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Al Baker's on August 3rd:

M. Strauss, D. Swenson, J. Fritz, H. Bergquist, G. Howe

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D. Wick and L. Opsahl


As we reflect upon our 45th Reunion . . .
(Some feedback in addition to our guest book)
"The Roosevelt class of '62 celebrated its 45th reunion on August 4th at the Marriott in Bloomington.  It was another successful event coordinated by a fun-loving group.

Dennis Schulstad was the Master of Ceremonies again keeping everything under control from all perspectives.  Class president, Dick Wilson, spoke and reminded us of some of the important facts from way back when.  Gracious donors provided door prizes for everyone.  Colin Quinn, the CEO of the reunion committee, was the glue that held everything together the past five years and should be commended for keeping the group focused on two things - getting the job done and having fun doing it.

Good conversation lasted late that night except for those of us who had to be home by news time!  The reunion committee is already looking forward to the 50th and is always soliciting suggestions on how to improve.  I hope all who attended enjoyed themselves and for the others, I would suggest making plans for the 50th so you don't miss another great opportunity to catch up on the past many years."

~ Steve Fowler ~

"I have had many moments of positive reflection about our 45th gathering.  I am so thankful for the hours you spent in providing us a very memorable evening!  Many of us were childhood, teen, and college friends.  I can't think of a more unique situation that would bring us all together.  My life flashes by me at these occasions, and I feel blessed for every relationship that has helped to carry me through.  Congratulations on your excellent planning and hugs to you all!  I anticipate our 50th.  Stay well and happy."

~ Mary Etta (Rorris) Litsheim ~

"I had a great time last Saturday evening.  It is too bad that there were problems with the music because it would have been fun to dance . . . Thank you to the committee for all your work."

~ Nancy (Sandeen) Westerberg ~

"My husband and I had a great time at the reunion.  Richard knows just a few of our '62 classmates, but kept occupied by making a video clip and taking some photos that evening.  After receiving a name tag and drawing a prize number, classmates congregated outside the grand ballroom and engaged in meaningful conversations.  It was then time for our class photo to be taken. 

Dennis Schulstad, Master of Ceremonies began the program by introducing Dr. Richard Wilson, our Class President.  Dick welcomed everyone and spoke on the class demographics.  As you might guess, the majority of our classmates reside in Minnesota.  California ranks second in popularity followed by Arizona then Colorado and Florida.  Denny spoke about prices in 1962.  He identified the average salary, the cost to purchase a home, a car, and the price of gas.  The program and prizes were great, and there were prizes for everyone!

Colin Quinn, Chairperson, introduced the 45th reunion planning committee.  Cheerleaders in attendance, Marilynn, John, Ellen, and Cliff were surprised (I think!) as they were asked to come forward to lead our entire group in singing the "Rouser".  The committee stood behind them and sang along, complete with gold pom poms, courtesy of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association.

Next, Denny offered trivia questions to two groups of attendees who were called forward.  After answering a trivia question, each person received a prize.  Following this, the remainder of the attendees proceeded to the prize table to claim its prizes.

Seated at round tables, we enjoyed the plated dinner of either steak, chicken, or a vegetarian meal including garlic mashed potatoes, whole green beans garnished with julienned carrots, rolls, and beverages.  The lemon torte dessert was delicious!  The remainder of the evening, we mingled with friends and acquaintances we hadnít seen in years.  Many photos were taken and there was no shortage of conversation!

I hope everyone will keep in contact via this website if they move.  There is an "update" page for that purpose.  Otherwise, just email me via the webmaster link that appears at the bottom of each page.  In preparation for the 50th reunion, let's keep in touch.  It is a reunion you won't want to miss!"

~Lani (Greenfield) Covey ~

Kathy (Olson) Bakker expressed that she and her friends who came as a group had a really good time.
~ Kathy (Olson) Bakker ~

"The memories of our 45th reunion night are still terrific and bringing back lots of fun remembrances!  Thank you so much to the entire committee for a really great evening!  We had a delicious dinner...loved the cake!....and lots of time to visit.  It was hard to end the evening when there was "another friend" to visit with.... Thanks for all of the door prizes!  Wow!!!  It was Really fun!  Thank you to everyone for the great party!"
~ Warren and JoAnn (Gilbertson) Snyder ~


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