~ 60th Birthday Bash Committee ~
Party was August 7, 2004

      Sandra (Ashley) Bakken   Kathe (Erickson) Magadance
      Dick Carrington   Sue Nelson
      Sandy (Larson) Conboy   Colin Quinn
      Lani (Greenfield) Covey   Mike Rick
      Sharon (McNamara) Ehlen   Adrianne (Leibrock) Sampson
      Steve Fowler   Denny Schulstad
      Dave Lindquist   Linda (Opsahl) Wilkes

Sandra, Sue, Steve, Linda, Lani, Sandy & Colin  ~  Sandra, Sue, Steve, Linda, Mike, Sandy & Colin

Kathe, Linda, Mike, Colin, Lani, Sandy, Sue, Sandra, Adrianne & Steve

              Sandy, Sue, Sandra, Adrianne, Steve, Kathe, Linda, Mike & Colin





~ 40th Reunion Committee ~
Reunion was August 3, 2002

    Sandra (Ashley) Bakken     Marilyn (Foss) Johnston
    Dick Carrington     Karen Landmark
    Sandy (Larson) Conboy     Dave Lindquist
    Lani (Greenfield) Covey     Kathe (Erickson) Magadance
    Nancy (Tannehill) DuPont     Sue Nelson
    Sharon (McNamara) Ehlen     Colin Quinn
    Karen (Precht) Fortman     Mike Rick
    Steve Fowler     Denny Schulstad
    Sandie (Shegstad) Gertz     JoAnn (Gilbertson) Snyder
    Bob Hoberg     Warren Snyder
                                                                                                                                                                                 Linda (Opsahl) Wilkes

Karen, Colin, Warren, JoAnn, Sandy, Sue, Sharon, Linda, Mike, Lani, and Kathe (photographer) - 6/27/02

Back: Bob, Linda, Karen P., Dick, Lani, Karen L., Warren, JoAnn, Dave, and Colin
Front: Nancy, Sharon, Marilyn, Kathe, and Sandie - 8/16/01

Kathe, Sue, Karen, and Bob ~ 9/20/01 ~ Kathe, Sue, Karen, Bob, Lani, Dick, and Steve

Karen, Bob, Dick, Steve, Mike, and Colin - 9/20/01

Back: Karen L., Lani, Sandy E., and Karen P.                             Back: Nancy, Karen L., Sandy E., and Karen P.
Front: Nancy and Sandy L. - 6/21/01                                            Front:  Colin and Sandy L. - 6/21/01



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