~ In the Spotlight ~
Class of 1962

Roosevelt High School Commencement, Wednesday, June 13, 1962

Here is a very special commencement photo submitted by Perry Gilmore.  He writes, "I ran across this picture the other day and
find it hard to believe
that this was 46 years ago!  They made arrangements so Penny and I could come to the stage together
and walk the rest of the way like that."
(That's Sharon Ermuth behind Perry and Penny, and Judy Edlund is behind Sharon.)

Graduation Day
~ Submitted by:  Bev (Anderson) Gossard, RHS '62 ~

~ RHS National Honor Society, Spring, 1962 ~
Trip to New York and Washington, D.C.
This photo was taken in the U.S. Capitol with Senator Humphrey.

Row 4:  Sue VonVolkenberg, Dan Larson, Jack Blesener, Kurt Rhymers, Dirk Putnam, Chaperone (student's father), Arlene Schubert, Shirley Skanse, Mr. Ringrose, Mrs. VonVolkenberg (in front of Mr. Ringrose), Chaperone, Chaperone, Mrs. Straka?, teacher.
Row 3:  Diana Pierson, Marilyn Beeth, Harriet Barsness, Barbara J. Carlson, Pam Weible, Donna Knight, Mary Keohane, Marge Reif, Jeullee Johnson, Edna Warhol, Mary Kaye Carlson, Sharon McNamara, Sharon Fosnow.
Row 2:
  Margaret Ringrose?, Sandy Gunther, Sylvia Gerard, Carole L. Anderson, Senator Hubert Humphrey, Lois Thoren, Tom Kersten, Don Twito, Char Hastings, Karen Liljemark, Dick Wilson, Bruce Temte. 
Front Row:
  Karen Precht, Sue Singer, Arlene Gustafson, Kathy Eide, Joan Lund, Nikki Bruer, Bruce Adams, Don Schwanz, Sandy Engberg, Judy Andreasen, Pam Loza, Curt Knudson.

There were 60 members of the National Honor Society, and I think 43 are in the photo.  NHS members not pictured were:
Tom Arndt, Colleen Connor, Dave Doreau, Jim Ehlen, Richard Erickson, Donna Hathaway, Sharon Hill, Nick Jambeck, Sharon Johnson, Diane Julian, Carol Lundquist, John Petersen, H. Russ Richards,
Wes Rundquist, Richard Sather, Sue Watkins, Judy Weber,
~ Submitted by: Barbara J. (Carlson) Kapela ~
Thanks to Karen (Precht) Fortman and to Barbara for helping me identify names.

RHS Award Day
June 6, 1962

This page contains photos that classmates have submitted or those collected by me.
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In the Spotlight ... A Look into the Past and Present
You will be known by your high school name for this album.
Jo Campe Jo & Kit Campe withdog,Lena Gathering of friends
prior to 40th Reunion 8-2-02
Denis Burke Gretchen Ohlsson
Enid Burlingame & family Fran's recent visit 8-14-07 Lois Jensen, Shirley Clark, Marilyn Johnson
Folwell Jr. High 1957-9
Jo Campe Karen Kjeseth
Char Hastings Gary Elliott Karen Feste Karen Liljemark H. Dean Meyer
Terrance Terrance Lindall Carol Lundquist, Elaine Brudos,
Diane Moen, Gretchen Ohlsson
Shirley Clark & Family Ward Junger
Karen Liljemark John Bransford Marilyn Beeth Greg Walling Pam & Dennis Schulstad
Dan Larson Fran Malmsten

John Totushek (left)

Ron Moey Dave Rataczak
Sandy Larson Margaret (Marge) Reif Tom Case Lani Greenfield Tom Kersten
Standish 1-2 grade '52,
Room 114 photo 1 of 2 [YTD]
Folwell 8th grade '58, Room 207 Jan Anderson, Sylvia Peterson,
Sue Ackland, Gretchen Ohlsson
Folwell 9th grade '59 Room 302 Macbeth witches:
Pam Weible, Donna Knight, & Andrea Lofsness

Mike Rick Lani Greenfield & Tom Case Audrey Ball, 8th grade '58 Richard H. Olson Sandy Larson & Colin Quinn
Dick Lembecker Kathe Erickson, Dick Carrington,
Linda Opsahl, Denny Schulstad, &  Sue Nelson
Kathy Nelson & Jim Packer Sandra Ashley & Barbara J. Carlson Dave Lindquist
Gretchen Ohlsson & Dave Peterson '59 Tony Fortman & Karen Precht "Saadie Hawkins Day" Dave Moon & Lani Greenfield Sue Singer Diane Moen & Elaine Brudos
Kathe (Erickson) & dog, Maizie  Sandy Youngren From top:
Bruce Jindra, Judy Andreasen (or Weber),
Nancy Sandeen?, Don Mattison,
Char Reed, Uldis Jansons '61.
Char Reed & Uldis Jansons Kathe Erickson & Gary Bernhagen

Frank Magadance and Kathe (Erickson) Penny Gilmore      

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What A Classic!

 Jim Broms and Dan Myhre
Summer, 1959 - Submitted by Colin Quinn

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