~ In the Spotlight ~
Class of 1962

Darlene "Toots" Slotrem and Tim Hastings
~  Just Cruisin'Around  ~

Photo source:  Colin Quinn, photo date, Winter 1963

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In the Spotlight ... A Look into the Past and Present
You will be known by your high school name for this album.
  Mascot Ted Maxine - "valedictorian" Ted D Bear  
Bill Johnson Dave Rataczak Nora Monahan John Totushek Don Twito
Bette & Dick Runman  Denny Schulstad & 48" Northern Jerry Samuelson & Rita Mazzola Trinity & Perry Gilmore Nancy Tannehill
Nancy Tannehill Betty Faanes Anabeth Masters Pam Donnelly Val Waters
Tom Peterson & family Jeri Johnson Ione M. Johnson Kathy Shepherd Sally Shedlov
Lani Greenfield & grandson, Connor Sally Shedlov Sue Singer Terry Rickard & wife, Ruth Dave Lindquist
Terry Rickard Barb Zezulka RED DOG CARD CLUB 
:  Jim Forsland, Gordy Peters SHS, Cliff Berg,
Warren Scamp, Pat Keenan, Harold Bergquist,
Dick Swenson, Donovan Ellendson, & John Dyjak. 
:  Paul Lamberger, Mike Strauss, Steve Fredell,
Colin Quinn & Russ Fischer 4/18/09
Gary Elliott Marge Ringrose
Gretchen Ohlsson, Fran Malmsten & Elaine Brudos Steve Dow & wife, Terry Nancy Tannehill Larry Beaman Dave Peterson '59 & Gretchen Ohlsson
Norm Isaacson Rich Covey, Rachel Covey & Lani Greenfield Tom Lyons Gwen Reid Ken Ring
Donald I. Twito Colin Quinn Perry & Penny Gilmore (twins) - age 4 Norm Isaacson John R. Dyjak
Lani Greenfield, Elaine Brudos, Jan Anderson, Carol Lundquist, Diane Moen, Bev Peterson (MAcad)11/1/11 40th Pre-reunion Party - Kathe Erickson, Barb Heyer, Linda Opsahl Kathy Nelson 40th Reunion Meeting:  Karen Landmark,
Colin Quinn, Warren Snyder & JoAnn Gilbertson, Sandy Larson, Sue Nelson, Linda Opsahl, Sharon Ehlen, Mike Rick, Kathe Erickson
Don Dingle & Charlie
Jim Ehlen Cliff Berg, Diane Franzen, Jim Ehlen, Sharon McNamara Clockwise:  Marge Ringrose, Char Hastings, Barb Haynes, Marilynn Erikson, Pam Donnelly, Pat Chayer,
Nancy Sandeen
Kathy Nelson, Kris Troedsson Ellen Meinke, Cliff Berg
Kathy Nelson sitting on some guy's lap, Char Reed on couch Kathe Erickson, Diana (Linda's daughter), Linda Opsahl Gretchen Ohlsson (2nd from left) with
granddaughter, sister-in-law, brother, Ladd '68
Nancy Sandeen?, Kathy Nelson, Bob Travis Back:  Kay McLean, Ellen Meinke, Kris Troedsson,
Marge Ringrose
, Char Reed, Kathy Nelson,
Mary Keohane, Marilynn Erikson.
Front:  Penny Sundquist, Penny Gilmore, Betty Faanes.
70th Birthday Party
Lani (Greenfield) Covey, second from riight 
Graduation Day, June 13, 1962 Lani Greenfield Cheryl Greenfield '68 & Lani Greenfield Denny Schulstad & wife, Pam with Gophers

Barb Christensen, Lani Greenfield, Paul Martin?, Donna Knight
Graduation Day, June 13, 1962 Recessional:  Lani Greenfield, right  

Ted D Bear
Burt Hoverson, Sandy (Hanson) Hoverson and Sue (Gmitro) Miles
Dillon, CO, August, 2011
Jim and Sue (Gmitro) Miles Jim Miles, Sue (Gmitro) Miles, Sandy (Hanson) Hoverson, and Burt Hoverson
Theodore Bear

Roosevelt friends and husbands after a day of biking in Colorado!

Sue Gmito, Jim Miles, Sandy Hanson and Burt Hoverson

Photo:  Sandy (Hanson) Hoverson, 8/2011

"This photo was taken August, 2011, when Burt and I went out to visit Sue and Jim and took in the Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado.  
We were spectators, not participants, but we did bike on our own several times with the beautiful Colorado scenery!"

~ Lake Nokomis Lutheran Church Confirmation, 1959 ~

Row 5:  Tom Rude, Nick Jambeck, Perry Gilmore, Scott Boyd, Jim Johnson, Gary Danielson, Terry Anderson (blond), _____. 
Row 4:
  Arlene Gustafson, Ramona Wanberg, Doug Peterson, E. Gordie Keller, Cliff Berg, _____, David Holmgren, Frank Dillon. 
Row 3:
  Pat Madden, Lois Stanchfield, _____, Sharon Sabatka, Marilynn Erikson, Barb Haynes, Kathy Spence, Nicole Anderson. 
Row 2:
  Pamela Elhard, Kathy Nelson, Jeullee Johnson, Frances Forestal, Kathy Shepherd, Joy Nelson, Carolynn McClellan, Carol Lucas, Nancy Tannehill, Candace Fales. 
Front Row:
  Carole Jensen, Penny Gilmore, JoAnn Gilbertson, Pastor Nestande, Pastor Rossing, Sharon Hill, Nora Monahan, Connie Engen.
~ Submitted by:  Nancy (Tannehill) DuPont ~


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~ Submitted by:  Adrianne (Leibrock) Sampson ~

Roosevelt High School

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