3239 44th Avenue South - closed, 2005
Minneapolis 6, Minnesota

Cooper Elementary School, 2006

The Cooper neighborhood resides along West shore of the Mississippi River in South Minneapolis. 
It is bound by 34th Street East on the South,
38th Avenue South on the West, 27th Street East on the North, and the Mississippi River Gorge to the East. 
Bordering neighborhoods are Seward to the North, Longfellow to the West, and Howe to the South.  St. Paul's Merriam Park neighborhood is just across the Mississippi River to the East.

The closing of Cooper Elementary School in 2005, forced Cooper's children to hoof it to neighboring Longfellow Element
ary, also a PK-5 school and now closed.

~ ~ ~
James Fenimore Cooper 1789 - 1851

Cooper was one of the most popular 19th century American authors, and his work was admired greatly throughout the world.
He lived from September 15, 1789 – September 14, 1851 and was a prolific and popular American writer of the early 19th century. 
Cooper is best remembered as a novelist who wrote numerous sea-stories and the historical novels known as the Leatherstocking Tales
Among his most famous works is the Romantic novel The Last of the Mohicans (1832), often regarded as his masterpiece.


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~ Sixth Grade ~
Graduation, 1956

In response to my request for Cooper sixth grade graduation photos, Chuck Hillock provided photos for both classes. 
There were two sixth grade rooms:  Mrs. Blanchard's class and that of another teacher whose name escapes him.  Chuck recently signed our Guest Book:
 "I knew a few people from the class of '62 as I was part of the class of '59 at Sanford Junior High.  I ended up going to South High, class of '62."  He also mentioned that his brother-in-law is Don Ellenwood from our class. 

Cooper Elementary School
Mrs. Blanchard's class of 28 students

Row 3:  _____, Pat Johnson, _____, _____, John Leppa, Dick Tuttle, Gary Hermann, Diane Person, John Peterson, _____. 
Row 2:
  Sharilyn Anderson, _____, Melvin _____, Chuck Hillock, Wayne Larson, Jerry Houk, Don Larson, Dave Johnson, Gordy Twito, Harriet Barsness, _____. 
Front Row:
  Sharen Hultgren, Nancy King, Pat Hansen, _____, April Prall, Karin Johnson, Barb Christensen.
Photo Source:  Chuck Hillock.  Name identification:  Chuck Hillock, Barb (Christensen) Zander & Bob Perry. 
If you can identify any of the students indicated by the underscoring or if there are errors, please contact the webmaster.


Cooper Elementary School
Mrs. Platzer's
class of 32 students

Row 3:  Tom Smith, Sharon Fosnow, Joyce Cushman, Faye Woessner, Glenice Kleven, Connie Morey, Carol Ostby, Susan Fromm, _____, Rich Hedlund, Doug Forsyth. 
Row 2:
  Phyllis Wendt, Jackie Nyquist, Danny Briles, Peter Solie, _____, Bob Perry, Reed Edstrom,
Gerri Anderson, Judy Pheiffer, Mary Kumpf, Sandra Horner, Gary Pederson. 
Front Row:
  Susan King, Karen Johnson, Lowell Anderson, Craig Anderson, Bob Perrigo, Roy Larsen, Donald King, Diane Forkins, Pat Hovick.
Photo Source:  Chuck Hillock.  Name identification:  Chuck Hillock, Reed Edstrom & Sandra (Hormer) Sullivan. 
If you can identify any of the students indicated by the underscoring or if there are errors, please contact the webmaster.

Reed Edstrom writes, "I just stumbled upon the '62 Roosevelt site.  I attended Cooper and many of my friends went from Sanford to Roosevelt.  I went to South. 
It was a joy to see myself in the 1956 photo.  I had never seen the pic before.  I have our 9th grade Sanford photo but not 6th grade.  I actually took this same class photo with my old "Brownie" on the last day of school in 1956. 
But I never developed the film.  I still have the camera with a roll of 55 yr old film inside!  I've always said I should find someone who could develop the film.  So it was really nice to see this photo from Chuck. 
I moved to Bloomington in '62 and graduated there.

I am not positive on Faye and Diane's last names.  They were such smart and sweet girls.  I regret that I'm unsure on their last names.  I'm guessing at the girl next to Tom Smith.  I think her first name was ‘Sharon’.   Hopefully, some of the old Cooper or Sanford grads can help.  The photo is very telling about the times.  Roy Larsen, a kind and cheerful boy, had been crippled from polio.  Ours was the first generation to get the Salk vaccine.  Unfortunately, it was too late for Roy.
Email:" BHS '62  12/1/11

Here is the beginning of an album of Cooper alumni.


         School Colors:  _____ and _____           
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
Names Names Names Names Names
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
Names Names Names Names Names

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