~ In the Spotlight ~
Class of 1962

Jo Campe, Dorothy Wick, Jenene and Steve Fredell in cap and gown at our
Roosevelt High School Graduation, June 13, 1962

Photo submitted by Jo Campe

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In the Spotlight ... A Look into the Past and Present
You will be known by your high school name for this album.
Perry Gilmore & grandson 1961 Junior Prom - Jim Sjoberg '61, Lani Greenfield,
Karen Liljemark, Scott Wilson '61
 Lani Greenfield, Graduation,
June 13, 1962
Gwen Reid & Kathe Erickson Doris Dalleske
Tom Breslin, wife Fran & Ellie Bob Pearson Marilyn Beeth  Jay Norlin Denis Burke
Judy Frederick & dog Dennis Schulstad, left Candace Fales Joe Finn Roy Shumway Jr.
Karen Liljemark Richard Covey & Lani Greenfield
Sue Saffell & husband, Rick Culver '61
at Wilderness Trail
Cupcake & Sandra! Ashley Perry Gilmore & Dick Carrington leaving for
Senior Prom
Anabeth Masters & husband Jack Smith George & Kathy Turner
4 generations
Terrance Lindall Judy Frederick Jan Anderson, Lani Greenfield, Carol Lundquist, Diane Moen &  Bev Peterson (M'haha Academy)
Janice & Pat Keenan Gary Elliott Jo Campe Sheila Frost Richard Erickson
Tom Lyons Tom Ressler Art Kapela & Barbara J. Carlson Wes Rundquist Ken Ring
Kathe Erickson Gary Elliott John Stende Doris Daleske Allen Hanson
Art Becker Gary Gustafson Ron Moe & wife, Karen Nick Jambeck Kurt Jensen
John Totushek Hillary Torgerson Paul Swanson Rick Dallman Lani Greenfield & Enid Burlingame
David Peterson '59 & Gretchen Ohlsson Nancy Tannehill & Bill Flikeid, 1962 Senior Prom  Nancy Tannehill Diane Franzen Bonnie Drogseth
Jo Campe, Dorothy Wick, Jenene and Steve Fredell Linda Opsahl & Colin Quinn, 9/17/08 Buckley Kay McLean, 2014  
Photos: Cynthia Fritzke
Cindy Fritzke, Fran Brown, Kay McLean, Judy Kingsberg, Cheryl Larson Fran Brown, George Turner, Cheryl Larson Adrianne Leibrock, Doug Larson, Fran Brown Paul Lanberger, Darlene Slotrem Ron Noble, Kathy Nelson
Dorsey Kleckner, AdriannLeibrock Terry Robson, Lester Filipa Fran Brown, Jo Campe Dorsey Kleckner, Jim Ehlen Russ Fischer, Cheryl Larson

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  Steve Ramstad   Janis Jagers  

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Roosevelt High Senior Prom held at Lafayette Club in 1962

Here is a unique transparency submitted by Perry Gilmore.  He writes, "I ran across this picture of Dick Carrington and me
getting ready to leave for Senior Prom." 

Perry further explained that his dad loaned him his '59 Pontiac Bonneville for the evening, that it rained, and
when Perry returned with the car, his dad gave him sort of a bad time because the breaks seemed "soft"!

"Too bad we didn't keep some of those cars from back then", notes Perry.

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