3329 19th Avenue South - closed, demolished
Minneapolis 7, Minnesota
Carol Williams, principal

Corcoran Elementary School, 1889 - 1976

Having been unsuccessful in determining when Corcoran Elementary School was demolished; it was erected in 1889 with additions in 1906, 1909, and 1918. 
UPDATE!  Apparently, it was demolished in January, 1976.  Please see individual comments below Mr. Corcoran's picture. 

The Corcoran neighborhood, just east of Powderhorn Park,
is located between Lake Street East and 36th Street East and between Cedar Avenue South and Hiawatha Avenue. 
This is a mainly residential neighborhood with more than 60 percent of the land used for single-family residences. 

The light-rail stop at Lake Street gives the neighborhood an easy connection to Downtown, the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and the Mall of America. 
In addition, plans to develop the Lake Street corridor as a commercial thoroughfare are under way, and will have an important local impact.

William Wilson Corcoran
1798 - 1888

William Wilson Corcoran was born on December 27, 1798 and died on February, 24, 1888. 
[There is speculation that he may have died in 1889.]
Corcoran, an American banker, philanthropist, and art collector, founded the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington D.C..

Architectural History of the Renwick Gallery

Another Interesting Link
(Scroll downward to view book.)

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Brad Stevens AHS writes,
"Thank you so much for a wonderful web site that not only honors the graduates of Roosevelt, but also brings back such fond memories of South Minneapolis.  I attended Corcoran Elementary from 1965 to 1972. 
Even though I did not graduate in 1962 nor attend Roosevelt as we moved to Anoka when I was attending Folwell, I hope I can contribute to a bit of history: 
According to the Minneapolis School District, Corcoran was
closed in 1975 and was demolished by January of 1976.  That matches my recollection as we regularly visited South Minneapolis after we moved. 

I have attached a color photo of the school just before it was torn down. 
It only captures about small section of the school.  Prior to 1967 the back half of the playground was dirt.  In the summer of 1967 the district paved the entire play ground and striped it for kick ball and soft ball diamonds. 
It helped us as kids to organize our ball games without the use of coats, books or gloves as bases . . .

Corcoran Elementary School, 1975 prior to demolition

. . . There may have been more, but at least one of the teachers at Corcoran when I was there was a graduate of Roosevelt.  Mr. Dale Jacobson was a 1963 graduate of Roosevelt, teaching from 1968 to 1971
then again from 1973 to its close.  Mr. Jacobson was my fifth grade teacher.

The school mascot, rarely used, was Corky Corcoran which was a monkey, the drawing always reminded me of Curious George.  I need to go through my parents stuff and find a couple of pictures, one that includes a paper mache image of Corky dressed up with a medical outfit for when we had vaccination day at school.

Sadly, until after 1972 the school did not have organized pictures so unless there are family photos of events, not much has survived." 
~ 11/22/11 ~

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Jon Randall BJHS '78 writes,
"I was jotting down some family history and came across your interesting web site (RHS 1962).  I was searching for some history on Corcoran Elementary School and appreciated the notes you have gathered. 
My grandfather was employed at Corcoran for years in the 1940/50s.  I believe his title was engineer.  He often talked about the difficult job of keeping the boiler running to heat the school.  He lived just blocks away
at the corner of 32nd & Longfellow and always walked to work.  My father and his siblings attended this school as well. 

My Grandfather's name was Franklin Randall.  He was born in the late 1800s so he would have retired from Corcoran around 1960 or so (the year I was born). 
I did not graduate from Roosevelt (Bloomington Jefferson), but my father and his siblings did.  My father would have graduated in '50 or '51.  His younger siblings (Richard & Ruth Randall) would have graduated later than that. 
I actually lived in the house on Longfellow with my grandparents for one year when I was two.  My older brother went to Kindergarten at Corcoran that year. 
Thanks for your efforts."  ~
1/5/12 ~

~ ~ ~

According to Craig Swanberg,
"I went to Corcoran from '73 to '74 then went to Folwell from '75 to '76.  The last class at Corcoran was in 1976 and it was torn down that summer [or the following summer]." 
That's 87 years!"  Thanks for the updates! 
~ 8/3/10 / 5/17/11 ~


Carol (Anderson) Macnamara '61
"I went to Corcoran and started in ’48 or so.  Miss Eva Gans was my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Anderson for first and second grades, Ms. Eleanor Dahlquist for third, Mr. Heartman (or something close?) for fourth grade, and I don’t recall fifth nor sixth grades.  The school colors were purple and white…the long ribbon we had for friends to sign!  We walked four times a day as hot lunch was called, "something from outer space".  If it was so  far below zero we could bring cold lunch and eat in the gym.  I remember the competition of field day on the field behind Corcoran the last week of school.  Sandra Shun, Gail ______, Roberta  Whitimore and I were fiercely competitive.  I wonder where they all are?  And having to dance with a boy in sixth grade!!  Ha Ha Ha.

Might I add the swings, monkey bars, the raised ladder to climb across at recess!  Viictoria Ann Tew was in my class.  She wound up at Edina Schools.  She was killed in a car accident in 1969.  I named my daughter after her.  Her family had the best Halloween parties ever!  She was an only child.  Caroline Jones was in the class too.  She died very young.  Diabetic cause.  I remember the Nile Theater and Powderhorn Park on the 4th of July, the Dairy Queen on Hiawatha, Hiawatha Fruit Market, Red Owl, Hiawatha Bowl, White Castle, hopping the trains, playin’ dolls in the cabooses of Lake Street.  We walked everywhere!

Were you aware that cursive is no longer being taught in the public schools…sad!!!  I couldn’t wait ‘til the middle of third grade to learn how to ‘write’!!  My 42 year-old daughter asked me a few weeks ago,
‘Who had it better:  your parents, you, or us kids?'  Of course I said me … a product of the 60s.

I went to Folwell which was past Corcoran for me, then moved and I went to Sanford and Roosevelt, graduating in 1961.  My heart was at South, however!!!

Another tid bit . . . our principal was Carol Williams ... yes, a female principal ... in the 50s!!!" ~ 6/8/13 ~

John Houll, El Cajon Valley High School '59, El Cajon, California

“I went to Corcoran for four years when I lived in Minneapolis (1946-1950).  My teachers were Mrs. Cook for Kindergarten, Mrs. Herbert for 1st grade, and Miss Young for 2nd and 3rd grade (my all-time favorite teacher).  Then I was sent to Holy Rosary Catholic School for five years, 4th through 8th grade.  After that I went to Folwell Jr. High for one year.  Then I spent one semester at Roosevelt before my family moved to California.  

I read on  the website that someone had known Caroline Jones.  She lived across the street from me and would come over from time to time to visit with my sister.  I do remember she had Diabetes.

I took a trip in 1974 back to Minneapolis.  Corcoran was still there at that time.  I seem to remember taking a picture or two of it.

Then later in the early 90s I visited again.  While there I had a chance to have a chat with Alice Wirth who was a neighbor when I lived there.  I remember she was 87 at the time and told me she had gone to Corcoran too.  A few names of my other neighbors/friends that I can remember are Terry Nelson and her sister Tracy, I believe was her name.  Another Nelson across the street was Fred Nelson.  I remember going to school with Bobby Langren.  He had two sisters, Nancy and Judy.  Then there was the Wenborg family.  I went to school with Sharon Wenborg.  One block up was another classmate,  Jean Micheals.  I'm sure there were more but my memory isn't so hot any more.

I currently live in Texas where I retired a number of years ago.  Feel free to share my email.”
~ 9/17/14 ~

~ Sixth Grade ~
Graduation, 1956

Does anyone have the Sixth Grade Graduation photo that can be scanned and displayed below?
If so, please email the webmaster for details.

No, this isn't the entire class!

Row 4:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Row 3:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Row 2:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Front:    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Source:  Unknown at this time.  If you can identify any of the students' names indicated by the underscoring, or if there are errors, please contact the webmaster.

First Grade

Teacher:  ______
~ If you can identify the teacher or provide any students' names, please let me know. ~

Row 5:
  ______, ______, ______, ______, Carole Pearson.
Row 4:
  ______, Rex ?, ______, ______, Adrianne Leibrock Sampson, ______, ______, ______.
Row 3:
  Elizabeth "Betty"/"Beth" Brathovde Sumner, Elaine Brudos Jukam, Donna Johnson, Julieanne Olson Rylander, ______, Barbara
Meister Bigham, ______.
Row 2: 
______, Diane Harden Harincar, ______, Dirk Putnam, ______, Ellen Voight Bendorf, ______, Sharon Anderson Englund.
Row 1:
  ______, ______, Tom Crew, ______.

Click thumbnail twice for more detail.

Photo source:  Adrianne (Leibrock) Sampson.     Name identification:  Adrianne (Leibrock) Sampson, Tom Crew (SHS), Lani (Greenfield) Covey, Barbara (Meister) Bigham. 
If you can identify the teacher's name or any of the students' names indicated by the underscoring; or if there are errors, please contact the webmaster.


Until a graduation photo becomes available, here is the beginning of an album of Corcoran alumni.


         School Colors:  purple and white           


                                                                                             Miss Dahlquist's 3rd Grade Class




Photo Source:  Shirley (Dahlberg) Heurung.  Name identification:  Shirley (Dahlberg) Heurung. 
If you can identify any of the students indicated by the word, "unidentified" or by the underscoring, or if there are errors please contact the webmaster.  Names are forthcoming.

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