~ In the Spotlight ~
Class of 1962

Mary Kaye Carlson
~ working at the 34th Avenue Pharmacy located at 45th Street & 34th Avenue South ~
Photo source:  Colin Quinn, photo date is 1961



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~ Get-together for John at the Park Tavern ~

Photo 1:  Jim Forsland, Janis Jagers, Paul Lamberger, Jim Broms, John Christopherson, Donovan Ellendson.         
 Photo 2:  Al O'Neill, Jim Fritz, Dan Myhre, Dick Runman, 7/28/11.

Submitted by Colin Quinn

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In the Spotlight ... A Look into the Past and Present
You will be known by your high school name for this album.
Steve Dow & George Turner 10th grade 1959 Steve ___ & Dave Chelberg - 11th grade 1960 Tom Lyons - Summer, 1960 Cliff Berg, Aldis Inde, John Dyjak, John "Coff" Christopherson, Terry Hayes, Harold Bergquist
& Rick Forbes - 12th grade 1961
Aldis, Terry, Harold, Gary, George, Paul, Tim, Dick, Mike "Tungy", Rick, Bob & Bruce - 12th grade 1961
Bruce Anderson & Rick Recker - 11th grade 1961 Bob Winkler - Summer 1961 Bob Winkler, Bruce Anderson,
Gary Berg & Dick Runman, Summer 1961
Mary Kaye Carlson - 11th grade 1961 Harold Bergquist, John "Coff" Christopherson
& Donovan Ellendson at Charlie's A & W -
12th grade 1962
Janis "Hans" Jagers, Barb Shoop, Dave Rataczak, Cliff Berg, Dorothy Wick, Doug Larson, Dick Iverson, Russ Fischer, Rick Forbes, Penny Sundquist, Don Cederberg & Pat Norton - 12th grade 1962 Doug,Peterson Tim Hastings,
Roger Grothe & Janis "Hans" Jagers
12th grade 1962
Bob Hoberg, Dave Benolkin, Harold Bergquist,
Don Cederberg, Pat Keenan, Tim Hastings,
Gary Berg & Aldis Inde - 12th grade 1962
Mary Kaye Carlson, Dorsey Kleckner, Janis "Hans" Jagers, Sharon Ermuth, Sharon Peterson
& Kathy Downing - Summer 1962
Dick Barnes & Mary Marshall - Spring 1962,
12th grade
Warren Scamp, Don Cederberg, John Dyjak,
Jim Stellick, Dave Rataczak, Dick Hanson,
Terry Hayes, Tim Johnson, Tom Breslin,
Dave Chelberg & George Turner - 12th grade 1962
John Dyjak, Don Cederberg,
Janis "Hans" Jagers - Fall 1962
John Dyjak, Tim Hastings, Pat Keenan,
Cliff Berg & Don Cederberg - Winter 1962
H. Russ Richards - 12th grade 1962 Becky Marcy & Aldis Inde - 12th grade 1962
Jim Broms, Gary Berg & Janis "Hans" Jagers -
12th grade 1962
Steve Fredell - 12th grade 1962 Donovan Ellendson - Summer 1962 Back: Harold Bergquist, Bruce Adams,
Jim Broms, Jim Stellick, Aldis Inde, Paul Lamberger. 
: Gordy Howe, Dave Rataczak
& Doug Larson  - 12th grade 1962
Darlene Slotrem & Tim Hastings - Winter 1963
Marilynn Erikson & Jenene Baltzer - Fall 1963 Bill Flikeid, Colin Quinn, Donovan Ellendson
& Dick Iverson - Summer 1964
Dan Myhre, George Antoine & Dick Wilson -
Fall 1964
Jim Ehlen, John Dyjak & Donovan  Ellendson -
Fall 1965
Gordie Howe, John "Coff" Christopherson,
Jim Fritz & Colin Quinn - Winter 1965-66
Dave Rataczak, Dan Myhre & John "Coff" Christopherson - Winter 1965-66 Warren Scamp & Dave M. Lee - 2000 RED DOGS:  
: Janis "Hans" Jagers, Paul Lamberger, Jim Forsland,
Steve Fredell, Colin Quinn & Dick Swenson. .Front: Russ Fischer, Harold Bergquist, Cliff Berg & Pat Keenan 1/26/2002
H. Russ Richards - 2007 Dick & Bette Runman
Jim Broms, Dick Swenson, Terry Hayes, Paul Lamberger, Bruce Anderson, Gary Berg, Mike Strauss, Tim Hastings, Dick Runman - 10th, 1959  Steve Dow, Steve Ramstad, George Turner,
Tom Lyons -10th, 1960
Marilynn Erikson and Betty Faanes - 11th, 1961 Penny Sundquist, Pat Norton, Jeri Johnson -
11th, 1961
Cliff Berg and John "Coff" Christopherson -
12th grade, Fall, 1961
John Dyjak, Penny Sundquist, Jeri Johnson -
12th grade, Fall 1961
Jim Broms bailing hay - Summer, 1961 Paul Lamberger, Dorothy Wick and Doug Larson - 12th grade, 1962 Pat Keenan - 12th grade, 1962 Joan Storer - Summer, 1962
Jim Fritz, Dick Runman, Colin Quinn,
Janis Jagers, Dan Myhre 7/2010
Dorothy Wick and Marilynn Erikson - Fall, 1963 Colin Quinn and wife, Susan Steve Dow and Tom Lyons - Fall 1960 Kathy Dowming
Terry Hayes, Tim Johnson, Tim Hastings, Jim Broms, Doug Larson, Horn Lamberger, Gary Berg - 12th Grade, 1961 Steve Ramstad, Pat Keenan, Donovan Ellendson, Dick Tyrrell - March, 1982 Dirk Putnam, Jerry Rakmaker, Ron Moey, Gary Berg, Scott Denzer, Jerry? [kneeling] - March, 1982 John Dyjak, Bill Flikeid, Dale Wolke, H. Dean Meyer, Paul Lamberger, Warren Scamp, Colin Quinn - July, 1982 Rick Forbes, Gordy Howe, Roger Grothe, Jim Broms
Fall, 1962
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  Steve Dow & Tom Lyons, about 1964   Jim Broms & Dan Myhre
Summer, 1959

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A Night on the Town!

Rick Forbes, Gordy Howe, Roger Grothe, Jim Broms
Fall, 1962 - Submitted by Colin Quinn

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