get into some kind of trouble to Dave Benolkin and his gang because it is a senior boys' tradition.
Turner, George, LR3, leaves his "Home and Family" class to the junior boys for furthering their knowledge of marriage.
Ball, Audrey, LR3, leaves her forgetfulness to her sister to drive the teachers crazy.
Norton, Maurice, LR3, leaves the captain of the gym team to John Nicholas for 1963.
Tonozzi, Steve, LR3, leaves his curly hair to all the junior girls with straight hair.
Almquist, Tom, 326, leaves his messy locker to some sophomore to clean up.
Ostrander, Brad, 326, leaves his managing job and extra weight.
Martin, Paul, LR3, leaves his weight to John Edmunds.
Sabatka, Sharon, 332, leaves her old shorthand notebooks to anyone who can read them.
Knight, Donna, 332, leaves her college entrance math scores to anyone not planning to go to college.
Hirche, Rolf, 332, leaves Roosevelt High all the good students and teachers it needs in the future to stay great.  He leaves to all the teachers his appreciation for all the good will and enrichment given to him.
Freer, Jim, 332, leaves his monogrammed locker to any sophomore who will continue the practice.
Peterson, Sylvia, 109, leaves her right to daydream in class to any romantic junior.
Berg, Cliff, 111, leaves a back scratcher to Bob Johnson for his convenience.
Dillon, Frank, 325, leaves all his cherished books while he takes care of Nancy's books to Patricia Smith, a sophomore.
Meyer, Dean, 106, leaves a road map to a rich sophomore for a trip to Florida.
Forbes, Rick, 106, leaves his position near the second floor balcony to all the juniors.
Feste, Karen, 106, leaves her saddle shoes and her newly edited book on animal calls to Rick Forbes to share with all his boyfriends.
Sharpe, John, 105, leaves his locker and all his grades to some persons for the years of '62 and '63.
Anderson, Carol, 325, leaves her frequently vacant band chair to some sophomore.
Warn, David, 325, leaves all the junior class boys the ambition to play football or basketball for enjoyment.
Larson, Cheryl, 301, leaves Miss Haberman to any junior who wants to work extra hard and likes homework.
Skovbroten, Colleen, 101, leaves her runned and snagged nylons to Mrs. Eggebraaten's cooking room to the juniors in next year's foods classes.
Hallin, Eunice, 301, leaves her homeroom teacher, Mr. Lobdell, to any sophomore who wants a great (?) homeroom teacher.
he, Roger, 117, leaves all his good times in Mr. Lobdell's room to anybody who plays hockey.
Bray, Lynette, 102, leaves all the suspicion that Mrs. Brooks has to some unsuspecting junior couple.
Miller, John, 301, leaves all his dirty clothes to Pete Hansen's Dry Cleaning Shop (he needs the business).
Miller, Sharon, 105, leaves her long absenteeism to Janice Palowski for a hard time with Mrs. Brooks.
Moberg, Winnie, 326, leaves Mr. Heller's sense of humor to whomever wants (?) it.
Phillips, Gary, 125, leaves his dry humor jokes to Mr. Heller for his own use in class.
Anderson, Kris, 109, leaves Mr. Heller (slightly tarnished with age) to his unsuspecting history classes of future years.
Dahlman, Mary, 316, leaves the "jungle" calls to those who want to hear them.
Sandeen, Nancy, 316, leaves her love of raisins to John Edmunds for a cure for his iron deficiency anemia.
Lundeen, Ron, 112, leaves a smile to someone very special!
Fritzke, Cindy, 219, leaves her shy-retiring way to some junior girl.
Temte, Bruce, 107, leaves the Honor Society vice-presidency to someone who will do it justice.
Baldy*, William*, 201, leaves his bird calls to another very childish senior class of boys.
*(AKA: William Marose?)
Olson, Mary Lynn, 112, leaves her elevated shoes to someone who need them.
Johansen, Richard, 117, leaves his seat in Mr. Haynes history class to Steve Carpenter for his name is engraved in the desk, so he will always remember that I sat there.
Gierke, Alan, 117, leaves his chemistry book, with all the important information underlined to Tom Maas.
Recker, Rick, 117, leaves his bright yellow sweat suit to Jerry Schleicher because he is the only one who will have the guts to wear it.
Harper, Sharon, 117, leaves her sisters to the school for the learning, fun, and true enjoyment that she has had.
Donaghue, Jolene, 117, leaves her lunch bag in the lunchroom for some hungry new sophomore.
Knudson, Curt, 117, leaves his head to posterity for it is of no use to him.
Woessner, Faye, 117, leaves her locker to anyone brave enough to clean it!
Bradley, Jacque, 117, leaves two up-coming choir concerts to Alyce Westergaard for her senior year.
Carlson, Rita, 117, leaves all the up-coming school activities to all juniors for their senior year.
Keeler, Jeff, 117, leaves his locker full of junk to any incoming sophomore who is fortunate enough to get it.
Moen, Diane, 117, leaves her chemistry seat in 216, to anyone who is brave enough to accept it.
Klanderud, John, 117, leaves all he has earned to Ron C. Hall.
Olson, Rosemary, 106, leaves all her good "times" writings to Mrs. Gardner.
Stellick, Jim, 106, leaves third year Spanish to some future gaucho.
Zezulka, Barb, 106, leaves all her steno papers to some unsuspecting sophomore.
Anderson, Bev, 106, leaves her broken adding machine to some other "powerful Katrinka" in Mrs. Gardner's class next year.
Olson, Clarence, 106, leaves his slightly used log table to a junior chemistry student in Mr. Thornton's class.
Mattison, Don, 106, leaves one broken pair of cross-country skis to any skier who wants them.
Walling, Greg, 106, leaves his crutches to anyone on next year's football team who needs them.
Adams, Charles L. , 106, leaves Mr. Martin's algebra class to some poor junior.
Carlson, Adeline, 106, leaves approximately sixty used shorthand notebooks to Mrs. Rolloff wherever she may be!!
Armstrong, Gail, 106, leaves her quickness to blush to any pale sophomore who wants it!
Antoine, George, 106, leaves his chemistry book to some avid scholar for next year.
Ostby, Carol, 106, leaves her natural red hair to Linda Mee.
Alt, Sandie, 106, leaves her lunch privileges on the bus to next year's work students.
Craven, Michael, 326, leaves his emply locker, No. 1812, to anyone who will clean out the dust.
Peterson, Ron, 326, leaves Carol Breyette all of his millions; millions??
Ostvolden, Curtis, 210, leaves his locker and lock to a sophomore for who wants things safe!
Aronson, Randal, 210, leaves his mechanical mind to anyone who wants to succeed.
Larson, Sandy, 325, leaves her 16-inch waist as a goal for all dieting juniors.
Lenius, Rodger, 325, leaves the chemistry "birds" to unlucky students next year.
Kriebel, Dave, 325, leaves to all underclassmen an 1842 edition of our class book and all old sweaty gym equipment.
Dyksman, John, 325, leaves all his desks and chairs he sat in to the person following him.
Gilbertson, Carol, 325, leaves her marked locker to some unsuspecting sophomore for good!

Source:  The Roosevelt Standard, Senior Edition, June 8, 1962


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