Photo Gallery #3
Shirley (Clark) Gunnary

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Slideshow Gallery #4
Denny Remeta

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Howe Elementary friends converse while Pam and Dick visit to the right.

G. Howe, K. Pottsmith, S. Skanse, P. Anderson, D. Wilson


Class of 1962
Group Photo

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Row 6:  Ellen Meinke, Dave Lindquist, Warren Snyder, Dick Wilson, Dave Kriebel, Scott Denzer, Thomas Kersten, Bob Travis, Mike Strauss, Al Papas, Joe Finn.

Row 5:  Arlene Schubert, Gary Hermann, Judy Gayda, Sandy Stewart, Terry Robson, Les Filipa, Dick Swenson, George Turner, Alan Gierke, Mike Rick, Donovan Ellendson, Rick Recker, Doug Bartosh, Denny Remeta, Dick Carrington, Ron O'Heron, Bruce Temte, Karen Kjeseth, Ron Moey, Bruce Adams.

Row 4:  JoAnn Gilbertson, Janice Clark, Dan Briles, Karen Liljemark, Nicole Anderson, Lynn Davis, Don Whetstone, Bill Lybyer, Norm Carlson, Nancy Tannehill, Donna Fredrickson, Candace Fales, Dorothy Wick, Pam Anderson, Nancy Sandeen, Kathy Eide, Judy Frederick, Joan Lund, Janet Egeberg, Shirley Clark, Tom Breslin.

Row 3:  David M. Lee, Ron Noble, Jerry Samuelson, Pam Weible (not visible), Shirley Skanse, Donna Hathaway, Ione M. Johnson.

Row 2:  Ken Nielsen, Dianne Harrison, Sharon Peterson, Rita Mazzola, Barbara J. Carlson, Sue Nelson, Betty Faanes, Sharon Miller, Laura Gilbertson, Sandy Youngren, Sue VonVolkenberg, Kathy Olson, Lani Greenfield, Margaret Powell.

Row 1: 
Pat Keenan, Marilynn Erikson, Karin Johnson, Paul Lamberger, Mary Etta Rorris, John Christopherson, Colin Quinn, Denis Burke, Cliff Berg, Barb Heyer, Linda Opsahl, Sandy Larson, Steve Fowler, Kathe Erickson, Gordie Howe, Jim Wedell, Karen Pottsmith, Denny Schulstad.

  Not pictured:  Sandra Alt, Gail Armstrong, Jenene Baltzer, Laurine Baltzer, Doug deMalignon, Judy Edmunds, Steve Fredell, Lois Jensen, Sharon Neuman, and Chuck Wedan.


Entering Gallery #5


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